Monday, March 31, 2008

(bgara) accident

i and hub driving .. we reach a turn and stop .. waiting for the cars to pass by .. and suddenly (DABO0M!)

a car hits us from the back .. i felt the entire crash go straight to my back ..
.. hub goes out ..
i could see the drivers face in the rear mirror (unfortunately a woman) yes i know how predictable .. and she had both hands covering her face! she was sooo afraid and shocked ..
she comes out of her car .. and the minute she does all i could hear was YELLING!

i couldn't believe my eyes! shes the one who hit our car .. and shes the one upset!

the first thing my hub said:
"u just hit my car! and my wife is pregnant inside!!! why didn't u stop??!!"
she replied: "WELL I DIDNT SEE YOU! ITS NOT MY FAULT! and theres nothing wrong with your car .. why are you complaining"
hub: "its not just the car! and yes there is something wrong .. u ruined my rear bumper .. its broken cant u see!" he pointed at the damage ..
she: ... "its minor minor damage!! it wont cost much .. and how do i know this damage wasn't here before i hit u!!!"

OMG! the nerve she had .. calling us liars! :s
i was sooooooooooo pissed! i wanted to drive over her yelling face ..
i knew she was a (bgara!!) type of woman, from the way she was talking .. and i knew she maybe didn't have insurance and thats why she was trying to get out of it by making a scene ..

i called hub .. all i wanted was to go home .. because my back was killing me .. i asked him to please just take me home .. and let the B**** go away .. i couldn't stand her any more ..

*ps: to who ever u are (the woman) i hope u somehow read this .. the pic of the post is dedicated to you.

hope everyone is well ;*


do0da said...

Salamaaat, hope ur feeling better

Marzouq said...

Salamaaat! Mat shoofoon shar! Seriously she is a dumb woman.. it is automatically her fault! I hope you are doing better!

in the past 6 months I have been hit by woman and every time I was just stationary! Its annoying, they don't pay attention to other people on the road!

Organic Kuwait said...

im sorry to hear this disturbing story! almost the same thing happened to us last week! i was going to burst with anger because the women was on her phone and would not focus on the road ! im pregnant and due any minute now plus the children were in their car seats at the back..

Hasan.B said...

Kha6akom il sow. Salamat. How stupid is that women? I wonder what is the result that she would get in an IQ test!

eshda3wa said...

kha6ach el sou

i hope ur back is ok now!

wala u should have called the cops on her el ghabiya!

Ra-1 said...

el7emdella 3assalama :/

Barrak said...


Anonymous said...

Pregnant!!! Hit!!!!


What did the police say when they came? What a total witch, trying to say there was nothing wrong, making no apologies for her carelessness and rudeness. (Is that what "bagara" means?)

Delicately Realistic said...

Kha6ach ilso 7bebti ;* i hope ur ok...plz be careful !!

No3iK said...


alah esalmik al sharmayek,
e walllah maaz these bad women drivers are giving us a bad rep! its a shame wallah .. bs shinsawi b3d ..
thanks for asking im better al7imdellah.

*organic kuwait:
aaawww 7abebty! its ur time now ha? allah e3enich wisahil 3alaich :* im sure ur soo excited .. o salamaaat to u to . al7imdela im ok. and the baby is ok to :)

alah esalmik man mashkor .
and i dont think shes stupid as much as shes plain rude!

alah esalmich! i know 7adddi t7asaft ... at the time makan li 5ilg shay! bs everytime i remember how she was acting .. i regret not letting him cal the police :(

alah esalmich thanks .

alah esalmik mashkor.

ummmmmm ... thats the unfnfortunate part of the story .. i asked my husband to just let her go!
i didnt want to deal with her.
and yes LOL bgara is very close to what u said .. bgara means a cow in arabic .. so when a woman is acting like one .. that sure isnt classy :p

, *dr:
7abeebty 5a6ach alllash ..
mashkora .. and ill do my best inshalah :*