Sunday, September 14, 2008

LOL advice

Almost everyone been calling me or coming over to see how im doing .. ( which is so nice ) but also most of them wanted to give me Great advice! (according to them)
Some advice were ok, and some were heh.. but .. no one could ever top this one:

I got a phone call from a friend on a Saturday,

F: Zanooooooooob .. dear how are u and hows the baby doing???
Z: alhimdellah were doing fine .. making it day by day .. :)
F: so when can we go out??
Z: yeah i really want to go out .. but i think its still too soon to leave 3abood u know .. since im the only one taking care of him and he needs me to feed him every two hours.
F: what about ur Khadama? (maid)
Z: what about her?
F: Let her take care of him for two hours!
Z: Hes just a new born! i cant let some stranger take care of him .. plus im his mother! im here and free why would i do that?
F: YAL MAYNOOOOONA!!! (ur insane!) you must let her hold him, change him, and pump some milk and let her feed him .. let her get used to doing all of these things from now when hes small, so that it will be very easy for her when hes older. Remember even when he cries .. let her walk with him till he stops crying with her .. make sure its with her ..
Z: @@ (no comment!)
F: so that when he he cries .. all you have to do is give him to her, he will stop crying my dear! wa7da b wa7da! ask me ;)
Z: @@ aha ..
F: plus let him sleep with her so that he will get used to her smell from now!
Z:: @@ uhhmmm ..
F: if you do all of this trust me you will be back to ur normal life in no time!! you will go out and everything .. u wont even remember you became a mother .. because you will know he is safe back home .. your life will be normal in no time.
Z: ok dear .. thanks for calling i really have to go now...!

SO BEING A MOTHER IS NOT NORMAL!!! i dont know whether to laugh or cry! this was so strange to me .. i dont know how some people think .. i really didnt care .. i didnt listen to a word she said .. i would have corrected her, but since i know the PERSON she is .. those 100% right all the time people .. i didnt want to waist my time on the phone arguing with her .. what really broke me .. was her (kid) who was a baby 3 years ago, who according to her does not even know the smell of his own mother :`(

This kind of new fashionable mothers is being popular amongst kuwaitis .. i really wish they would know that not being with your baby (newborn!) will kill the bond you will have with your kids .. for ever .. and it is unrepairable. With each child you only get to have one chance.. because they grow up so fast :) so don't miss it.

* Hope everyone is well ..
thanks for all ur prev emails .. im feeling super! drinking lots and lots of water .. down side of all this is that im not fasting this month :( allah e3eni 3l dain :p


pearls said...

congrats on the new addiction and hamdillah 3ala salamtich

Nemo said...

no comment ashwa mo omy

aTooNa said...

What kind of advice is that? Thats just scary :s
ashwa ur not ignorant to fall for it!
el7emdellah 3al salama :)

No3iK said...

best addictoin in the world ;)

LOL ur comment was hilarious!

al7imdellah im applying attachment parenting .. i know whats best for my son.. thank God ;p

Ra-1 said...

Walla zain itsaween I am proud of you :)
ma 3alech menha!
I hate maids taking care of the kids :/

Aurous said...

She's a mother!!!!!
I feel sorry for her and her kid..

w b3deen shno "let him sleep with her"?!!! she actually lets her kid sleep with the maid?!

ManalQ8 said...

what a joke
as you said
This kind of new fashionable mothers is being popular amongst kuwaitis

alah esa3ech o teftkeen men deen el 9eyam ya rab

bs gomy bel salama 7bebty


Salah said...

iF they want to forget that they are mothers, why they became mothers in the first place?

Hathee elkuwait o 9al 3ala annabi!

Spide said...

one small correction
'waste my time' not 'waist my time'
btw great blog! you have made it to

Hasan.B said...

I thought she was joking;s!

Yin said...

so this is new mothering ha?
there is no shame in having help and letting your househelp hold the baby " with you monitoring" when you need to run to the toilet or take a shower ..etc
but the first 6-7 months are the most valuable and essential for bonding with your baby, you create this beautiful relationship that lasts a lifetime.
If going out and having fun all the time is a priority in ones life then they should think again before having kids...
may Allah bless you and your child
Get well soon
and Have lots of fun with your baby they grow up toooo fast :)

eshda3wa said...

moo kaser kha6re ghair hal baby ele allah balah eb chithy om

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised; I've heard many stories of parents leaving everything up to the maids, including their children.

do0da said...

