Thursday, January 12, 2012

No3ik (heart) Cinescape

i know its been a while, most of you maybe forgot about it.. but i sure haven't .. i was still hoping and waiting.. well, al7imdellah it finally happened :)
after my first post in 2010, and their first reply to it..this is their last update!

Cinescape got back to me with this message:


Cinescape Presents Tuesday Kids Day

POLICY: Free entry for children younger than 3 years only on Tuesday! Note: Children may not occupy a seat – one child per guardian

Sorry for taking a while, but we have studied the request and now you may attend the Cinema with your kids FREE OF CHARGE and you will not be embarrassed anymore from the kids screaming and excitement in the Cinema!

11/1/12 12:05 PM"

here is their official announcement of it

Biggest thank you from me to all your hard working staff! and im sure from all the mommies and daddies in kuwait! this is much appreciated! thanks again for taking in consideration what your customers want!

hope everyone is well.. and enjoy the movies.. with ur kids of course ;*