Sunday, January 07, 2007

hi ... more like really HIGH!

first of all sorry 3l previuos depression
like i said, was more of a mistake :p

anyways u will not believe what i will write
or u will not belive what im about to say actually happened in kuwait.

me and my lovely girls decided to go out to choco bar, surprize birthday party to one of my dear friends :*

so all 8 of us, sitting at a huge table most of us on a sofa, cozy fun and all.
then when it was around 7pm a very tall guy in jeans, messy hair, comes in and stands
infront of the table, staring at us....
ok the weird thing about this guy was:
1- his messy look, very messy like a fancy homeless guy.
2- his eyes were going to pop outta his face!!! huge eyes staring in one direction they werent moving.
3- he wasnt blinking at all!! didnt blink not even once.
4- his pupils dilating!!!!

he looked at my friend, the birthday girl and says : "al salam 3alaikum"
so we all say: "wa 3alaikum al salam" thinking hes maybe her brother or a friend who came to say happy birthday!! but we were thinking -what a freak!-

then hes still standing there doing nothing...... suddenly his hand reaches out and he actually grabs my friends hair @@ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she was sitting and he holds her hair playing with it!!! she moves her head away from him,
but he grabs it again, barely standing up straight!!! she then calmly asks him not to touch her!!!
we were soooooooooooo shocked and freaked out but couldnt move!! we were just staring at him!!!
he then gets out a lighter from his pocket, hes very high! he couldnt light it from the first time, then when he did, he reaches out with the lighter again!! wanting to burn my friends hair @@ @@ @@ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!! we start to scream asking him to GO AWAY!!!
then it didnt stop :
he decides to join us, he pushes my friend away and sits down!!!! on the sofa
we all squeezed our selves away from him we coudlnt move!!! he was blocking our exit. he then sits and blabs saying meaningless stuff ... and he smelled like burned things!! like coal his hands were covered with black dust !! and OBVIUOSLY HE WAS STONED!!!!

i wanted to simply run coz he was freaking all of us out! then the waitress came and were like: plzzzzzzz let him leave we dont know this guy!!!
she said:
u want me to bring him a chair? !!!!!!!!!!!!! - the stupid B*&;$$- !!!!!!
NOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOO we dont know him plzzzzzz bring someone! get him out!!!

then he looks at the girl sitting next to him and he grabs her!!!! he touches her arms like amonkey would want to explore or touch things!! amazing how can a human lose his mind and brain
he was acting like a monkey !!! :s ive never seen anything like this before.

so then, the manager comes and half of the staff are standing there trying to convince him to leave!!
he then grabs the cakes from the fondue, hands full! he stares at his hands... then looks around and drop the cakes in one of the hot chocolate mugs and start stiring them !!! INSANE!
he then puts his face there wanting to sip !!!!

the manager very calmly asks him to leave!! but he starts pushing ppl, he didnt want to leave..he was out of control, he thought he came with US!! he was pointing at us, saying he came with us!!!

he had no brains at all!!! he was high, in a very very freaky scary way
and for the fact a high person an adult, who looked respectful wondering around on the streets walking into public places like this just to embaress himself!!! is just SAD!

he than got up coz the manager talked to him like ud talk to a baby, that hed surve him food out side, and on his way out he walks into the wall!! he couldnt stand or walk straight, he coudlnt do anything!
i dont think he even knew his own body parts...!!!!

so .... all i can say.. it was shocking! hell of a day!
they took his lighter away from him ... and then he left ...

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm i was very scared at first, but then all i could think of! why would anyone want to be THIS! u have ur health and ur brain and theyre well, why would u turn ur self into a walking tall monkey.. that ppl fear or make fun of! its a total waste.
he had no friends no family, and then i felt lucky. i knew i had the world.
i just hope hes ok.

and sorry 6awalt 3laikum ... we ofcourse couldnt stop laughing ... and talking about it.
it was just exciting in a stupid way :p

so ppl ... becareful next time when u go to choco bar :p and dont do drugs.


do0da said...


Carlsb3rg said...

i dont want to say it :P

do0da said...

lol i love messing with high people, i do it all the time when im outside of kuwait, i guess i wont have to wait for the next time im in europe to look forward to messing around with them now :P

Carlsb3rg said...

Now that's something i would have liked to see!!

What would I do if i was there? keep watching.. No superman here :P

I mean he could burn me with his lighter loooool.

seiously though.. I think I could have called the police, or go outside and find one of those dishdasha+ghetra security guys :P

Dandoon said...

that would've freaked me out!!

Yazeed said...