LOLL !! yala sim3ay kalamha :P

Squirreliya said...

LOOL ma haggait ako nass chethy le hal daraja ya3ni ..wallah 7aram, Allah y3eenh 3yalha :/

@@ Allah y3eenich 3ala 9yama again, am here if u want a supporter to y9oom weyach after :p

aaaaaaand keep in touch ya om 3abood la et6awleen el ghaibat ;D

Big Pearls said...

this is getting very common in q8..wallah I feel sorry for the babies.

Ansam said...

ignore her... you are doing the right thing! Aham shay get used to the nanny's smell! WTH!!!

Plus all my friends are being good mothers to their babies... and I am seeing and admiring that in them! Inshalla you continue on your ways

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i cant believe this is actually true!

Anonymous said...

No please dont do that...I hate to see new born kids away from their mother :/

Glitter said...

What a MOMster!

:::ShoSho::: said...

This is very sad walla// I am seen as a crazy person because I don't have a maid but I prefer that my 3 year old goes to the nursary than stay at home with a khadama..

I am thinking of getting khadama now but not for my kids, only for cleaning and ironing and the lot..

Charmbracelet said...

I'm sorry bs ihyaaaaa il maynooonaa!!!!!

Jewaira said...

When a woman becomes pregnant, and has a baby, her life can never go back to what it was like before.

That's why couples should wait a while before having a child to enjoy married life properly and get to know each other well.

A baby is supposed to change your life and being a mother is the most wonderful feeling in the world as you are finding out now.

It will take time to adjust to this new life and sometimes it's frustrating because you're dealing with a baby who will not wait for you to figure things out but is demanding.

Time does pass and these moments and many more inshallah will be cherished by you. It is the best gift you can give your child is to be there for him or her and develop that intimate bond.

Best of luck always

PaLoMiNo said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL zain ma sm3tay kalmha ;p

Swair. said...

There's this maid & driver who I always see at the end of school...
ahwa esed 3ala the teachers' cars, the maid gets out of the car, picks up the student's bag and they walk to the car yetmakh6eroon 3ala ra7at'hum... The student treats the maid like her mom, hugging and joking..

I'm all for being nice with the maid, but not THAT nice...

Enshalla 3abood never never never knows the smell of the maid..

Ya36eech el 3afya, babe :*

Salah said...

تقبل الله أعمالكم

عيدكم مبارك وكل عام وانتم بخير

Sara said...

waaay hathy t5are3 men 9ijhaaaaa !!

benty men nwaldat wehyaa tnaam yamy b3d mo bs 3ala frash'haa ella yamii oo kella m3aay aw omy aw 5alty om zoojy ma5aleeha ma3a el 5adama ela cham dgega wa5ethhaa !!

ana alabes'haa ana '3ayer laha ana asharebha milk .. 7ata her juice ana bedy a39era w9afeeh ma5aly el 5dama tsaweeh !!

sorry bs ur friend hathy mo om wla testahel enha tkoon om !!

narfezatny !!

alla y5leelich 3boody ely akbar men benty b 4 days :>

Sara.Bu50 said...

aham shey get used to her smell !!!! (I cracked at this one)

which smell did she meen exactly???

the Vaseline or the vicks or even the Nivea maybe ???!!!


I just cant believe ako mothers chithee eyfakrooon 9ij

You go girl, I'm so proud of you.. from my past experience with you not being ale to handle any kind/type of children at any age
youve exceeded my expectations
no actually YOU ROCK !!

I think we should start to call you THE ROCK STAR MAMA ..

Shoush said...

Ambai, 9ej no comment. WTH! I cannot believe wat she said. 3ala gotlich, kids mashala grow up so fast and u only have one chance to be there for them and watch them grow. Why let a STRANGER (aka the maid) take that away from u?!

il7imdila wilshokor.. "3ishna oo shifna" as they say.

Allah y5aleelich 3abood inshala. :)

Organic Kuwait said...

walla im so proud of u!