Monday, February 19, 2007

when does it stop?

the pain of missing,
and not forgetting.
is a sick, silly, stupid joke.

that crushes ur lungs
every night,
every day.
i no longer remember,
how i used to breathe before.

you left, u left...
me hanging.
barely living,
in a souless body

the answer is.


do0da said...


do0da said...

missing someone is pure evil,but its better than forgetting them. Id take the pain if it meant keeping the memory :r

uTMoST said...

it won't !
and ey7er that i was trying really really hard to sleep bs i couldnt cause im missing someone i will never ever see (ela bl akhra enshAllah)
sumtimes u just have to break down u know!
other than that life shouldnt stop cause you lost sumone (or this is how i acha3em my self everyday!)

Allah eysahel 3laich enshallah ;*

LaiaLy_q8 said...

"you left, u left...
me hanging.
barely living,
in a souless body"

Yazeed said...

*hugs zoobzie*
such a nice poem, it shows that its coming from ur heart.
allah y9abrich oo ysahil 3alaich inshallah

zombie-commado said...

ee walla i miss someone too :(

7asoon said...

ello miss.. long time no news?! and now you come up with this? u ok? :)

Missy said...

omg tell me about it.. *hugs*

DiiGMaa said...

you know iny a7ibich wayed Nooba ?

Marzouq said...

Inshalla things will get better what ever the case may be..

I'm completely out of wack because of the medication!!

alah ekoon ib 3oonich inshalla!

AmoOora said...

aa5555 its hard to miss someone, its like a stabbing pain in ur heart but oh well..

i like what do0da said, 'id take the pain if it meant keeping the memory'
but its still hard..

allah yesahel 3laich, we all go through this ;*

Anonymous said...'s life...i know it's hard but u have ur life to live...remember life is short and u should make the best of it!...:*

Reem said...

i hate it.. i hate the pain of missing..
every night i cry, i feel like i want to throw up my heart, i cry, and then i take a very hot shower, i just stand under it, till i feel senseless, yet the pain is still in my heart.. i go to bed feeling numb… I soooo want him back! I miss him sooooo much!! It hurts :( Death is horrible, I wish I could do smth about it… it sucks when sm idiots say: it been more than a month u should feel better.. to them I say: F*** the hell off!! It’s never better, never easier.. “never” is the answer indeed…
:* love you

No3iK said...

nice way of looking at things i must say
im impressed.

utmost .. im so sorry to say this
but we stand exactly on the same spot.
the not knowing part is killing me.
not knowing if ill ever get to see her again or not. kills the life in me.
b3d 3mre mashkora, allah esahil 3l kil ya rub :*

amen 3la shino :p

thanks .. sweety walah .. i need ur prayers 3ad.
and i think it came from my gut not mu heart.
coz the pain didnt go away only after i wrote this piece down was i able to finally sleep.

dont we all :`)

man enta wainik!
but nothing is wrong .. usualy moodies .. and dont tell me im pmsing or ill kill u ,, there more to life than just that :p

- hugs back -
ur comment brought a smile.. that was cute.

welach i know!! ehehehehhe i wanna see u next week 5ala9 mo kaifich a9lan :p

medication @@ afaaaa!
salamat dear 3sa ma shar ill go check ur blog now .. anyways i wish ur better now.

my sweetiya wallah
i like what he said to, its so inlike him to say something wise:p
anyways thanks 7ubi entay :*

easy said, wallah easy said
i know u mean well but somethings in life
are just not that easy. specialy when theyre out of ur control.

reeem , reeem , reeem ...
shasawi fech?
7bebty entay . they f*cking expect u to get over it in a MONTH!!!
are they INSANE! are they even HUMAN!
sorry but that really pissed me off hes not a pet! i didnt get over my cat dying in a month! omg how insensitive.
just dont listen to them and what ever it is ur feeling let it out.
its not good to keep it bottled in kilish mo zain 7bebty..
what can i say or share in this case.
it will come to u and u will realize it very slowly but u will come to an understanding with life someday. the pain will not sstop but it will lessen and u will get used to it.
what u do in theh ot shower, ur trying to hurt ur flesh self ur physical self hoping ur soul, ur spirit will feel less pain. u will end up hurting ur self 7bebty so dont do that.
many ppl lie and pretend but thats human nature i guess.
i love u 7bebty :* my prayers are always with u :*

Reem said...

see, i told u, u r wise...
reading makes me calm, running gets the anger out.. i guess life has more to it... it takes and gives.. i want him to be happy and proud of me, and i'm trying my best wallah to get up, and i will i know i will..

having sweet and sensetive ppl like u is great..
God bless u dear, and thanks a million for ur caring words, i really appreciate it ..
love u :** mwah! *hug*

7asoon said...

"dont tell me im pmsing or ill kill you"

honey, if that's not pmsing i will kill myself.

Ghasheema said...

is it the season to be sad and miss people...I seriously think mo7arram and safar are the worst months ever....I notice that every year....everyone is depressed around that time!!

..G.. said...

wear a smile on your face dear :)

AmoOora said...

you never stop missing someone, you will just learn to get used to it..

Chica Bonita Q8 said...

it stops when you begin to realize that you are so much better than him ..

eshda3wa said...

itll get better
if not better then atleast ull go numb and believe that its better
i hate missing ppl

No3iK said...

sweeety entay ..
ur doing much better than i did.
so this only shows how great u really are mashalah :*
same goes to u :*

waiting for the killing.

u think so! yeah maybe ...
ok then i really cant wait for them to be over ... :(

elmo !! ok deffinately wearing one now :D

exactly! :*

*chica bonita:
i know exactly what ur talking about
but this isnt bout a break up its bout the loss of someone dear.
thanks 7bebty :*

numb is having a souless body.
its the worst feeling.
hope wont stay this way for long :*
thanks dear.

Chica Bonita Q8 said...

i'm sorry for your loss