Friday, December 16, 2011

no sleep

i cant sleep.. aboodi has an ear infection and he should sleep in a sitting position for his ear pain to be "bearable" poor little thing..
its funny when i think about this blog .. i had it before having my own kids .. and i have always loved it soo much .. its now 6 years old! that is just something isnt it! it feels like my baby, whos all grownup.. its taking care of its self .. and im not around anymore.

ok now i sound like a horrible mother! lol who leaves her 6 year old kid all alone like that?

so anyways.. im writing this for my baby blog .. i miss u .. wish times were like they used to be before .. our old bloggers, talented writers.. beautiful posts to read .. the great friends we made.. al7imdellah untill this day were in touch.. u truly did change my life :*

"blogs changed lives".. u can quote me on that! it is soo true.. thats how powerful they used to be. a shout out to any of my old readers, bloggers .. most of u deleted ur pages with nothing to be traced.. bs i can remember ur posts like ive just read them today.. thank u for all the priceless memories!

take care guys!


swera said...

yup i totally agree with u! "blogs changed lives"

when getting it out of ur system, u find many supportive people who will r willing to comfort u with sweet words! n there r the mean ones, who make u laugh hysterically lol.

happy bday to ur blog :*

LadyB said...

Trust me you have been missed as well!
Those old days of blogging is something to look back to and smile, very precious memories and good friends <3
Salamat abod, mayshof shar inshallah :*

ShoSho said...

:(((( i know i miss the old days.. it felt like bloggers were like a family.. we checked on each other and cared for each other ..

No3iK said...

aawwww! reading ur names on the screen alone was a great reward!
thanks guys ..

wallah its been an amazing journey, with all of u .. miss u and ur blogs :*