Saturday, January 20, 2007

I traveled with JAZEERA airways!

ok so let me put it this way:
i had breakfast in alkhobar -Saudi- then lunch in Bahrain then i had desert somewhere in the air i dont know where exactly, then finally dinner in our lovely Kuwait!!

so u tell me how awesome is THAT! hehehe all in one day ;)

my trip was very short but very very eventful i literaly didnt sleep. i was on the road or in the air most of the time, seeing ppl, catching up with family and partying ofcourse. IT WAS GR8.

two days but felt more like a week. many things happened but i wont be able to talk about.
theres one thing i really want to share with u ppl because i love u, its called: JAZEERA AIRWAYS.

*its like a dream come true. let me explain why:
1- u getonline, their site, very very friendly, cool N easy to use, u book tickets and choose ur seats, just like booking tickets for a movie!!! its that easy and simple.
2- if ur khaleeji and ur going to either (bahrain-oman-uae-qatar) u wont even need a passport just ur civil id!! yes i was shocked to, i didnt know that! the only country that requires a passport is saudi obviuosly for security reasons and i dont blame them.
3- the trip from kuwait to bahrain took only 45 mins!!! thats like a ride from alsurra to fahaheel.
4- its an express service and when they say express! they really mean it. there are no late flights or anything theyre always on time! when they say 7:45 they mean 7:45 . no bullshiting.
5- theyre professional and quick their staff is very friendly most are hotties ;)
6- the airplane it self is good. it wasnt cheap or fancy its exactly what u will need a very ok chair to sit on for 45 mins - its comfy-. the inside of the plane small but well organized, long ile in the center three chairs on each side. very simple and right.
7- the passengers most of them were kuwaities, europeans, americans, and some other nationalities. what im saying u find all sorta ppl and it was nice all of us being together met many interesting ppl.
8- oh and must thank the captain for his swift landing!! mashalah mashalah mashalah -knock on wood-
9- what i really love also is before take off they played do3a2 al safar. i just loved that how beautiful and comforting it was. even the two americans infront of me said that its very comforting to simply listen to.
10- u have to buy food if u felt like eating anything! i dont think many like airplane food, but if u got really hungry theres a menu where u can order anything. theyve got muffins sandwiches hot and cold drinks-warning: they didnt have redbull!-. i myself had a muffin on my way back just because i wanted to try it and it was good ;) food prices from 500 fils to 2 kd! lol like cafeteria food.
11- the bathroom, i didnt go there coz i dont on airplanes. but its just 45 mins so u can hold it :p if u cant, just try it one day and tell me how it was :p
12- after landing u go in the airport as soon as ur there u find ur lugagge! i mean theyre that quick!! no wasting time waiting. very very good and fast service.
13- i had to change my return flight, from my morning flight to the night one at 7pm. so i simply called and said i would like to return at 7pm not 8am. they did it over the phone and said all ill need to do was pay a delay 5kd fee. and thats it. i pay at the counter where i hand my lugagge. its that simple!
14- also there are no tickets, u just go in and they check ur name, if its registered there, theyll give u a boarding card with ur seat number.
15- ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL OF THIS! allllllllllllllll of the above. is only for
26 KD!!!
imagine! i just loved it. it makes lots of sense! i didnt feel like i traveled realy. more li ke visited and came back coz all was very simple and easy. 26 kd is like the price of a really nice shoe on sale!! hehehehe yeh wallah its true. so u get to save ticket money and buy more shoes!! YUM YUM!! ;) -jumps-

anyways ppl just wanted to let u in on my new discovery hehehe im sure many of u heard of them like i did, but never thought about trying them myself. for short trips. theyre the way to go. the jazeera aiways ROCK!
i might even consider using them for longer trips. because theyre mashallahl expanding. and now i can see why ;)

o 7imdela 3ala salamty :D
o salamtkum :) have a good day ppl :*



DiiGMaa said...

BoYaKaShaaaaaaaaaaa !!!
(ok me go read your post now :P)

No3iK said...

yh yh yh digmoooooooooo
3ashaw al shotgun
wili kitab al shotgun
wa97aaab al shotgun


Dr.Lost said...

first of all, shakhbari il jazeera airways, taw il nas u know about it..

and what now u wanna make an ad for jazeera? can u say copy cat? ;p

and i soo love the bahraini accent as well.. :) now get lost ;p

DiiGMaa said...

halla halla ;*
7imdilla 3alla salmtich ya 3asool o glad you had a blast..
JA is great o you should be getting free flights for this great feedback and da3aya :P

Love Ba7raini accents.. I'll be sure to bring out my ba7raini side when I'm with you then :P

(and btw.. it takes me half that amount of time to get from sura to f7ai7el :S speedaholic I know !)

welcome back sunshine and next time you go I'm with ya ;*

reema :P said...

7amdelaaaaaaa 3al salama :*** i looooooved # 2, 4, 9, 10!! i didn't know that !! enshala am going to try it first with you :*
my trip was tiring!! I'm really glad you had fun :** doom enshala!

