Saturday, August 18, 2007

another break

i know i haven't been posting lately, but i can say that; maybe its better not to post at all than post depressing stuff ... im going to be away on my very much needed summer vacation.
hopefully when im back, ill feel fresher and better. i really miss my blog and miss u all.

take good care :*


Atinzad said...


Anonymous said...

have a safe trip :) and hope its full of fun :D

do0da said...

enjoy ur trip o uve been missed =]

Marzouq said...

Itroo7een wit rideen bil salamah! I hope you get to enjoy your break and really relax!

Ghasheema said...

enjoy your trip sweetie...ow allah ma3ich :**


Aww hope u feel better, and POST again.. We miss u ;** .. etro7en wetreden bil salama enshalah.

PS: i love the pic ;D

Reem said...

enjoy ur trip nuba 7bebty :**
miss u!
take care :*

Anonymous said...

eyro7een o etredeen bisalamah babe :)

Swair. said...

etroo7een oo etredeen bil salama :D

Canc3riaN said...

hey enjoy your vaccation ;)

and come back very soon with a new cool post for us :)



um-miT3ib said...


eshda3wa said...

etro7een wetreden belsalama

No3iK said...

*atinzad shotguned ;p

*amu: thanks :)

*dooda: i sure did ;)

*marzouq: it was far better than i expected to be! breathtaking trip. thank u.

*ghasheema: alah esalmich 7bebtay thanks :*

*glamorous: the pic! is so cute isnt it:* thanks babes .. i sure will be posting more often.

*rayoom: thanks sweety :* love u

*lialy: alah esalmich 7bebty

*swair: alah esalmich babes thanks

*canc3rain: thanks! ill do my best with the posts inshalah. and welcome to my blog.

*tunici: thanks and welcome to my blog.

*ummit3ib: ma3alamo :* 6aybeeen wl7imdellah.

*eshd3wa: alah esalmich babes.