....and thats why ladies and gentlemen, u go to choclate bar after you go to dinner not before :P

gaylich la itroo7een
bas il 9ayi3 ma yisma3 il kalam!

DiiGMaa said...

3add I was gonna be there around that time.. I woulda punched his face in for you :P

silly bugger :P

glad you're alright darling and start carrying some pepper spray in your bag :)

Extinct Dodo said...

hmm yes maybe funny at first, but then really just very very sad i dont know what else to say. cant say im shocked, been there done that, but being stoned to the point where someone starts acting like a monkey as you put it, and whats worse, allows themself to be publicly humiliated like that makes me wonder what could have possibly happened, what could've possibly gone wrong for someone to put themselves in such a dangerous situation :/

abadi said...

awal shay
happy birthday and for more info
getting high/smoking weed or hash doesnt do that to u !
hes on hard drugs weed isnt a hard drug..
probably he popped a few pills and had a drink ?
why would anyone do that? fuck health.. get high :)) its ok :)))
everybody get high and nevah come down :)))))

Zalabya said...

gedartay takteben 3an this day!! I COULDNT LOL
i hate today :~ i miss the m7ashish dude

Frankom said...

:: 7amdela 3ala salmtkom awal shay :) happy b-day to madri mino ... it was the firt time ever i read post like this i dont like read posts feha wayed kalam bas i dont know why reading this ... anyway Humm that guy sawa wayed things el mafroth min awal shay t9arkhon or something i mean laish ma7ad tklm ella lama temada wayed !!! shay ghareb from ur side ... ba3dain ashwa ina he was high 3ala ma kan makheth vigara or something wela chan mo9eeba hehehe ;p anyway 7amdela 3ala salmatkom again o next time ma yfeed ella el 9rakh o hathey lekwait 9al 3ala el nebi :)

Judy Abbott said...

you should've gave him food... and leave the table all of you girls..

looool /.. i would pull his hair back

Marzouq said...

Wow! Thats just a shocker! I can't believe nobody called the cops! I would have beat the guy to the ground! He assaulted your friend!

Seriously shocking! I have never seen a high guy just wondering around the streets like that in Kuwait! Really sad, but something should have been done about it other then just him going outside! Really shocking!

Delicately Realistic said...


Your Battlefield said...

and that should be another reason why i prefer staying at home than going out to this see such sad devastating and painful reality...we are no longer safe or etc...anyways, i went too deep into it...

this is just scary and sad.

LaiaLy_q8 said...

damn girl

i would have called 777 seriously

YoupPpi said...

Waaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii :|
ahm shy 7aram ur friend with her hair :S low ana chan gmt 3ala 6oool ..
bs 7aram maybe he's sick or something alah yshfeh o yster 3ala iljmee3 ;/

Tinkerbell said...

i'm sorry u had to go through that baby :(

No3iK said...

PPL PPL !!!!

for those who are blaming us!! lol ok
the shock it self was enough! we were tongue tied.
and we were siting on a big round sofa , that had only one exit, and he was blocking it! and we werent planning on jumping on the table.

the other thing! the men who were there are WUSSES! no body moved no body did anything and we kept telling them PLZZZ GET HIM OUT WE DONT KNOW HIM!!
what else were we supposed to say HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP !!
not! all he had was a lighter.
but even so he was scary i kept thinking maybe he has a knife so we couldnt go near him we tried to stay as still and as calm as possible to prevent any phyical reactions from him.

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what else! we didnt call the cops coz its the resturants duty not ours!!! i wasnt gonna waste two hours or god knows how long answering questions .. to the police and ruin the girls birthday :p

yeeeeh it is sad .. and weird and non of us knew what to do we just waited for something to happen and coudlnt move.

but the manager did fine, althoguht they didnt call the cops.. they just let him go outside to haras someone else.

we laughed it out instead of crying thats what most girls do i guess when theyre in public places..

No3iK said...

im gonna answer all comments when i get back im going out now :)

thanks allllll for ur concern wallah
be safe :*

Marzouq said...

you shouldn't be blamed for anything no matter what.. like some have said this way more then being stoned! This had to be something else! O ishloon reyaayeel didn't do anything, the guy was druged whats their excuse!

yala 7amdilla 3ala salamatkum, o at least you have a story to tell about a wacky birthday then!

Anonymous said...

WaaaaaYyy Yummaaa i5aariiiii3 x( .. omg tadreen lo ana minkom chan shsawait?? chan 5athait everything on the table o kataita 3alaih .. o i WOULD have jumped over the table :P lol ..

but 9ij girl u did great .. the way u handled him was amazing ..

and i think ur frnd wont forget this birthday EVUUR ;p hehehe ..

