Monday, December 17, 2007

To all the Hijajj out there ;)

ppppppppppp3laikum b alf alf alf alf alf 3afyaaaa!! ;)

i was supposed to go to Hajj this year .. but two major things in life stopped me from going .. now im hoping next year inshalllah ..

please please Allah let it be next year :(

i so badly want to go! i long to see Mecca and al Kaaba .. ive never been there before, i never saw them in my life ..

thats why i cant wait to go to Hajj. ive heard alot of others experiances, which only made me more eager to go through with it my self.

i think Hajj is when one reaches the sublime in his life, the peak of having an outer body experiance, being closest to your soul and creator.

sub7an allah :)

anyways so everyone 3edkum embarak .. o ed3oooooli inshalllah next year ill be there wearing all white .. and having the experiance of a life time :)

tc love.

*ps: so long to all the 5urfan (sheep) out there :(


Anonymous said...

I really wana go next year too, inshallah soon!

Very.Q8ya said...

allah yetqabbal menhum inshallah, o yarzigna =o] min kil-galbey, abe aser 7ajiyya =/

Marzouq said...

I'm planning for next year inshalla! I hope you get to go as well! Inshalla!

Anonymous said...

inshallah next year tro7en wtd3en le wyaj wllah ybark fej, w 3saj mn 3wada

MSB said...

Allah Yakteb lech inshAllah.. it's definitely an amazing experience and once u go, u just want to keep going back again and again! lil asaf i havent managed to go back to hajj again yet, but al7mdl'Allah i've gone to 3omra every year since then.

3eedkum embarak.. o Allah Eraje3 7ejajna bil salameh inshAllah.

um-miT3ib said...

i think im going next yr...

i'll be the gurl having a fit coz there are too many ppl ;p

Zabo0o6a said...

3eedej mbarak , o etha elka3ba mlabeetej inshallah tro07en next year :)

Reem said...

waiii nuba! i miss u :**

inshallah ya rb next year ana weyach!!

happy eid sweets!
hehehe yeah i was thinking of sheep the other day too, yksroon el 5a6r :(

love ya :*

Atinzad said...

enway itroo7een o inshalla itroo7een.

To all our 7ojaaj:
7ajjon mabroor wa sa3yon mashkoor.

May Alah bless you with this spritual journy and not come back empty handed

No3iK said...

*fast lane:
inshallah ya rub :) agma3en

ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen! ;)

next year! yallah inshallah both of us next year ya rub :) 3shan t9eer 7ajji maz :p

*pink girl:
hehehe thanks 7bebty .. ad3i lil kil inshalah allah yaktiblina 7ijja next year

yes sure!! i remmeber when u posted about ur experiance i still remember how amazingi t was :)
thanks darling inshalah next year enty b3d.

*um mit3ib:
sh fita???
o wanasa shakilna kilna next year ;)

a7la da3wa :) thanks

sweeety :*** thanks
inshallah agma3eeeeen ya rub

inshallah ameeeen .. thank u man .. uve been missed.

marshmallows said...


inshalla tro7een next year o me 2 b3d bro7 next year =)

No3iK said...

thanks 7bebty allah yism3 minich :)