Sunday, July 08, 2007

pale blue

silence breaks when ever ur here
warmth lingers.
i can hear drops of air sink in my ear
this is not how it will always be.
i might not be there when one day u decide to look up,
or listen ... to me.
when i stare at you and see nothing but you!

lungs warm the air we breathe in,
but ur heart is made of crushed ice

*ps: bout my previous post .. thanks for ur comments .. and for those who asked it has nothing to do with divorce .. 29 years of marriage then she passes away .. he never wanted to take it off .. kept it for four years. its off now because he had to wear a new one.


do0da said...


do0da said...

some good parts some not so good parts. Madri 7asait-ha shwaya disjoined =/ bes maybe thats just cuz im not getting what ur tryin to say in it.

No3iK said...


u got it! ur getting very good at this arent u ;)

exactly what i wanted the reader to feel like .. the disjoined feeling .. when two parts dont mix .. simply doesnt look or feel right.
its an imagery.

Your Battlefield said...

love love love it....i re-read it plenty because it was that remarkable.:)))don't ever stop writing. really, no matter where life takes you, never becuz i want to read more of these kinds of pieces...:**

Missy said...

laish he got married :(

Reem said...

a7bch :*
it didn't feel disjoined to me, ymkn bcoz that's how i think, in a fragmanted way..
"drops of air" beautiful image!

to a certain someone: when i stared at u i used to see the whole world in you, my dreams,my hopes, my life, now i just see you, plain u..

heart made of crushed ice :( ayyy wallah qalbi m3wrni :(
-hug- :**

Marzouq said...

I have dance music playing in the background and reading this, I got it going with the beat! loooool! I didn't expect that!

I was a producer in another life! loooool!

Atinzad said...

What you wrote really got to me.

we forget whats really important in life... us; the living the breathing. People whats important and we have a limited time in this world so we should make the most of it with our loved ones.

Nice work as usual ;)

No3iK said...

god .. i missed u girl.
i really wish and hope from god everything is going exactly the way u want :*
and thank u .. thank u and thank u :*
i wont stop i promise. as long as i have readers like ur self.

coz we live in kuwait.

ur a lit girl ;) simple as that!
and for that someone... "their" loss!

eheheheh ent maynon!! why do u always have something different than everyone else tosay
hehehehe u made me laugh hard man. thanks fir that.

exactly exactly .. what i wanted u guys to get .. im glad u got it.

silver said...

I have always read your poetry its so good!

silver said...

i have always read you poetry its so good!

No3iK said...

silver knowiing i have readers like ur self .. keeps me motivated and wanting to write more .. so thank you :)

Anonymous said...

is it a problem if i use the picture in a music video on youtube?