Wednesday, January 31, 2007

a night at the husaineya ...

*UPDATE 4-2-06*


this is the familys husaineya, so its only women and girls, thats why some tasks are more like great achievments. and im proudl of us all :) u did great girls ;*

*First the ONION:
the Onion is the no.1 wanted thing in every husaineya. cause they use it in everything!!!
we had to cut and peal sacks of onions then cook them!! i dont know if thats considered cooking? but in my terms it is. u have to put it in the "gidir" and cook it untill it turns reddish "caramel color" .. u think thats simple right!! but its not! the great amount of it, makes it very hard to simply stir, turn and move, i developed muscle last night! NOT TO MENTION THE SMELL! hehehehehhe and u have to constantly move it so that onions in the bottom wont burn! -phew- task was done succesfully al7imdellah :)
*SECOND new discoveries:
i learned allllll about spices!!! things i never knew existed... theyre names and smells and theyre importance. like umm!! i forgot its name,,, but its small and green..makes nice smell.
and there was "hail" "mismar" "loomi aswad" "darseen" "9imag" "zafaraan" :S i cant belive i know all of this!
theres also "dihin 3adani" which i loved!! hehehhe but very very fattning.
*Four: puck puck puck ... pucaaaaaack!!!!
the pooor chicken!! i lost count really!! heheheheh i was just looking at them coz to me thats the professional zone .. i just looked few yards away ;p with admiration. and it tasted great!
*Seven the after cooking math:
i skiped five and six which was "rice" and "meat" but it was just like the chicken part
"the professional zone"
so yes this we do AFTER were done ... wash the dishes, most of the times considered the easy task!! not this time! lol coz some of the "dishes" were larger than my self lol
*Eight sprakle:
just be happy and praise ur self. and right on time! btw fairy is the best! ;) it smelled like strawberies :)
*Nine: the LISTS and NAMES:
.. of all the houses and people and families we will send the food to! very very messed up! and hard to organise. next time were going with computers!! postits didnt work well:(

then after everything is done, bair in mind non of us had any sleep! coz through the night ur working then praying then reading some dua'a then chit chatting with the girls :p then working again.
its always great to see the girls.. u know every year we see eachother and its special.
very spiritual time, very different from our everyday life. a time that i just need and miss.
everything must be sent to where it supposed to be before lunch time. so drivers go crazy to.
we go attend the graya it finishes around 11:30 am. the sandness and pain of it grows with time which i think is a miracle!
i then come back home beat! "5yoooooooo6", shower, go to bed! and surrender to sleep.

ابد والله لن ننسا حسينا

*ps: im leaving to dubai for a week, will miss u all. again my great one of a kind assistant dooda will be publishing all ur comments :* and no im not taking jazeera airways this time :(


do0da said...


do0da said...

LOL so boiling water and stirring onions or should i say "unions" is cooking now *sigh* mara7 a3aliq :P

No3iK said...

so u help o b3dain et,thil :p
gilel al 7ayaaaaa
as if u know how to boil onions!
and we didnt boil it , we cooked it!!

do0da said...

the boiling water i was referring to the lemon water thingie u had awal.

Marzouq said...

taqabal alah 6aa3atkum!

o enjoy the trip, it must have been exhausting to say the least!

I know how to cook because I lived out of the country for a while, so these spices are standard! There are even more! hehehe

ZiZoTiMe said...

9airatly fa6ma e7sain?! :P

3ala kethr ma a7ather adweya ma a3aref asawy sala6a... malat!

Yalla etha estanesaw el nas men aklech then emfaker ashaghlech 6abakha 3ala ma etlagen real job.. ha eshgeltay? Tara 40kd mo eshawaya bel sena? :P

No3iK said...

hehehe enzain :p forgiven.

mina o minik dear..
and yes it was exhasting :) but it felt good.
i know what u mean coz there was more spices but i dont know them all! that was my first spice class ..
so inshalah b3dain ull tell me bout the rest :p

LOL u cracked me up when i read bl sina
hehehehehe wallah madre shagolik
bs gilel 7aya ziiiiz
o tqabal allah 6a3tik xp

Yazeed said...

ya36eekom al 3afya
shwagtoony :(

oo troo7een oo triedeen bil salama inshallah
enjoy dubai

um-miT3ib said...

ya sater.. cham diyaya?

outlaw said...

مأجورين انشالله

7asoon said...

small and green? makes good smell?

ana lo menhom 7ata jdoor ma akhaleech t'3asleen... yemkin awagfich bara el 7saineya tnathmeen el moroor wella valet.... aw t9ebeen vimto (not make it, serve it)
ana agool take zizo's up on his offer

majoreen yuba :)

Marzouq said...

