Sunday, July 22, 2012

ساهر الليل 3

so i guess i wasnt supposed to write a review based on just the pilot of حلفت عمري :(
they killed the young actors too soon ..  huda hussein probably was very eager to jump in and do the role too early on if u ask me .. shes not fit to play the role yet .. it is more suited to a younger actress (atleast with someone who has no wrinkles) they shouldve stayed with the young girl and simply  make her look older.. just for a few more episodes .. huda in my opinion is pushing it (her acting i mean) by trying to "Act" young when its not fitting her at all! its awkward seeing her trying to be all jumpy and moving a lot! its not like her at all. but im sure once the story progress the role will end up being perfect for her ;)

my other show for now,  im sure most of you are watching  "saher allail 3". how can we not be soo excited to watch something that involves us all!! the dark horrible but yet priceless days. the time when we were all kids .. i was 8 .. and i remember my mother once said "it scared our childhood" and now i know exactly what she meant. it is a scar .. but i think everyone who lived those days wear them very proudly now. a scar, a reminder of how much we love this country even though we didnt know any better we just loved it .. we witnessed people cry ..bleed,  get prisoned and die just because they loved it. all of us did .. none of now adays political nonsense would be even the tiniest bit acceptable if Kuwaitis wore the same hearts they did back then in 1990 .. this show really did take me back to memories that will never ever be forgotten but are simply now more alive and vivid since im being reminded of them.

back to the show .. im in love with the actors! theyre all doing an outstanding job! cast perfectly picked! again very impressed with the camera motion.. nothing that would give u a headache or anything, just right and professional.  the details .. the details.. its all in the details! their cars, bags and costumes! which most of it is already back on  trend but with a modern twist!
finally, the love story has always been the main attraction of all saher allail seasons! we are a very romantic society i think :p we thrive on love mushy stories! the thing that really stood out and i think most people noticed this season is the "script". its very- very realistic. its ok for actors to all talk at the same time in a realistic manner! the camera doesnt have to show each face individually when they speak! lol thank God we finally reached that level of great modern filming! they no longer talk to each other with one giving the other his back so theyd be both facing the camera! LOL that always killed me! and lastly .. the two young brothers .. im very bad with names i never remember the names .. but are skinny cute and funny! i just love their bond and how theyre always together! so im pretty happy with the shows i picked ..

will give the rest another try might end up with three shows .. i think three would be a good number out of the gazillion being aired!

again hope everyone is well ;) tc and tqabal allah.


Rawan said...

Hello.. I love ur blog so I came back again lol :P

I LOVE Saher ElLail and Thank God I didn't listen to those silly jokes about it.. I'm proud of the show and who did it.. as u said, the details!! The first words I said about the show was " it's us!" .. LOL the two funny brothers are my favorite too.. love story of Hanan and Rashed is funny and heartbreaking .. Let's watch it and hopefully will be as good as we expected. ;)

No3iK said...

thank you rawan for passing by reading and leaving a comment,, i love nothing more than staying in touch with my lovely readers,

indeed the show was a master piece that shook the core of all its viewers.. hope ur well and take care