Tuesday, January 10, 2012


i think its finally time that i face up and post about u.
(my heart)
has been for the past year pumping way too much blood into my stream.. its been working it self out more than it should .. and thats what they call "hypertension" bl 3rabi (thagh6 3ali)
it started a month after we moved back to kuwait feb 2011.. been nothing but cups and needles, scans and xrays .. ive seen sooo many doctors that i cant remember them all.. they all tell me that its un usual.. for my profile (a fit healthy young person with no family history) to have this problem. they would dread starting me on bp (blood pressure) pills, since u have to commit to them for a life time, and they have many side affects. so i wait .. and wait .. and waited for a year now.

it gets better at times, but at others for no reason at all would sky rocket.. the normal bp readings are 120/80 .. mine reached 171/120 .. which is considered very high and dangerous. they recently installed a bp reader.. that would monitor my bp for 24 hrs.. it takes it every 30 mins.. and from that reading my doctor said will be able to give his final verdict.. which came out yesterday.

at first i was told that there are two types of hypertension: a. secondary b.essential.
90% of people with hypertension are essential (usually are people over 50 with bad food diets/ over weight) the other 10% the secondary (usually are the young ones, who dont fit in the hypertension description but are in it for a secondary reason. they do a full investigation to find out whats the main reason triggering it, thats what ive been doing for the past year.. the investigation came back normal.. everything was healthy and normal al7imdellah.. which meant more question marks?! thats what brought my doctor to the 24hr monitor to determine what should be done for now at least, to help us make a decision.

im supposed to be in the 10% category but so far im not .. the 90% category which i dont fit it.. are the ones who get high blood pressure when stressed and usually goes down when they sleep or relax.. from the 24hr monitoring my readings were that my high blood pressure was at its highest (peak) when i was asleep! lol whcih raised the doctors eye brows.. and said this is strange.. you have "reversal hypertension"! which is rare.. and very dangerous.

so my case just keeps getting.. more complicated! im supposed to start taking meds asap since it peaks during my sleep, oh and thats why its nicknamed (the silent killer). my father on the other hand, doesnt want me to take the pills because he knows what they can do on the long run.. im in a place where im fed up and tired of getting second opinions.. i just want to be there for my kids.. i will do what ever needs to be done, for now atleast, to inshallah be around for them.. even if it meant taking these bad pills. (my dear dad) requested i wear the 24 hr monitor again just to compare end results and see how accurate they were. if they match.. he said; ill ask you my self to take the pills.

thats what im doing today inshallah .. i have no idea why i wrote all of the above.. but im sure my body and mind did it for a good reason, maybe it helps, i swear this blog has an affect on my soul that only a real blogger would understand :) for u guys out there! all the best!


Amu said...

Sallamat..matshofeen shar..My dad has BP and what reading you have mentioned they are really high..on the other hand your dad is right too about not taking medication as they are not good in long run. Try waking up early and go for a small walk. It helps to start your day fresh. I dont know what else to suggest but I hope you get well soon...Just dont stress and try to get proper sleep at night without writing posts :PpP

LadyB said...

Oh salamat dear!
I hope you get better soon :*

LadyB said...

Btw have you tried dr m7sen elrezaqa?

No3iK said...

* amu.. Allah esalmik man thanks .. o alf salama 3la ur dad inshallah.
i really dont want to take the pills im still waiting and didnt take them.. its like im digging my head in the sand and waiting for a miracle to happen! but thanks for ur comment o ill try my best not to post late at night :p

*lady b.. good to see u again love, allah esalmich thanks .. o no i havent heard of him.. is he good?

LadyB said...

Ooops, sorry for the late reply he's excellent !