Friday, December 30, 2011

New (Home)

moving to "a new place| .. cannot be called "home| right now cause we two are total strangers at the moment, if not enemies. i feel strange and angry - frustrated.. i miss my old place, i miss my family.. im trying really hard to cope and be friendly.. but its just soo hard..

im being mean to my own place .. but may i add, that my place is also not being so nice! driving me crazy! still a million things to decide on, the to do list keeps getting longer, i feel like its gonna take me for ever to have this place done as i want it to be.

the good thing is, i know the kids love it! theyre soo excited keep running in the hallways screaming, enjoying the view and yelling (car) when ever they see one :)

my plan is to fill the walls with family photos, im choosing warmth and comfort over fancy shmancy.. i want this place to have all the elements of (coziness) but with an artsy umph as well. thats the plan.. hoping when i achieve that ill maybe start to love it and forgive it for having me leave my old place. where my dear family and memories are. its heart breaking.. but thats life and things have to change, grow and move on.. theres no stopping it.

al7imdellah 3la kil 7aal..

before this year ends .. want to wish u a better year to come inshallah.. with fresh new starts and nothing but happy and good news yarab! stay safe and healthy :*


Dana said...

It's nice to see your posts in my reader again :] It's fantastic news that you're moving to your own place. I can imagine in just a few weeks, you'll feel more settled in. You're the type of person that is very much able to create that "homey" "cozy" feeling every family member dreams of having. I think it's the best decision for your little growing family :)

Happy new years :* Allah ywafgich yarab o yas3idich :*.

No3iK said...

read ur comment first and then ur name, when i got to ur name.. a huge smile came on my face! thanks love i really miss u :*

Dana said...

7abibti wallah me too :') life has been hectic lately; enshallah soon we'll get the chance to get together :*

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move and hope it brings you all the best in the coming year.. Allah yewafgch enshallah :)

No3iK said...

thanks amu! same to u inshallah yarab ;)