Saturday, July 28, 2007

raping my closet

*Update 3rd Aug: just got my clothes back! :)

my sleeping pattern is a complete mess but i really don't mind .. what i mind is this:
i was in bed 4:00pm someone keeps calling me .. i check the screen barely able to open my eyes and the light flashing in my face .. the caller is someone .. i don't know whats the relation title should be (supposed to be a friend - someone i know - an old woman i met - annoying person been trying to ditch)
so u pick! coz its all of the above .. long story bottom line is shes a a woman in her maybe late 40s or early 50s got kids and all .. got to know me apparently to help her out with shopping for her daughters ... or something else im still not sure .. very very annoying and never takes no for an answer. so i simply decide to press the silent button .. she calls again and again an again 5 missed calls all in like two mins!! so i start to worry thinking maybe its an emergency and i unfortunately pick up!

me: hellooo -very sleepy voice-
her: ooowww ur asleep when did u wake up
me: the phone was ringing and it woke me up.
her: ok i just wanted to ask .. where do u get ur fancy wedding dresses from?
-so i pause and think, theres no way I'm gonna say i got any of them from Kuwait coz shell want to drag me there with her.
me: well my recent dresses are from Italy and London nothing from Kuwait.
her: oh really!! well what can i do i need dresses for my daughter shes invited to a wedding and she needs to find something real quick and i like nothing here in Kuwait.
me: i have no idea im afraid i cant help ..
her: ok is it ok if i drop by today just to see ur clothes! I'm just gonna come to take a look thats all!
me: :S -wtf-
her: is it ok??
me: so u want to take a look at my clothes?
her: yess just a quick look ..
me: yeah sure 5alty 7ayach .. -weirdo-

i hang up go back to sleep was around 4:15 in ten minutes the bell is ringing :S my brother knocks the door and says "theres a woman with her daughter waiting for u outside"

i jump out of the bed freshin up real quick wear what ever i found lying there on the couch pulled my hair up and went to her she was waiting for me in the living room!!

i say hi .. ask her if she needs something to drink she says no thanks I'm fasting!! -fasting and got here in 10 mins! wow!

anyways ill try and make it short some how .. as soon as we sit she asks where are ur dresses??
so i get up .. pissed as hell and ask her to wait.

i go to my closet room, and i start looking at my precious dresses all of them innocently hanging in there! who's gonna be the victim .. so i had to choose .. four dresses at least just to shut her up.. all so nice sleek and simple .. didn't want to give away anything special :p
but all my babies are special :`( anyways i go there
and then she starts examining them:

her: hmmmmm .. is this what u wear?!
me: yes
her: they're soooo simple!! they're soo plain nothing on them!
me: yes that's my style i like keeping it simple.
her: well they don't even show that their designers clothes!
me: well i don't like that either.
her: ok. -totally didn't like them-
me: -YES!- plan worked!

then she says : ok then go get me a big bag so i can take them with me...
me: @@ take them!!! u want to take them??
her: yes .. my daughter will need to see them so that she could choose what she likes best.
me: -look at her daughter- ok which one do u like best?
her daughter: oh no ... im not invited to the wedding its my other sister. shes back home.
me: -!!! omg - so u want all four?
her: yes all four .. shell just want to take alook at them, if she liked any of them i might do the same design for her :S
me: so u will take the design ..
i look down with nothing in mind to say i was speechless .. its too late now. so i walk to my room again and get the dress bags .. i put them all in and give her the bags. she then looks up with a smile on her face and says:

her: what about ur daywear .. whats the latest fashion what have u been wearing?
me: :S -is she fucking kidding me- what do u mean?
her: u know what do u wear when u go out? i want to see.
me: i don't wear anything special all casual and simple really .. some are sport .. nothing special.
her: yes yes bring them i want to see.
me: theres nothing to see .. I've been going with comfortable look lately all H&M style summer clothes plain and simple .. nothing worth showing.
her: ok .. its ok i just want to see ..

i then walk in again and look at my precious closet! i again took the simplest plainest thing i had! like long tank tops .. plaaaain plaaain cotton stuff .. again they were four pieces all the same design.

i come out and show her ... she of course frowned .. since the person i know she exaggerates with her clothes usually.

her: omg ... they're all the same! and they're very very plain!!! soo simple!! nothing really..
me: yes i told u ..
her: i remember i saw u in many occasions wearing very special beautiful designs .. where are they?
me: :s - quick quick think of something - well i don't have them anymore i gave them away
her: u gave them away!!
me: every year i recycle my closet and give away clothes to the poor and some to the maids .. so i don't have what ur talking about.
her: hmmmmm .. ok fine .. ill take these too .. just bring another bag.
me: @@ u want to take them too!! u just said u didn't like them!
her: no its fine .. im sure theyy look nice if worn. and dont worry by tomorrow this time i will send the driver over he will return all ur clothes back!