Reem said...

hey girl, welcome back!! el7emdellah 3al salama sweety..
i HATE flying, actually i hav a phobia, so the whole post was like a nighmare to me :(
however, it sounded great, i'm glad u liked it dear..
-hugz- mwah :*

7asoon said...

shal safraat el 3ashwa2iya.. zain tsaween walla... jarbay mara thanya tro7een el yaman t9edeen ba6

7amdilla 3al salama yuba ;P

Yazeed said...

7imdillah 3ala el salama
glad u enjoyed ur trip

AmoOora said...

7emdella 3al salama ya 7ilwah, glad you had fun. nawarat il.kuwait ;*

0o i dont like the ba7raini accent madrii laish a7es.ha 7ail thegeela. amo0ot bil emaraty tho ;)

3ad i read alot of posts saying how bad jazeera airways were '3areeba. it sounds nice on your post..

MSB said...

na3am na3am na3aaaaaaaaaam??? aneh agool laish el bahrain kanat emnawra! now i know why..

bs i can't believe u came all the way here o didn't tell me!! 3aib 3laich!!! ma thayafnach! :(

No3iK said...

u get lose! yl maleeeq xp
yes i can say copy cat .. but ive been doing da3ay for RED BULL since like forever!! hehhehehe this was more of an experiance i had to share.
o bs
ooooooooooooooooooooo so how was the wedding?

eeeeeee 9a7 plz show it some more.
i love it i want to speak it b3d.
i love when they say: t7amilay broo7ich.!!!! omg its sooo sweet!!
:** i love it wallah.
inshalah me u go all other places to ;)

i know! i was so excited when i found out.
just ur id..
7bebty 7imdela 3la salamtich to :*
yalah inshalah with me to dubai ;)

7bebty seriuosly! u never been on a plane???
wela ur just afraid of hights?
anyways 3mre .. sorry i gave u a nightmare :p

LMAO!! awal mara u make me laugh like this.
like wallah `6a7akt 9ig!! shako al ba6 al7eeen shmakil ent?

yeh yeh be more seriuos plz!

b3d 3mre allah esalmich
nawarat bwgoodich ya albi :*
emaraty accent! kinda not ba7raini oh man! madre just love it. wallah love it.
and jazeera i heard bad things bout it before but i think kuwaitis like to rant a lot. it was just fine wallah.

im sorry wallah !!!
7bebty first of all u havent been getting online much!
second i dont have ur phone number xp
third: it was a very short trip.
o b3dain ... emnawra al ba7rain bahalha 7bebty :*** inshalah next time ;)

Yazeed said...

ok let me put it this way:
7ayach allah ib deertich il thanya!
taw ma anwart il khobar
ana galooley inna 9ar shay this weekend ghair 6abee3y in khobar, bas tawny adry its cuz of u!

oo shloon deertich il thaltha :P (kaify) il bahrain?
wain ri7tay wain yaity?

any ways
glad to see u back home
shaklich u enjoyed the trip
doam inshallah


No3iK said...


hehehe i was messing with u !
but thanks
i loved this comment kila mogamalat :p
o kalam 7ilo
but then again ent kalamik dayman 7ilo ;)
allah ehaaaani al M ya rub ;)
tf tf tf tf 3laikum both inshalah mn al 3ain

o al khobar tyanin bahalhaaa o kilshay it does feel like my second home.

thanks man ;)

Yazeed said...

a3jibich ana ;)

ZiZoTiMe said...

alsurra to fahaheel will take me less than 15 mins!!! So i'm faster than ur plane :P

7amdelah 3al salamah o 9ej enech cheaaaaaaaaaaaaap!:P

LiLaCs said...

45 mins?? seriously?? Damn..Flying from ottawa to vancover*express* is 5 hours.. You arab folks sure like em small ;)

Reem said...

hey :)
oh yeah i've been in an airplane before, im not afriad of hights, just planes :>
on the plane i give the surrounding passengers a hell of a nightmare :p msaakeeen, all the screaming and crying.. akhhhh

Fonzy said...

good to see u had a good weekend :) as for what u said bout jazeera, well i used to be a frequent flier with them but stopped cos they were getting too sloppy and recently their prices have gotten ridiculous. I travelled on emirates airlines to dubai for 70KD while on jazeera it as for 100KD. their service sucked more than it was good. all in all, i always check it cos i want to save money and convince myself to handle their incompetitence for the sake of saving but if it were up to me, i would not fly with them. Glad u enjoyed it, but u got lucky :)

No3iK said...

u never fail me ;)

la2anik SUICIDAL!! @@ yl maynon
dont speed!! b3dain ull kill some other ppl misaken!
hehehehehehe cheap cheap! ;) i went shopping.

lmao! what ever that supposed to mean
it cracked me up! yl tibin enty arab to xp

ok then remind me not to fly with u ;p
just kidding.
esmila 3laich u need to do some more flying then inshalah ull get used to it sweety :*

aaawww!! thats too bad!
are u seriuos u make it sound i was talking about someother airways!
i guess i got lucky ill try them again and see how it goes.
but where did u go ?

