Tuesday, June 26, 2007

happy days

mashallah June and July are packed with weddings ... everyone is either dancing .. dressing up or getting hitched! which is depressingly happy ..

coz when u get alot of happiness all at the same time .. seems bit weird ..
but i really did enjoy all of them .. the look on the mothers faces makes it all worth it!
specially when they cry :`)

speaking of emotions .. I've been through the most emotional week in my life, i think .. i needed to see a doctor because its been so emotional .. i cant eat.

one of the things I've seen was .. a heart being pulled out of someones chest .. with out having to touch it or surgically remove it. i have seen him take off his ring .. after 33 yrs of wearing it, after it became part of him, he took it off. u some how wish for that person to be happy inshalah .. some how.

i have also looked into the eyes of someone who's in "pain" .. and they stared back. when u really look into someones eyes u feel they're naked .. u just see whats inside, their head and heart .. when u touch their hands u know its all real. ur hand becomes their safe warm nest .. makes u forget all whats bad in the world, you experience feelings and emotions that are one of gods miracles.

I'm so thankful for the pain i get, the tears that wet my cheeks and burns my eyes, love that warms my heart and joy that brings butterfly's to my tummy.. all so simple but its life's great way of reminding me I'm live .. I'm so living this life .. living it to the core.


do0da said...


do0da said...

depressing indeed i hate weddings :P

happy yup my bday is there :P

ooo lat5afeen bes arja3 ilmake u eat :P

oo im glad ur living ur life :* hopefully they'll be less pain and more joy in it thou

phoenix said...

-Overwhelming joy is always bittersweet in a way..
-Pain is never an easy burden to bare, but eventually it goes away and happiness walks through that front door and into their life..
And isn't it funny that even though a person is made up of so much, as soon as you look into their eyes you can see right through them..

Lat but not least.. You go sweety, live life!

Reem said...

mashallah ee! wish them all happiness n joy!

it seems weird 7adda, in fact when i get alot of happiness i feel something bad coming, madri.. el7emdellah 3la kil 7al..

ouch :( inshallah he'll be happy..
i love tears.. i cry alot! i mean really!! ALOT!
live life 7bebty o 5li kel shay 3la Allah!

love u :**

Navy Girl said...

Yep .. this is the wedding season ! Everyone is suddenly getting married..
Feelings are good they are our remainder of our humanity.. and our prove of life .. even when I cry it makes me feel better somehow .. like to pure my own soul .. though I hope your life would be full of that good kinda feelings : )

Ali said...


Anonymous said...

I can't see anyone in pain :( it's the most depressing moment for me.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog finally! :D

Hi. ;)

Happy now? hehe

Common_Sense said...

Sooooooo Truuuue .. I can't say more. beautiful post like 9a7btaa

Missy said...

okay i hate such post..:@
couldnt u go into details?! :P
why did he took off his ring?

Anonymous said...

nice nice nice...long time girl! where have u been??

Anonymous said...

Who got a divorce?

Marzouq said...

alah ekoon ib 3oonich, the weddings for one are annoying too many all in one time, secondly when you go through something difficult like that it only makes you stronger! Alah esa3dich, inshalla things will get better.

Nour AL-Baqsami said...
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Nour AL-Baqsami said...
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kella met2a5er said...

WoW, life is a.......
why the hell he removed the ring, damn it I want to know =/

nice post though.

Atinzad said...

I luv ur wirting it soo deep

Swair. said...

i love weddings!

yeah.. that's all i had to say lol

..G.. said...

gosh its so true!! weddings are all over the place, i probably did more than 50 travel insurances for honeymooners last week :P

cutness wala hal post, il faal lch inshala