Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Kuwait

i have been wanting to post for a very long time now , lack of both free time and inspiration were behind this long gap.

what can i say about the events happenning in my beloved country .. other than "interesting"
i open the news papers only to read how hypocritical some people "running" this country are.
scary to see how they dont have set morals or values, keeps changing according to who theyre dealing with and where they are?

very sad and scary at the same time.. i feel afraid because there is no sense of security anymore. i cannot assure my kids they will growup living in the same loving enviroment and atmosphere mommy and daddy enjoyed so very well! im 29 years old now .. i remember nothing but joy and love we had to our homes, schools and country.. and when i say country im talking about its government and prince. we are truly blessed . youd think after all the world revolutions.. and deaths and blood spill.. that the people here would look up and thank Allah for having such a peaceful country and governemnt.. no place is perfect and we do have flaws.. but we should always be thankful that the most important things are a given in this place .. sense of security and safety.. the law.. the people. we have a just system, we have jobs, we have homes.. we have a ruling family that treats us like family. alf al7imdellah.

i wish for my kids to growup under their care just like we all did .. i wish that people will open their eyes and stop being greedy. fix whats wrong.. starting with them selves. the ironic thing is how the people behinf all this "e9laa7" movement are the most corrupt! theyve been causing nothing but chaos to almost everyone.

all of this .. been blocking my brain from writing about the good and beautiful things. i never liked politics. but when its staring me in the face everydy.. as if its sitting on my chest.. stoping me from enojoying each and everyday that passes .. i had no choice but to let it out.. please leave us .. i miss the old days.. i miss my kuwait.

hope everyone is well.


♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

Kuwait is beautiful !

Atinzad said...
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Atinzad said...

As usual... from the heart..

We need to see you Blog more we miss your writings

No3iK said...

izdehar.. thankslove

atinzad.. im blogging more coz i miss my readers and blog :) thanks for ur constant support!