Monday, January 15, 2007

Who is Dalol ?

*UPDATE: im leaving to bahrain and saudi for the weekend,
will miss u all very much :(
will be back with a new post :* have a nice weekend pepolz.

so your leaving today.
and i wont see you till June!
and there will be no dalol again.
*My miss list:
1- ill miss the way you act most of your stories when u tell them.
2- ill miss discussing all ur intelegant topics and theories.
3- ill miss how feminist you are that even i sometimes get shocked!
4- ill miss u picking me up and dropping me off.
5- ill miss us being in one car taking long rides with out feeling awkward for not saying a word!
6- ill miss the sparkle i see in ur eyes. ur eyes do sparkle mashalah.
7- ill miss your genuine laugh.
8- ill miss how when u get surprised! u look soo cute! which makes it all worth it.
9- ill miss us doing the crazy things we do with the girls, even if we do them again, we all just know it wont be the same with out u.
10- ill miss how i know i always get the truth from u, nothing but honest truth. i can always trust u and ur judgment.
11-ill miss u doning my hair.
12- ill miss hanging out in ur room most of the time, having chai 7aleeb bl za3faran YUM!
13- ill miss dancing in ur room while ur doing ur makeup before we go out.
14- ill miss the mess in your room, the makeup on the bed, the hair straightner and the 24/7 on 3 computers on ur desk!!
15- ill miss tunning to 87.9 fm!! ur the only one who asks me to listen to this channel!! crazy! lol but i love it.
17- ill miss trying on ur clothes :p and allllllll ur flat shoes!
18- ill miss ur i-pod ue very very COMPLICATED ipod.
19- ill miss getting calls from u, and ur image would appear on my screen with two chopsticks sticking outta ur mouth :p!!! i love that pic!
20- ill miss ur sexy nail polish ;)
21- ill miss ur mood swings!! when u suddenly go mean or scary for no reason!
22- ill miss u promising to watch a movie together but never have the time to do so :p "im talking bout children of men"
23- ill miss ur lovely lovely new hair cut!
24- ill miss having red bull together, and ill miss how u get hyper evenbefore drinking it.
26- ill miss how we can talk about everything and anything! and turn it into an interesting topic.
27- ill miss u always reminding me to take my sunglasses, car keys and phone!
28- ill miss ur new mac spray new foundation!! looks gr8 on u.
29- ill miss your insane random smsss .. "asharle bl mandeeeeeeeeel oooooooh gal ana masheeeeeeeeee fostany ko7li 6awel yahooooooooooooo ..." "ya `3azaaaaaal al maha 6obi ta3ali ya `3azal al mahaaaaaaa 6obi ta3ali" hehhehehehe i love those!
25- finally! i will really really miss ur hugs x```( and how u just know exactly what to say and when to say and how to say it! u know how to encourage me! how to tell me when im being a bitch and how to make things easier on me! how caring u are with all of us :*

ur one of a KIND! person, ur an amazing girl. smart funny and just amazing.

i love u sooooooooooooooo much DALOL and u have no idea how much im proud of u, ur persuing ur dream! its thousands of miles away but ur running for it all the way
its gonna be rough long and hard! but ur DALOL.
me zalabya bo6a6a rayom curlz noosh and ur family... i speak for all of us wallah u just make us proud, and we will be waiting for u. :****

inshalah to9leeen bl salama 7bebty take good care a7ibich :*


do0da said...


Zalabya said...

hey :~
zannob i hate u im trying to forget how hard it will be leaving her again.. :(
bas im also proud of u cuz u can express all whats in ur heart freely 7abebty entay :*
about dalol.. i dont know what to say.. what i know is I KNOW she will be missed
luv u all

Dandoon said...

mi7sin, inta ashkara ga3id itghish:p

touching post. allah ikhaleekum 7ag ba3ath inshallah:)

DiiGMaa said...

I'll miss Dalool too..

it's an understatement to say she's simply amazing.. she's way way more than that !!

wish you all the best following your dreams and itrideenlina bilsalama inshalah ;*

(Nooba: I know I'm no Dalol.. but when you miss her lots then I'm always here if you need a hug or anything ;*)

do0da said...


=O me cheat ?! how dare you utter such derogatory comments about poor lil me :P

ana baree2 mali shu'3l


I may not knw her much but me knws ull miss her you and inshala b4 u knw it june will be here and so will she

and how do you expect to get a job if you cant even use and ipod :p

Tooomz said...

Hmm, there is a Dalol that I run across every couple of years or so. She too has sparkling eyes and a great laugh. I wonder how long it will take us to cross each others paths again. Hope wherever she is, she's doing well ;)

Marzouq said...

Itroo7 o terja3 bil salamah!

Its only a little time before its June again!

