Monday, December 24, 2007

we need to Hibernate!

its weird how in winter, u just dont want to wakeup!
but when you think about it, its not weird at all .. its only NATURAL!

most living things hibernate in the winter do not go out or move! they sleep for months waiting for winter to be over! animals that are rough and tough cant even handle the weather.. for example bears.. they hibernate in caves from October till May.
Where we!!! WE!! wakeup at 6am!! leaving our warm warm lovely beds behind.. taking a shower in the COLD! wearing layers and layers of clothes.. driving in our freezing cars .. that takes around 15 mins to heat up

then forcing us to actually not do all fo that BUT EVEN WORK!

my nails are purple x`(

they are asking us to break the courses of nature .. its only natural for our bodies to be less productive and active .. its only natural that we need to rest some more, eat some more and sleep some more.

why dont they get it! were human beings .. not machines!

i know this sounds like a very typical early morning vent.. but i was depressed and couldnt sleep all night because i kept thinking i have to wakeup at 6am when its 6degress outside!

its inssane .. wallah... someone needs to do something about this.


ok now i feel little bit better .. no not realy :(


Anonymous said...

i missed u!
i miss u!
sooooo much
min zmaan

i hope life has been treating u wonderfully.

btw, it's me.
your battlefield...i forgot my password so hehe oh well

No3iK said...


7beeeebty!!! omg! shlonich
its been ages!
i missed u so much to!
can u retrieve ur password? :(

anyways tell me hows things.
i dont login msn anymore coz i dont know.. im kind of sick of it for now.
but i want an update .. email me plz ok :* love u

SpiKeY said...

good thing I got a car that i can start with a remote :P....So its warm when am in it :P....

Anonymous said...

I know winter is dark and dull :/

bs its more fun to peep and read two friends conversation,hehe

Swair said...

HEY! Welcome baaack :*

I'm jealous of Spikey's car lol

Marzouq said...

You work for the machine!! You are the machine!!! It is what we dooooo! looool!

I got remote start so by the time I get to the car,its nice and toasty!! loool!

Zabo0o6a said...

offfff , even waking up for my 11 am class is horrid , i can imagine ur suffering:Pp
BTW , shall we say welcome back?

um-miT3ib said...

im GONNA hibernate;p

Anonymous said...

al7med llah b3dny ejaza bs 9dgj al`3alia aljaw waaaaaaaayed bared allh y3enj 7bebty

No3iK said...

* spiky and marzouq:

i officialy HATE ur fancy cars ;p

*fast lane:
that was sweet wasnt it ;)

i knoww!!!!

some of my classes started at 3pm :D but work is so different :( i miss colleg.

and yes dear im back :*

*um mit3ib:
3ashat walllah!

*pink girl:
thank u :`(

carlsb3rg said...

okay I dont wanna be a smartass but I just cant ignore incorrect scientific facts ;p

it would be weird if you hibernate actually, cuz then you're a lizard or something ;p

Mammals(like humans) are warm blooded so they can control their body temperature and increase/decrease it according to their surroundings. On the other hand, cold blooded creatures do not have that ability and must use their surroundings to control their body temprature.

The terms warm and cold blooded are not used anymore by scientist as creatures can have more than one way to control body temperature.


No3iK said...


oooffff .. ur comment 7ada enarfiz :p
y3ny why would u try to prove the theory wrong!! dont u want to get warm with some hot coco marshmellows in bed and sleep!!

heheheh i think all what u said is a conspiracy! an agreement heald by the goverment and scientists .. asking them to come up with excuses to drag (the citizens)out in the cold :p and clearly they got to u :p

hehehehehe im kidding ,, even if all what u said is true .. still they need to treat our working hours differently, coz as u said shiftinf body tempratures and such can be axahsting by it self, and i think everyone feels different during winter, simply weaker!

anyways good to see u man ;)

carlsb3rg said...

omg even if im right? of course im right ;p

hot choco? bed? thats not the way i like to get warm ;p

good to see posting ;)

Atinzad said...

Actually i totaly agree with no3ik. Parlement should pass a law, where bellow a certain degree/temp the working hours should decrease just like they do with ramadan or simalir (i.e. reduce the number of hours)

so anyone know a MP to pass this along... ?

Nabeeha A"9al !!

p.s. if anyone knows of a better Nabeeha... pls contribute :)

NoNoWa said...

I am in hibernation as we speak and there is no turning bak!! :)

No3iK said...

lol i know ull want to have a cigi with that too ;p

i totally agree!! but not everything has to turn into politics ;p
sometimes goverments need only to be bit flexible humane and understanding .. dont uthink?

hehehehehe im so happpy for u then :*