Anonymous said...

Its your fault girls...u should have called the cops immediately...suppose he had a knife or gun would that be fun??? take care next time!

AmoOora said...

yuummmaa thats scary..
i always hear stories like that from friends but i never saw anything like that..

i wish i would someday madrii laish ;p

bSs be safe mara thanya 0o as for this u did all u could do so well done ;)

0o happy birthday no3iks friend ;)

um-miT3ib said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! tara wanasa 7ayatich feha action ;p abe :P

Spontaneousnessity said...

wayed sebartaw 3alaih! chan ba3ad you waited till he made a move on one of you! if I were there I would have kicked his ass! mo nages ella hal ashkal! la o you wish he was okay?! girl know what you wish for you may just have wasted a good wish opportunity =P

A Daydreamer said...

wow. that is scary! but i wouldve called the cops just so they can figure out where he lives and maybe they can take him home or find someone to come get him... its sooo sad and scary at the same time... allah yester 3alynaaa... bss i wouldve started screaming till everyone came and helped us!

Baskin™ said...

looool :D hatha 7daa fa9l :D yala ma3lee shoofee eljanb elejabe blmw*9ooo3 ena 9art 3ndkm 5osh salfa etsolfoon feeha elel klaaa :P wm3rkm mara7 tnsoonha :P

Dr.Lost said...


r u insane? why the hell didnt u get high with him??? ;ppp

u retartds should have called the cops , and why the f*** didnt any of the guys in choco bar do anything?? chicken shit !!

MiYaFuSHi said...
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MiYaFuSHi said...

OMG!! That is some freaky shit!!

Im so sorry you had to go through that.

MiYaFuSHi said...
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Fedo said...

Oh... My... God...

Chica Bonita Q8 said...

I'm surprised that the guys there hadn't intervened, how can they let a guy insult a bunch of girls like that, have they no class?

Common_Sense said...

kkkk wala ebdaa3 hal maynoon .. bs maskeen shaklaa maynoon .. wentoo 3ady mashyeen m3a bel salfaa lama ge3ad :D .. ahaam shay yamseek the birthday girl .. elmafrooth t9aare'7 oo t9aawet oo tlem el nass ;p

do0da said...

wain ily will answer the comments when shes gets back, its been two days since you went out yala :r o ba3dain tit7al6am itgool too many comments to reply to :P well heres another to add to the list :r

SuperNitfah said...

i am absolutely SPEECHLESS :O This post has cracked me up and freaked me out at the same time... I hope he doesn't make a foul of himself and get stoned again :P

ZiZoTiMe said...

Law ana mokana chan sawait fekom akthar :P

15/09 said...

lol shino hatha?

7asoon said...

lol, i thought high ppl were humorous.. you know.. like in the text messeges

ma tshofeen shar yuba.. for future paranormal situations you might wanna ask for help tara mo 3aib... this guy played with your friends hair, yemkin '3aira would have done something more horrible........ like singing for you guys :P

BLaSha said...

ambeeh! ay shay, mu?

Ghasheema said...

Happy new year (11 days later)

omg thats gotta be scary

low ana chan srakhe taras el restaurent....high ppl really scare me...and there is alot of them here @@

besides the dude...i really hope u guys had fun :)

happy birthday to ur friend

Ali said...

MAn what a crazy story but i am sure you all laughed you A$$es off afterwards ... this is something you won't forget ... happy birthday to your friend

Dr.Lost said...

i dedicate my new post to you, loser.. go read it..

Papillona ® said...

el7amdilla wil shikir
Maku security guards?????

Anonymous said...

sometimes i get shocked of how can a humen lie that good and with that many details well i think u have a PHD in lieing or even a master degree espcially you. with those details and on going action oh my god i couldn't belive how good the lie was convincing to belive any way i wish you keep lieing like all your past posts.

thank you mr.zanib

Anonymous said...

If I were there when that happened I would have burnt him!

No3iK said...

i promise promise!!! i will comment back wallah wallah iwll :***

No3iK said...

lol no plz say it :p

hehehehe ok im sure uve been one of those high ppl ur talking about
and yeh u want that go hang outa chocos :p

i wish u were there!! coz i know ur the ultimate superman man .. ;)
there was no security guys it wasnt in marina ..
there was only valet parking guys like really far away.

it sure did!! freaked us out.

and thats all u care about!!
u dont give a sh*t if we lose our lives or hair !! hehhehehehe
soooooo self centered arent u :p

i wish u were there coz i miss u :*
ok do they sell pepper spray in kuwait?