-F*CK- OK ,,,

so defeated i march in put all in bag and give it to her! she takes them and leave ...
i felt .. violated!! lol i don't know how to describe it .. but someone just came in woke me up took my clothes .. insulted my sense of fashion and took my clothes and left! not to mention lied to me bout the just take a look part!

so there u go .. best part of the story its been FIVE days so far and no driver came over to drop them! i called her three times so far her mobile is always switched off! AND someone else i know said something about her .. having a new tailor and that she plans to have an exhibition in her place!!! so now everything makes sense.
she needed designs to sell .. and i came to mind.

anyways i felt like i needed to share this incident .. since i don't know why these kinda awkward stuff keep happening to moi!

miss u all hope everyone is well.. tip of the day .. keep ur closets locked and when someone asks just say u lost the key :p


do0da said...


do0da said...

its moments like these that make me thank god ima guy :P

oo and dont expect ur clothes ne time soon :P yea minimum 2 weeks :P

Reem said...

u must be ****** kiddin me!!
waaaaaaaaaaiiii noooooo!!
7beeeeeebty!! -hug-
ambeeeh i am soooo pissed! u have no idea!
how could she!!?
7bebty! u tried saying no! my god she's sooo *&&%^$#^&^* rude!!
go to her house if u can't reach her by phone! want me to come with u? wallah 3adi i can wear dla'3 on my head n go in get ur clothes n get the hell out of her place!!
lemme know... God i hate her!! VULGAR!!!

allah y3eench! love u :*
oh my god!! sorry sorry bs lel7een mn9adma!

Ni3Na3aH said...

fee naas chethe?? 7ad'ha manchab!!
well you were very polite.. lo ana chan bil wayh a36eeha cham kilma o makhaleeha takheth malabsee... ay shay!!!!

Zahra said...

Oh my God! That is absolutely unbelievable! My jaw dropped to the ground reading this. Her behavior is horrible! I'm so sorry you had to go through that!

Please let me know when she has this exhibition. I want no part in promoting it!

Carlsb3rg said...

I would have insulted the shit out of her. It would have went like this :

woman: okay I wanna take ur clothes
me: BARRA ..
woman: what?

You seriously need lessons on how to be mean :P

nice said...

الافضل تقولين انهم بالمصبغة
حلوة سالفتج :)

Anonymous said...

babe you should have said ma agdar a36ekom cause ana ham albes-hom fe 3rous o ma e9eer elii 3laihaa ekoon 3lay o i'm sorry
as harsh as that might sound sometimes you garra be that way

Marzouq said...

Your kidding me!! Seriously! Are you related to this women, you should have told her you don't have anything and your at someone's shalaih or something!!

You shouldn't have picked up the phone! That really is invading your privacy, what the hell is up with this women!!!

Ya3ny sij ma tiste7y!!!

I would go into the exhibition and say "OH MY GOD SHE STOLE MY CLOTHS!"

Next time don't give it away no matter what! Or make up any excuse! You needed back up with you while you were sitting there! Your brother shouldn't have left you!

(tell me where she lives and she will lose all her tires... everyweek!!!)

I don't care who this women is I would have kicked her out!

Anonymous said...

are you stylist? or in anyway getting paid to dress her daughters? if not, than, i believe you need a lesson in communication. what you wrote was painful to read. i was waiting for you to react..but, nothing. this women stepped al over you and the worst you could do is blog about it? seriously, whats her name? she pissed me off.

No3iK said...

exactly! i mean who would want to borrow ur dishdasha or t-shirt :p

eeee 7bebty enty 7addich 7asa feeni!
my head was numb when it happened.
i just hated everymoment.

im usually not like this i woulda told her to leave! but when ur dealing with someone in the age of ur mother .. its just too hard .. to be mean.

thanks 7bebty ... :( yeah shes a mean b.. but ill let u know when it wil happen .. that is if i ever knew.

lol loved what u had to say.
wish u were there then!

lol kl hdoomi bl ma9ba`3a!! qaweya bs tamshy wallah .. thanks

walllah i know! i feel like i shoudve said or dome something.
but i tried saying no in soo many ways
almushkila ani i know what kind of person she is.
shes very very hard to deal with.

maaaaan im all pissed but u cracked me up!! thanks for the offer i loved it 3ad!
bs almushkila is in me i guess.
when it comes to old ppl i cant say NO,
and NO! thank god shes not a relative! althouhg she tried to hook me up with her son once! CAN U IMAGINE MY LIFE! if she was my mother inlaw!! oh and my brother is only 11 he had no idea what was going on. it was just me. again thanks for the offer ill think about it and let u know hehehehehe ;)

i know its wrong and i know i sohuldve done something! i kept rewinding what happened in my head the only thing i couldve done was when she asked to come over i shouldve told her not to come. that was the only way, and then when ever she calls again just ignore. the only reason i answered her call was that i thought she needed me for something urgent! like something bad happened! but when she already was IN my living room she had me cornered! i was actually surprised she didnt ask to go in to my closet her self and pick stuff!! u have no idea how bad she is .. everyone in my family knows her and they know what i go through when she calls .. if i dont answer my phone she calls my home! if that doesnt work she comes over! in other words shes like a witch.
im gonna take my clothes this time. and that would be the last thing to ever happen between us.

um-miT3ib said...


itnaket akeed? are u sure its not a prank ?