Cooking lessons cooking lessons! I dont know why people dont try to learn! even if its pasta or something! You would be surprised how many of my cousins screw up making pasta! ITS PASTA damn it! hehehe

Dr. and Found said...
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Dr. and Found said...
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Dr. and Found said...

that was a fun read, id been reading the lost doctors posts for so long id forgotten what 'interesting' meant! i especially loved the part about you learning all the spices, their names and such and in the next sentence you'd already forgotten the name of a spice!

oh and as far as tv shows on dvd...pirated of course...there's this shop in hawally in rehab/rihab complex called macdvds...and of course they dont have macs there, but anyways, they have a website, go figure, and they do home deliveries too!


Dr. and Found said...
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Fedo said...

I LOVE husaineya food.

Fedo said...

I LOVE husaineya food.

reema :p said...

ohhhhh so that means you're not going to Dubai with me? it's ok I have other plans :P

men '3air shar, have fun 7abibty :*

Reem said...

Allah y36eech el 3afya sweety... o take care and have fun!!
:** mwah mwah

No3iK said...

allah e3afek bro
e al akil kan latheth!!!
o alalh esalmik inshalah thanks.

*um mit3ib:
lol madre bs kanaw WAYID!

thanks ... mina o minik.

mina o minik yuma! :p
gilel al 7aya madre lai meta bitim chithe
alsana3 zaaain :p
3adal ent t3rf shino esma y3ny?

lol pasta ha!ill try that one day.
ive once did noodles!! u know the ones u boil. that was easy! does it count? :D

*dr.and found:
aaaaawwww welcome to my blog! :D
im so happy that ur here walah
anyways thanks i know dr.losts blog is just LAME!
i have no idea why hes our friend :p
and i only forgot one name! so its a good sign. coz i usually forget everything.
heheheeh nice! home delivery how despprate are they :p
thanks for the tip bro.

its just the best :)

eee lat3wren glbi!! ill call ua nd explain :*

alah e3afech 3mre thanks :*
o allah esalmich inshallah ill try

Marzouq said...

if you made the sauce then it did count! if you didnt then anyone can boil water!

phoenix said...

ya36eekom il 3afya oo ta8abal allah 6a3atkom ajma3een.. ma2jooreen inshallah!!
I know the long process and i go through it all day, and even though you get tierd you feel like you achieve something.
well done sweet heart

Ms Loala said...

majoora inshalla, looks delicious ;)

TAT said...

have fun on your trip.
I guess I should at least learn how to cook pasta :P

Anonymous said...

good cook No3ik...:)

Dooda u have many responsibilities during No3ik absence u'd better take care of her blog well!

..G.. said...

Yummmmmyyyy, 3alikom bil 3afyaaa! ou ya36eech il 3afya!!

NuNu™ said...

Ya36eech el 3afia

OpeRon® said...

I am not familiar with the Husaineya, But I think that spice you were talkin about it either Za3tar or 7assa el Ban (Rosemary) , I am not sure

I am a very good cook , cooking makes me forget all ma worries.. aside from being doctor of course.. which is very capable of making me forget my NAME!

Nice blog you have :)

Dr. and Found said...

extremely kind of ppl!

Amz said...

Hello Zuzu, It's been a while huh? I was missing you so I thought I would come here and say that..

Take care,

DiiGMaa said...

THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH DARLING ;***************************


Honey™ said...

good job ;)

and happy birthday DiiGMa ;x

do0da said...

DIIGMAA ! apparently it slipped my mind to come here and leave a bday comment but only cuz i was the one who came in and edited the post fa ma 5i6ar ib bali i sign in and back into my account to post another one :P fa bes since ba3th inas thakirooni gilt il drop by with a belated happy bday wish just to make it official and all =)

Ghasheema said...

I love how ur speaking English and then you slip "gidir" in the middle :D

and maskeena lesh entay tga63een elbosal....and no matter how bad ur cook husinieyah food...sub7anna allah it always turns to be good....

and mashallah all that was at ur house...fi3lan ma2joreen

enjoy ur trip and bring me back something good :P

DiiGMaa said...


Thank you so much Darling ;***
walla soo soooo soooo soooooo sweet o when you gonna start editing for me ?? I've been MIA foe a while.. could be nice to have someone take care of me Blog ;) a7im a7im !

(tara ma an9a7 kilish.. I'm one of those controling bossy perfectionist that would make you call me a *w*itch the first day :P.. kilish mo khoash da3aya 3an nafsy :P but I am a perfectionist :P)


awww shaKLaa wayed Hard work !

G.Q. said...

Allah yarzigni eb 6abakha o rabbat bait mithlich ..ya rab aaameeeeeeeen :P