*ex dodo:
sweety i know its very sad, and yes i know he freaked us out and was scary but imagine this! we still talk aobut him some times ..
its just a mystery why was he there! wheres his family and friends ..
andw what happened to him.
i dont know. i asked and someone told me he coulda been on acid!!
ACID! i never knew such thing existed i mean drug wise. coz they say acid makes u want to touch objects coz u dont notice them anymore something like that. and apparently its really dangerous and strong.

ok lol now thats a different point of u
me getting high would be drinking redbull and eating green olives!! yeeeh baby thats all i need hehehehe .
but thanks for the tip
and plz read my comment to ex dodo conserning what he maybe was on.
and welcome to my blog :)

lol i dont know how i was able to write about it, i mean talking a bout it alone is bit complicated
i started typing and coudnlt stop!!
heheheheh yeeeeh i thkn we all miss him.

alah esalmik man, o i told my freind u say happy bday she says thanks :)
shes not a blogger so u dont know her.
LOL ok thank god that wasnt the case :p
yeh i know everyone keeps telling me we shoulda done many things, but its was the first time and we coudlnt and didnt know what to do .. but now we do :p my dad said: UR NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN! and like everyone else he thinks we were supposed to call the cops!

*judy abott:
lol we he ate with out us offering to give him food ,,,
but i loved it :p lol us pulling his hair woulda been hilariuos.

i know!
the weirdest part is he was walking all by himself in the middle of a very crowded spot!!
public place .. and no one called the police including our selves. i think drugs is a scary word to say and no one wanted to be involved in anything.

*delicately realistic:
LOL typical kuwaity reaction hehehe cute!

la la dont stay home go out its ok!
i dont think this will happen everyday
it i myself dont go out in weekends.
do the same and ull be ok :*

then i wish u were there. :*

9ig anich 6ayba!
ajma3eeeen inshalah :*

yeeeh part of me is sorry part is glad ..
i dont know why. but thanks sweety :*


No3iK said...

- crying - !! i know everyone is blaming us :```( devistating!
but thanks u :)
and the place was crowded wallah and madre shlon no one did anything only after we called the manager and blah.
lol and yeh allah esalmik deffinatly a story to tell and live on for years :p

my friend sure will never forget this day,
but she was more like a hero!
coz shes the one who asked us to syau calm and not move.
coz any sudden movements hell react to them.. so yeh she was smart :*

i know walah kalamik 9a7 :(
inshalah there wont be anext time!
thanks sweety.

7abeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebty thats so sweet of u :**
ur sooo understanding! and dont say that inshalah ull never go through anything similar.
othanks i told her and she says thanks :*

*um mit3ib:
waaain enty om al action 3aad :*
7ayach inshalah when ur back en2action together :*

heheheheheh ok sorry ur nick is very long!!
anyways we waited coz we were told to do so :p
mo kaifna !! and my wish well really i wish him well and i wish hed go off drugs inshalah nothing in life is worth it.

*day dreamer:
lol ok its not so easy to just start screaming in public!! hehehehe
all we could do was stick to eachother as far as possible from him i think it worked just fine this time,
nothing tremendosly bad happened al7mdela :*

aaaawwww how sweet!! and so true :*
thanks wallah ;)

lol yeh 3ad his jeans pockets were like puffed!! loaded heheheheh
i swear ur the worst doctor ever!
and the guys were there im calling them wusses ..

i know! thanks 7bebty :*


No3iK said...

thanks u ;p

*chica bonita:
they have no .... !

looooooool aham shay al flm al ma9ri ili tawik shayfa o lail7een mit2athr :p


u said it!
funny and freaky wallah
:* fahmatny entay

ull never be mukana
u cant even swollow marshmellows :p

hehehe madre :p

alshar mayeeek yooba :p
yeh i know
he could barely speak so no worries no singing ..
bs i know mo 3aib bs at the moment ur just afraid its different.

mo :)
welcome to my blog dear.

late better than never
hhappy new years 7ubi :* thanks.
thanks dear my friend says thanks :*

we sure did and still do !!
and my feriend says thanks :*

i just did,
boring like always.

no dear ma kan fe!! its not marinas choco.

well it could be all one big fat lie.
no one will ever know i guess.
important thing is u read it, coz reading is good for everyones brain.
so thanks :) mr.zinab is spelled: Mr.Zainab.
and thanks again.

YAAAAAAAAAAY mission accomplished! ;)