SuperNitfah said...

yah yah ZiZi ;) barnamaj lol.. and the bahraini accent loves you too ;p xx

No3iK said...

supernitfah heheheeh
i love u to babes :*

..G.. said...

AWWWWWW thats the sweetest thing EVAAA, lool loving our Ba7raini accent, you should hear my grandma!!!

Aya 3alich walla nawaraty il Ba7rain :D even though sam7eena 3al ig9oor our shopping supplies aren't as good as in kuwait but 3ady itmashy il 7aaaaal :D

7imdilla 3ala salamtich and I hope we'll see ya next time you drop for a longer stay.. tara mara thanya baz3aaaaal with MSB xP

and oh al jazeeeera airlines!!! mali 5u9 i'm saving for a shopping spree in kuwait and flying on al jazeera (a)YUMMMMMMMMMMM SHOESSSS couldn't agree even more!!

P.s. Open your own advertisng agency wala tinfi3een :D

um-miT3ib said...

aljazeera ree7at'ha ryoool;p

Anonymous said...

il7imdilla 3alsalama ;p

am gonna try it on 31/1 !! am goin dubaaai ;p i will remember u :P

Nonaw said...


That Was Sweet!!

Perfect Review! 100%!

Hehe =P

Ps: They Had Mountain Dew? =S

Dandoon said...

7imdillah 3al salama:) glad u had fun!
pmsl@ um-mit3ib!

Marzouq said...

7amdilla 3ala salamah! O hello again! I was gone for a bit as well!

7amdilla you had a good flight! In my travel time I was the one piloting the vehicle and you could say it was a blast!

I'm not that found of the Bahrani accent too slow for me! hehehe

Yala inshalla you enjoyed your trip hatha aham shay!

No3iK said...

aayaalsan3a!! walah ankum thahab mashalah
7bebty entaaay magdr 3la za3alich enty o msboo :***
inshalah im sure dropping by more often
well meet ;) love u dear.

LOL kasafaaa laish!!
ryol mara wa7da :p

inshalah u wont regret it ;)
o inshalah to9len bl salama 3mre :*

no :(
im sorry no mountain due!
sneak one in ur bag if u ever decide to fly with them :p

alah esalmich galob
lol umit3ib is so pms.

oooh so not only biker but a pilore to be inshalah :p
hehehehe 7araakaaat ;)
im sure that was fun o 7imdela 3l salama to ..
uve been missed :)

DeemTheWhiteRose said...
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Deem said...

7amdella 3la salaaaaaaaaaamtich,,,
glad u had fun :) bs hathy elly t7achean 3anha chenna mako going 7ag els3odia :$

No3iK said...


allah esalmich sweety

mino hathy ili at7acha 3anha?
lol sorry but i didnt get ur comment.

Common_Sense said...

kkkkk ya7leelech wala chenech awal mara tsaafreen :D its maybe amazing bs for the ones in US or Europe, its natural and as u said the way it should be :)

7emdela 3ala elsalaamaa oo wain el9ooo'3a? ooo kaaaaaaaak 3ala "26 kd is like the price of a really nice shoe on sale!" 9ej girl makooo faydaaa. 26 kd fehooom 5 times 7ajz mal3ab ;p

Common_Sense said...

we9aaal el comment wala la2 ? 7aaaaaaaaaawwwel!

G.Q. said...

3ad I really needed someone to give me an opinion about aljazeera airways ...nobody I know have travelled on it yet. So your post was very helpful and now Im eager to try them out.

El7emdellah 3ala salamtich :)

p.s. elli yesma3 partying yegool discowaat o drinking lel fayer :P

No3iK said...

shino ya7laaalee!! hatha ili 9ig yabi yin6ag xp
bs 9ig !!! mino a7san shoe wela mal3ab!! @@ u do the math! :p
mako 9oo`3a just go sleep a7san.

and yes kaaa al comment w9alt!! 7eta nomty mat,hana feha!

aaawww thats sweet im glad im being helpful now :D
hope u will enjooy them :)
o wainik enta??? laish kila min7ash :p
partying was more like 3rooos :p heheheheh.

DeemTheWhiteRose said...

No3ik laaa t7aseseeni ma3arf at7acha :$

Aqsed hathy el airline ma troo7 to KSA chenna :)

hope u get it now ta3abt wana ashra7 :P

No3iK said...

esmila 3laich
aham shay anich t3abtay!
sweety madre if it does!! bs u can check their site!!

hehehehe :* al 3atab 3l reddy sweety.

Anonymous said...

Hamdella a3l salameh....missed ur postings!

Common_Sense said...

ooooooola 9ej old post, bs 7aadech gaweeeya 3ala hal raaad ..

I will Boycott yooooooou ':(

No3iK said...

aaawwww ... thats sweet of u ,
i miss having u around to :)

u cant :p eheheheheh
coz u know what im saying is true.
if u think about it, with out shoes there would be no football a9lan!!!
see :p

Aurora said...

Il7amdilla 3ala ilsalama...
O thanx 3ala il-useful info...