No3iK said...

just came back from the airpot..
and yes we cried... but not infront of dalol ! ok dalol iF ur reading this, i really doubt ull have the time to do so ,, im sorry but wallah coudlnt help it :(
7bebty inshalah to9len bl salama again. watching u leave was like torture. mukanich SHKUBRAAA!!!! :*


7bebtay entay
how can u forget!! we just cant.
7abeeebty thanks :***
i love u to 3mre.

lol zain tsawen b7ason edddeeeelo ;p
alah esalmich dandon thanks sweety.
same to u and 7ason :)

aaaaaaawwwwwwwwww sweety entay
thank u.
u only met her once!
but yeah add to that the two hours phone call ;p
she is something ..
i love u to 7bebty :****
ill always need ur hugs baby ;)

i will not remind u to do the thing thing u asked me to remind u to do!
so there u go! thats what u get for being a lil ass meany!

thats funny and amazing isnt it!
well keep it this way
im sure it will happen again and again
after all kuwait is tiney ;)
love u girl
oh and welcome to my blog ;)

i know! im being dalo3a
bs we didnt get enough of her
and this keeps getting harder.
i dont know how to put it.
maybe its a thing only girls can understand
but thanks sweety :)

Dr.Lost said...

so when u comin outta the closet babe?

Yazeed said...

:) wow she seems like a good friend

allah y5aleekom 7ag ba3ath inshallah

troo7 oo to9al bil salama inshallah
oo inshallah you see her soon

la itsheeleen ham ya no3ik, we all go through this, its part of life,
fatra oo it3ady inshallah
hang in there!

touching post 9ara7a

(7ady mishtihee chai 7aleeb bil za3faran!)

ZiZoTiMe said...

U're straight right? :P

Anonymous said...

omg sweet liist ;( i dont even kno her bes i liked her min ur list!! inshalla allah ykhaleeha lokom o iwafig'ha ;)

7asoon said...

mood swings.. aka pms

7asoon said...

mood swings.. aka pms

Delicately Realistic said...

Tro7 o trid bil salama dear :*****

Marzouq said...

Yeah with guys no matter how close we are, it doesnt get too mushy! hehehehe! Maybe its our make up or something! hehehe

Anonymous said...

How sweet of you...i really miss my friend in london now...

Common_Sense said...

sorry but I second Zizoo with his statement .. are you ... ?

oo belsalaamaa enshalah ;)

AmoOora said...

aww walla i understand everything you just said !! its hard to say good-bye to friends, esp ones like dalol..
ma3arefha bSs she will be missed, she sounds like a great person mashalla 3laiha..

dont worry inshalla in a blink it will be june again ;*

hang in there 7bebty

Tinks said...

ok 7ady raza but "who is tinks?" :P
alla ekhaleekom 7ag ba3ath inshala :*

Reem said...

hiii sweety!!
that was a very touching post.. ah the gift of a friend is amazing indeed!!
(if this is Dalal that i'm think she is) i pray for her wallah although i didn't know her very well, but everybody speaks highly of her... she deserves the best..
God bless us all..
mwaaah :**

Honey™ said...

you take care dear ,, and have fun :****

..G.. said...

alla 5aleekom 7ag ba3ath doom, you just reminded me of my best friend who just left to the states for her studies, and i miss her like hell, lol i guess I shed a tear or two cos of your post :)

itroo7een witrideen bisalama :D ou 7ayach il ba7rain :D don't hesitate if you need anything, tara i7na ahlich ou 7ayach fee deertich again :*

No3iK said...

only after u do :p

aaawwwww thank u!
man ur soo supposrtive
thanks :) touching comment.

like an arrow.

7ubi entay thanks.
im sure if u met her ull like her even more ;)

3la kilshay u say pms!
i think ur pmsing.

thanks 7bebty alah esalmich :*

yeh i know! to bad u dont know what ur missing.
but i have to add one thing:
dr.lost zizo time and common sense!!
plz plz learn from marzouq how to be gentle and polite beings!! ;p
maz ur d best.

aaawwww im sorry for that
give him/her a call ;)
and thank u :)

alalh esalmik xp

yeh i know u do allah e3enich 7bebty
and thanks :*
she is a great person. and im sure all ur friends back there miss u to sweety :*

tinks is the warmest hug.
lol alah esalmich 7bebty

yes it is the dallal u know.
and im sure ppl will have nothing but good things to say bout her.
thanks 7bebty :*

alah esalmich 3mre thqanks.

u bahrainis are AMAZING!
that is the reason i fell in love with ur country 7bebty
is how kind and big hearted ur ppl are! walah tyaninoon esmila 3laikum :*
and im sure ur firned miss u to, inshalah ull see her soon :*
alah esalmich 3mre matga9reen inshalah next time well meet ;)

..G.. said...

loool i'm blushing :$$

thanks a bunch honey, hathy killa min 6eebich (still blushing)...I hope you enjoyed your stay, and i hope to see you tooooo :D