Sunday, July 04, 2010

July 4th is a day ill never forget

i can still remember holding him in my hands after he was born @ 11 am
i couldnt cry, i coudlnt speak.. i just kept saying "sub7an Allah"
i was astonished by the miracle i had in my hands.

a miracle never stops being a miracle with time .. it just grows into a bigger one.
each child is his own mothers miracle. and my miracle turned 2 today :)

i love you abdullah with every existing cell i have.


Lipsticked Pig said...

awww :") allah y5leeh liky ya raab!!

I've been dying to ask..whats the difference between no3ik o no3ich? is it like a him/her thing? lol cuz in my opinion that would be sorta awesome ;D !

No3iK said...

hey lipsticked pig

thanks for passing by dear...
and like u guessed no3ich is for female no3ik is for male!

thanks ;)

a la Mocha said...

Beautiful post. Allah la ya7rimkom min ba3ath inshala! :)

Rawan said...

aww.. this is a very beautiful post!
my first time in ur blog.. inshallah i'll always come here;)

Allah ykhaleeh lich inshallah :)

Anonymous said...

that's a beautiful post :)

Allah Yekhaleeh lich Insh'Allah

No3iK said...

alamocha .. wala y7rmch mn a7babch inshalah :*

rawan .. welcome to the blog dear
and thanks id be more than happy to have u :)

amu .. thanks man, w5leek lmk inshalah :)

Anonymous said...

ur so sweet mashallah 3alaich..
i really love reading ur post..
allah ye5aleh lch inshallah..


Anonymous said...

Happy Bday to him ;)

P.s I Guess if am not mistaken i personally know u ;)

No3iK said...

*Eman that was such a sweet comment
thanks dear! :)

thanks 7bebty.. lol yeh this happens after 5 years of blogging ur no longer anonymous :p anyways feel free to email me and well find out ;)

eshda3wa said...

happy birthday !!

Shosho said...

That just made me cry.. beautifully written.. I cannot forget the first time i held my kids too..

O kil 3am o ohwa eb khair..

No3iK said...

shosho 7beeeebty ..
allah e5alehom lich ya rab :* thanks babes