Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Legend that Crushed my heart ...

This movie, the legend of 1900 ...

is what they cal A real movie .. Too bad very few have seen it,

almost non of my friends have even heard of it !

its a low budget movie, with a great heart .

touched me immensely, with its beautiful music, its stillness that can sweep u right off your feet!

after watching it i simply burst with EMOTIONS !

i went online as soon as i could just so that i can read about it, find information ! why havent i heard of this movie before .... i was shocked to see that its the same case with almost all of its viewers.

they were just as touched, just as shocked and just as in love :p

that's the exact word. when you watch the movie, u don't just see it, you fall in love with it :) (how cute is that!)

any way, long story short, it was one of those nights, when i couldn't sleep, so i decided to waste my time, by doing something utterly unseful....
so i went and switched on the TV, it was 4:00 am ,, and i had to wake up at 6:00 to go to work,
so i figured if i sleep, i wont wake up, better stay up and just go to work, bl kuwaiti (awa9il)
so that's exactly what i did.

lucky for me, got to channel 2 . There it was...two men competing on a piano, i had no idea what was going on !!! i just immediately felt alert and excited, literally o edge.
i couldn't take the beauty of the music ( too beautiful!) over whelming.

i was struck of how beautiful this movie is,
it tickles ur sensations, feelings and beliefs. it gets u high ( in a good sense ;p) with hope, love. what i liked most was its innocence ...

oh my god ,, the (kiss) scene ... is the most beautiful kiss Ive seen on TV.

any way, i cried like a baby :p then went to work ,
couldnt stop talking about it lol my friends went crazy...
one of my friends hated it immediately lol i dont think shell want to see it after all my (7annah)
the other, was the opposite, fell inlove with it already and cant wait to see it :)

any ways ... the journey had just started ... i needed to do more , so i signed in at
u know the ultimate movies site, i did it just so that i can post a comment bout the movie.. the energy was still stirring inside of me. and thats what i did .. this is my comment :p ..

TEN! thumbs up, 3 April 2006Author: zafarana82 from Kuwait

its very strange , cause such movies are not really my thing!

but i saw the movie while i was surfing through TV channels , it was the scene where the two pianists were competing, from that moment. i got glued to the screen ;)a lovely ,wonderful ,touching story, touches the deepest deepest core of your heart and soul . it does not discriminate between male/female rase/nationality .. etc. but effects one as a human being(individual).
the story of the movie seemed very provocative , yet artistic. it slightly touches the tender area that we humans don't even want to think of. just like 1900 fingers played on that piano in a phenomenal way, his beliefs and ideas have played the same role on our beliefs and ideas. (existence and reason of life). the acting is more than fascinating. i loved every bit of it. actors were well casted, and the directing was perfect, not to mention the music, it was AMAZING.

its a perfect movie.funny that at the end i just lost it!! i couldn't stop crying:''(

its a must see movie :) "

any way , the second step was to find the movie...but it was impossible.
no movie store had it cause its from the year 1998 !!!

so i kept asking people i know about it , no body have even heard of it !!!!
and then one of my great great friends :) (THANK U) told me: "i promise ill get it soon" ..
soon of course was ( two weeks) :p

what matters is that i have it now, this time i saw it from the start, and i only wanted to see it again :)

im so proud and honoured :p i would like to dedicate this moment to everyone who believed that i could do it, that i could find my dream :) those who helped ... those who made it happen .. those who stood by me , those who hated it .... everyone ,,, but most of all my special thanks go to specially saloooohh and his friend who provided the copy :) lol

in the end i can say only one thing,
pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ..... see the movie ...
after u do , post ur comment here :)
and i can tell u form now ,, this movie is like ( u either love or hate it)
so good luck :p

lol sorry 3l garga yagama3a ;)


Poothykat said...

*gasp*.... wain the part mal il hallwasa on the envelope paper? HAHAHAHHA... 7adi was waiting for that part...shai6ana ;)

Yallah!!!... give me the copy I wanna watch it.. la3at chabdi wana an6ir...

No3iK said...


siktay fi`6a7teeeni :p
b3dain egolon she was high for real :p

heheheheh yeah the envelope part is scary :D

by the way tawni astaw3ib almaw`6o3 kila mistakes lol mn al3yila, bs mani m3adlita mali `7lg :p
ill give it to you soon inshalah :p its ur turn to wait now ( ha ha ha ha) evil!

Anonymous said...

"long story short"!?!
with the length of your blog you could have easly put in the script for the movie :P

long story short... the movie was good... made me laugh, made me cry, made me wanna dance like a balarena on a piano while sailing a 1900 year old ship ;P

My wife (I call her jeejee for short) got the movie the other day, i enjoyed it immensly.I liked the part where they compete and espicially the end of that part (which i will not ruin it for you, you gotta watch it).

At the end of the movie, you will see that 1900 (the hero) puts things into prespective. we all live in a ship... all that differs is the size of the ship.

Overall two thumbs up
waytago jeejee

No3iK said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ;)

how cute of you to watch that kind of movie with your wife :p

your A Gem!

allah ehaneeekum inshalah :)
thanks for loving the movie
and thanks for sharing it with me.
very well said .. exactly what i wanted to read ;)
gain thanks .

saloooooh said...

I'm so flattered, i'm speechless and don't know what to say. all i can say is that you deserve the best and thank u so much for your kind words.

No3iK said...

saloh :)
THANK u :) uve really earned every single word.
and also send my thanks to ur unknown friend :) who got me the copy.
still i want u to watch it ok.

No3iK said...
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