Ghasheema said...

how rude????

whats up with the ladies...MOST of them when they hit 45 they start to act like teenagers all over again?!?!?!?

girl ur too nice wallah...ana law mekanich...i would have done the same thing u did lol...bas what should be done is u saying i dont like to give my clothes away...PERIOD...she could be doing black majic for all u know...allah yakfich sharha inshallah

Yara said...

Plz golilna lama tsawi ma3ra'6 .. 7adi 7tarait .. baro7 her exhibition o bagol Haaw?! mo hatha chena eli fe H&M? akhtha mn H&M arkha9 ! Mo hatha nafsa shefna bil ma7al el flani?! Waaih hathak WAYD a7la :P

Bernie said...

haw hathi 9a7ya:s.. i can understand the sahra clothes bas IL TANKTOPS!! MIN 9IJHA!! SHTABEE FEEHOM!! LAZIM TRO7EEN MA3RATH-HA .. AND GO TO HER HOUSE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE GET UR CLOTHES!! tell her u said bachir n u still didnt give them back i want to wear them !oo sh7aga ma yabat bint-ha ithanya ma3aha ! il7imdela wishikir

Dalal said...

hmmm ana sma3t il salfa bil sij o ma kint adry inna she took the stuff!! it's one thing to compliment someone on their sense of style and another thing to gun you down and steal ur stuff and then copy it... you never know yumkin banat-ha labseen il bidal ib3irs willa 7afla al7een... mmmm my advice is call her from another phone number? chood tisti7y 3ala damha? ma3tiqid hal insana ra7 tkhalleech ib 7alich... she's a leech-er :P sucking the life out of your precious clothes.. you have to save them!! SAVE OUR SHOES!! SOS!!

Canc3riaN said...

LOL... seriously !?!? I Can't even get near imagining what you feel. killa wala el closet :S THE GOLDEN GATES THAT LEAD TO "WOWness".

"keep ur closets locked and when someone asks just say u lost the key." <-- YEBTEEHA 9A7 !!


lovely post and lovely blog.

Hypocrisy sucks said... tsween ro7ch 6ayba mra thanya :P

ZuZu said...

ambaih kesartay 5a6rii ;/ hatha elli y9eer lama tet3amelain ma3a hal ashkal ;p

Nour AL-Baqsami said...

R u SERIOUS !!??? What the HELL ! And the most annoying part is that u gave ur clothes out to her !! couldnt u just simply say sry MISS ! but i just dont like giving my clothes out ! hahaha that would have worked out PERFECTLY =D and if she answered bak by saying no plss i'l have them returned as soon as possible. Tell her no sry its NOT my problem.

Atinzad said...

Hi, Just wanted to know the latest update with your cloths are they back yet? if you say no evry person who wrote a comment in your post will go to her house with fire tourches.

i hope this is a learning lesson to you and i know that you had previous experiences with this women (since you already learned to tell her your cloths are from italy and london).

Now, if you tell her "i am going out know", she'll say "let me come to your house while your not there and have a look at your closet".

the only thing you can do is
1. just tell her straight to her face BARRAAA (quoting carls)
2. Old Lady Stocker Relocation Program: change your name, your phone number, and find a new place to live.

Dandoon said...

waaaay waaay shino hathi min 9ijha?! i got so pissed off just reading that!! baddi3at!

inzain did u get ur clothes back wila la2?:p

Swair. said...

holy crap! I bet you're hoping Ashton Kutcher will jump out and yell "You've Been PUNK'D!" :p

you don't have any of her daughters' numbers? try them, maybe they'll answer and feel ashamed of their mother's way of take-minus-return? lol

Carlsb3rg said...

Congratulations on getting ur clothes back ;p Take this as a lesson :P

Ra-1 said...

Abeh LOL

At least she didnt wear them!
well who knows :/

I give my clothes but only to my close friends!

But honestly if I were in your place, I would act the same, maybe worse :p

Missy said...

No3ik, ur so kind!
dont let people use ur kindness. :) I believe that it is nice to be good and nice to people but there's a limit!

Reem said...

u seriously MUST check this out , 7adda yitha7ik !!!!

Chimerical said...

hello =D just discovered ur blog thru ur facebook hehe :P It's me...Om Yousef ;)

New Bride said...

ambeeeeeeeeeh abmeeeeeeeeeh mo 9ij heheh that`s carzy waay a6ghaaa heheheh 7abebte u r so nice walah o san3a lo wa7da thanyaa chan galat laha shakoo

B said...

waaaay t7er,, tanarfazt o enrefa3 thag6ee wana agra ilpost... o entay wayed 6ayeba wa3alaya, maten3a6a wayh hathee, khal tez3al bil6agag.... ifffffff

Pearls said...

ooh my good!! :P laish ma kefa5teehaa!! :s

Pearls said...

ooh my good!! :P laish ma kefa5teehaa!! :s