Tuesday, April 11, 2006

When You Get Married .... !

hello . hellow ..

now picture this :p

you and your husband ( love of your life)
sitting having a romantic thing going on, TV , food , candles and stuff .
then you simply start talking bout your day, how boring or hectic.
your glad that finally, your having some ( quality) time with him :) ( Awww)

any waysssssssssssssssssssss .... then

he asks you a question .... that goes like this:

if someday, you found out that there's a guy that has a crush on you, hes in love, and wants to marry you.
that guy, "has Brad Pitts face, Val Kilmer's lips, Colonies karizma, Mel Gibson's eyes+butt, and Nicolas Cages body......"
hes intelegent, funny, a gentleman , successful + rich . he already knows everything about you.
hes so interested, he just wants you to give him a chance, with his intentions of marriage.


hehehehehehehe ... its reallly funny, cause i have no idea what to say if it was me ;)

of course, the girls i know said " of course no baby, i love you"

any way what i find interesting bout this topic is:

1- men also have some corny questions and ideas that goes in their heads,just like us girls, but maybe there not ( men enough) to actually say so :p

2- girls also have fantasies bout celebs hotties and hunkies ..just like guys do. but girls are always afraid to admit it. Come on lets face it, even straight men fancy them, its Mel Gibson !! i mean who wouldn't :p

hehehehehe i would love to see that mix!! i cant even imagine how that guy would look like ! human ???!


Gollum said...

gollum is my hottie :)

Zalabya said...

Man! George Clooney is the one and only ;[

No3iK said...


gollum ! i think i see your point :p

zalabya ... ehi yat 3ala goerge :p

Anonymous said...

*frown*... Well I don't have a husband so he can ask me that question.

But it has always been my dream to have a guy that truly loves me, wants me and especially knows everything about me and then asks me to marry him... *melting*

I'd actually be in 7th heaven :P

I'm going to demand that as soon as I set a foot in paradise...(if I ever went there...*giggle*)

No3iK said...

loooooooooool .. ur such a dreamy gal :p

the question should take place while your married !!! thats the point... if u were already married and this guy shows up??

what will u do ?? lol

ofcourse if u werent taken and this guys shows up !!! well all be in 7th heaven :p ( he he he)

Anonymous said...

lol... I get what you're saying.

But you know? I know myself very well, I won't get married unless I'm irresistably passionate about the guy I'm marrying. He has to fulfill everything I want and need despite his faults and shortcomings (no one's perfect), that even if a guy showed up with pitt's face, gibson's ass and coloonie's charisma, he would probably catch my eyes for a minute or two but deep inside I'm pretty much content with my own 'prince charming' and wouldn't trade him for anything else.

But if my husband ASKED me that, I wouldn't say "I wouldn't trade you for the world"... I'll probably say..

"That's a silly question baby... i'll simply dump you and catch him...duhh!" :P 5al yit7arma9 ishwai hehehe

P.s. that probably explains why I'm still unmarried :P

No3iK said...


9ig anich habla :p

allah yastr 3alaich o 3ala ur future ( huzbaaaaaand)
( *winks!)

Anonymous said...

Ameeen yaaaaaaaaaaa rab!!!!

7saweya said...

بما ان هالريال مستحيل اشوفه حتى بالاحلام اقدر اقوله مابيه هذا مو من نوعي ولا ستايلي :p
لول عاد انشالله صج يطلع زوجي بالمستقبل جذي

No3iK said...

lol 7asaweya ..
awal shay ( wini3im feech) ;)

thany shay, 6ala3ty athka wa7da fena :p
o inshalah y6l3 hl rayal 9ig 3ashan e9er em`7ama6 3alaih 3ad :p

7saweya said...

ينعم بحالج او الله ينعم عليج مادري شنو يقولون
اي تبين الصراحه في مواقف اصير فيها ذكيه و في مواقف اصير غبيه غباء لا احسد عليه لول
اشوه اني صرت ذكيه هالمره
عبالج اخليه؟ اشوهه بشوف منو الي تقدر تاخذه بعدين :D

baqsima6ah said...

hmm.. I'd pass on the combo and pick "being single" again (if that's an option). Maybe take 1 of the kids who's in the baby-phase
-am I bad ? ;)
btw, I like ur blog, pretty mild and reader friendly.. nothing like the 'extreme' stuff I get 2 come across most of the times. keep it up

ZuZu said...

Ra7 agoolah hathii mowa9afatek ya 7abeeeebii ;p
kelesh ma3aref achatheb looool