Wednesday, April 13, 2011

now i know for sure im getting OLD!!

it was not me turning 29 .. nor was it having to take care of two kids.. that made me realize/feel that im getting "old"
its when my cute little niece joined the blogsphere!! that it hit me!! man does time run fast..
this is amazing .. im astonished by the concept of time now .. dates, days and numbers!
alf al7imdellah .. im feeling pretty content and at peace these days .. enjoying my daily life, the simple things. trying my best to always be positive with a smile on my face .. to me i succeed in a day when i get someone to smile back :) again alf al7imdellah ..

the reason i posted was because of this girl "fatooma" my lovely witty smart and beautiful niece :*
welcome to the blog world 7bebty! cant wait to read ur posts :*

hope everyone is well ..
like always .. no3ik misses everyone so very much!


Butterfly Chick said...

hahahaah how cuttttteeee

welcome to your niece ^^

No3iK said...

thanks dear :)