Thursday, May 27, 2010

Update - Cincscape Replied!!

"Dear Cinescape-ER,

We thank you for your email.

We have recently applied the Bachelor nights which has been a great success in allowing the Bachelors to sit in any seat in the theatre instead of having the bottom half of the screen as it use to be.

Moms Day will need to be studied and analyzed and we promise we will do our best to implement it in Kuwait Theatres.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us again if you have any further suggestions or comments.

Cinescape Team"

im thrilled!! they replied in a very timely manner!
i really hope this works out. oh and bachelors! .. im very happy to hear that u have ur own showing times!!! yay for u guys! ;)

Big Thank you goes to Mr.Ali Al-Oqab and the entire team of Cinescape :)


swera said...

Well done Z ;)

Yazeed said...

al7een damich ga3da in the states, the only good thing that u took out of it and trying to improve kuwait is mommy day at the cinema?

Organic Kuwait said...

YEAY power to mommy bloggers ;) hehe

No3iK said...

swera .. thanks babes!

zooz .. magol ela yooz 3ni :p
read my previous posts .. im upto soo many good things :p and yes, bonding with my kid no matter where, is of high importance :)

this is great! :**

No3iK said...
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Anonymous said...

Thats great...hope they implement it soon :)

Reem said...

Well .. for dedicates moms .. its really much more than that ..
- mother getting some kind of time off
- moms feeling appreciated
- moms meeting, n maybe making new great n beneficial friendships
- n i think, just seeing the Ciniscape ad of Momy movie day in the papers will both inspire other companies to do the same, and the general public will register [even if subconsciously] that those mums are being appreciated/acknowledged by a big company, Id rather too.

So, its not just watching a movie now is it =P

Atinzad said...

we usually sit and complain and do nothing about it..

but it's People Like you who are bringing change to this world good job very proud and wish there were more people like you that take the initiative :)

No3iK said...

*amu.. allah ysm3 minik

* reem .. exactly! thats what i meant
its more than just the movies. its a message to society.

*atinzad.. omg! im literally blushing!
thanks but it was nothing just an email.. but again thank u ur sooo kind! :)

No3iK said...
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:::ShoSho::: said...


I really don't get Bachelor/family seatings.. it's funny in Europe Kuwaiti women would sit anywhere but when its Kuwaiti men, mashaallla they act shy :P loool ebo66on chabdi! I was in the hospital in Kuwait and waiting for elevator, o 3 times it stopped and no one would go 3ashan "mashallah 3alaihom" el 7areen apparently don't want because there were men inside? isda3wa law kan ashqar eb London, ma ra7 erohoon wela bas shababna? :P

:::ShoSho::: said...

My comment was copletety irrelevent lol :P

No3iK said...

looooooool shosho
mawateeny th7k bs i cudnt agree more!
movies.. waiting rooms, elevators are all public places! lol madre 5ayfen yaklhm mathalan :p

Anonymous said...

Its nice to see companies in Kuwait take interest in what bloggers have to say! Good job! :)

A Journal Entry said...

i love the idea!
just the other day i was saying to my forend enna i miss going to movies.. i feel a bit guilty for leaving my baby behind and enjoying myself when i already left her in the morining and went to work =/

another good idea would be day care in work places!

No3iK said...

oleana.. ee al7mdellah i was very happy with their reply

journal entry.. i know exactly what u mean wallah .. inshallah im full of hope that this will work :)

bout day cares @ work they must be requested by employees ;)

Cinescape said...

Cinescape Presents Tuesday Kids Day

POLICY: Free entry for children younger than 3 years only on Tuesday! Note: Children may not occupy a seat – one child per guardian

Sorry for taking a while, but we have studied the request and now you may attend the Cinema with your kids FREE OF CHARGE and you will not be embarrassed anymore from the kids screaming and excitement in the Cinema!

No3iK said...

wow!! i cant thank u enough guys!!
thanks a lot .. this means a lot all the parents here .. and of course the little kids as well! all the power to u! keep it up ;)

thanks again!