Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Lemoney Baby Girl

hellow .... i would like to shed some sunlight to my blog :)

introducing, Nour the cutest lemon girl on earth :p also ( my niece ) ;)
she was born in April 2005

shes so in love with lemon ... !!!
yes i know. she only has two tiny lower front teeth
but still she manages to squeeze them into the lemon and suck on it, eat it and juice it :p
and no one would even dare touch it ... hehehehe she would kill u if u did .
when shes done u can see some lemon left overs in her cute button nose :****
i love biting her nose .... !

so there you go ... the story of her name :) simply she loves lemon ALOT.

this is only an introduction to a world, her world , im planning to show it inshallah
in little bits, as she grows .

im sure you will enjoy her world :) its a peaceful place. that we all need ...
well i know i do ;)

any ways thanks for your time :)

BTW. her nick name is NaNooooSah :*


il-sooSa said...
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il-sooSa said...

Yallabi , 7adha cuuuuuuuute :)
Are you sure this is LEGAL !!!!
Cause I think she's "High" :P


No3iK said...


shako high !!

hehehehe i know 7adha kalba :p

badly.drawn.woman said...

cuuuuuuuuuute BUTTON NOSE!!!!! BOING BOING BOING!!!

badly.drawn.woman said...


i was browsing through THE SNEEZE and found this HILLARIOUS post!! check it out...

HELP I CANT STOP LAUGHIN!!! check out the ebay link in there too!!

poothy-kat said...

Ishyab il 'satan lemon buddha hand citron' to that adorable kid?

... shows who's high :P (jk)

No3iK said...

looooooooooooooool dalol ..
its hilarious !!!

shway shway 3la ba6nich bs :p
mn wain 6i7tay 3alaih ehehehehhe!!

LadyBug said...

mashalaaah ! aakelha ?

No3iK said...

lady bug :p 7alaaaalich .

Jan6a said...

i used to be like that, still am actually. When i was like 4 or 5 bl 6ayara i would go up and down the isles collecting the lemon of each passenger "yooou waaaant yoourrr lemoonnn orr i can taaake??" (3araftay the lemon slice that they put in the mini salad?) yeaah so i'd collect them and take them back to my seat and eaat them one by one. My mother ya itkoon nayma or g3da mukan thany fa when she comes and checks up on me tisti'7if cuz lemon is really bad for your teeth, it'll cause your to grind them at night. Bs cute niece you got there i especially love her taste buds :>

No3iK said...


thanks jan6a
ur nick is cute but ur story is even cuter :p
hows ur teeth coming up so far ??!

Anonymous said...


ana awal ma shftha ....
qlto bs ba'7thha min omha
2 days bs el7een ba'7thha along time

ana amoot bllymooon

a7la shi 3nde
so so cute

mmkn aslfha >>>>>>>>i say :P?


No3iK said...

eee mumkin alsa3a bdenar :p
lazim ekon ma3ak sa7arat laymon.