Thursday, July 15, 2010

feeling romantic lately

been listening to a lot of love songs .. mushy stuff .. crying over kids cartoons ..
i know its my pregnant hormones i know.. i cant help but enjoy what im feeling even if it was temporary :( my (aaaawwwwwwws) have tripled.. i get goosebumps soo easily over silly things.
i dont know if your getting what im talking about short:

i feel like im a teenager again LOL

and its sooo much fun .. to get all the emotional package of excitement and corniness with out having to be naive or u know a teenager! :p
ive been soo overwhelmed with these emotions that its been keeping me from blogging. i cant think sometimes im very easily distracted .. its fun! im not complaining im just surprised i didnt feel this way in my first pregnancy :p maybe this baby will be i dont know .. a drama queen! :p hope not.

anyways ..
hows everything with you guys misssssss u all of u.. so much
this is one of the songs ive been listening to, brings the biggest grin to my face for some reason!



Rawan said...

hehe... luv it!
well.. being a woman is an emotional ride... lol men will never understand that.. I don't understand the pregnancy thing so no comment on that .. all the best and enjoy the ride sis :*

Lipsticked Pig said...

hahah..I couldn't wait to get out of my teens x_x
and now that i've finally turned 20 ab'3a arj3 :/
anyway..allah ysahl 3leiky 7mmlk :D and enjoy it <3

Anonymous said...

LooL that's cool ! 3yal i donno how pregnancy is gonna work for me as im kindda overly emotional ;p !

allah ysahil 3alech ya rab ;) enjoy it

TaZmaNiA said...

Signs of falling in love ;)

No3iK said...

rawan.. pregnant is how emotional women are in general X 10

lipstick.. thanks babes! trust me theres nothing like the 20s! ;)

tooni.. thanks babes, esahil 3laina agma3en inshallah. like i told rawan pregnancy is a super PMS+Emotional+super sensitive mixture of everything lol

tazmania.. yeh im falling in love with the baby to come inshallah.. amazing how the heart have this much space and capacity to just love!

eshda3wa said...

mabrooook ur pregnancy darling! :**

lady jow said...

love the design ;).. wll done :*

shosho said...

loool aren't you cute :***

No3iK said...

eshda3wa . ebarik fech babes thnx

jow .. thanks mn thoqich :*

shosho lol i think were kinda on the same boat since u cried over toy story3 ! :p