Tuesday, December 25, 2007


i got an sms today from someone ... it was a trange number, telling me that her fathr had passed away, and where theyre going to have the "3aza" !!!

i tried to remember whos number it was!!! i searched my phone book thinking i may have saved the same number twice and thats why im not getting the name!
i then called some of my friends asking them if they knew the person who passed away "coz his name was in the sms" but no one knew him! the name was not familiar at all!

i felt so bad for not remembering her, i kept thinking i must know her ..
untill i gave up and decided to call, give my condolences, pretend to know who she was, and hopefuly maybe from our conversation my memory might dig up who that person is .. so i called :s and when she picked up her voice was obviuosly very different! because she was crying!! :s

i told her how sad i was to hear the news, prayed for all of them! she thanked me a lot .. and then i had to hang up!

i still dont know who it is??? :`( but when i called she knew who i was!

im a TERRIBLE person!


Missy said...

LOL I hate it when such things happen! I sometimes see people but I can't remember their names. hehe

go to the 3aza, maybe when you see her you remember who she is! :)

Atinzad said...

Your not a terrible person. These things happen; we forget sometimes. But you tried to find out who the person is and you finally called, that shows you cared and you did what most what not have done. so don't feel bad.

Allah yer7am amwatna o amwaatkom ajma3een

Zi-One said...

maybe u should go to the 3aza ;/ elyoum ray7a 3za maybe its the same one ;s

eshda3wa said...

kilish moo khosh mawqif
but atleast u called oo 3azaitay

maybe if u go to the 3aza ull c the face and know?

it must have been so weird

New Bride said...

ambeeh this is happend to me sometimes , just show up in the
3aza maybe if u see her u`ll recognize her if not , that`s mean enich khatheetay ajer

Anonymous said...

I think you should go to the 3aza and that might make things clear rather than sitting at home and blaming yourself :)

do0da said...

Heres to hoping shes a blogger and reads this soon :P

do0da said...
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Desert-Roses said...

T9er alot!!

NoNoWa said...

Well maybe u shud just go ahead and go to the 3aza. U must be pretty important to her if she called u-right? Then maybe u will see her and remember.....here's hoping. :)

But I really do suck at remmebering people sometimes and it can be so embarassing especially in a circumstance like that.

Hopeless Poet said...

This is an awkward situation!
You don't even recognize the name! Maybe she is someone you met at work or a client that has a great admiration for you?

No3iK said...

Dear all thank you very much for ur suggestions .. mostly were that i should go to the 3aza .. that was my plan .. but ive been very sick in the past few days with flu - fever i stayed home through the weekend .. so unfortunately i wasnt able to go .. i will never know now .. hope she and her family are well :)

aagain thanks alll (except for dooda)

Anonymous said...

أنا بعد واااايد أستوت فيني هالحركة

خصوصا عقب ما ضاع مبايلي الجديم ><

والله توهقت وااااااااايد

عسب جذا أنا حاسة فيج الغالية

والله يرحم أبو ربيعتج

Marzouq said...

Alah Yer7amah..

Your not a bad person, you just don't remember that person from a long time ago so you can't really be blamed for it. You are a good person for calling and giving your condolenses.

If you knew the person and you didn't call then you would be a bad person, but your not!

Reem said...

Ambay 7adda moo shay

the worst part is that she might know about ur blog too ..

chan chayaktay il-Jareeda ?!!

:S sij mawqif khayis