Sunday, February 25, 2007

the truth

life is dark,
my black nail polish
is dark,
cracked and chipped.

its tough and cold,
u have to crawl and struggle.
things you cant simply burry or fold,
i do nothing, i just shuvle.

hope has died on me.
i still keep holding on to it,
with a light grasp,
a very weak one.
that way i will not get dissapointed,
if it decides to die,

im just a girl.
im not a foolish
i know the truth.

*ps: i know u probably want to kill me by now, but i promise this will be my last depressing post. heehehhe next one will be full of colors :* thanks all.


do0da said...

aaah you beat me to it yes enough with the depressing posts, abi mara a6la3 min ihni smiling :P

oo and SHOWZAN !!!!

outlaw said...

CHEER UP!! today's the national day :P

Anonymous said...

well Dooda said it all No3ik! no comment...:(

jiji said...

why have chiiped and dull lookin nails! go to dashing diva.. nail bar.. n-bar aw ay wa7ed mn the new nail joints.. treat urself.. cuz sij sij sij noone is worth u except u :**

ow bs yallllaaaaaaaaa.. mayser when am back fe elblogworld i cant read ur nice funny maynooneen posts ;p yalaaaaaaaaaaa

ZiZoTiMe said...

For ur depression... I know the right medicine 4 u.. It's called el

ZoooooooLoooooFFFFFTTTTTTT... And i'm not joking this time :P

Zalabya said...

im speechless cuz ur sitting next to me
o 3an el 3ayara mafeech shay g3 tetragge9ain o etne66een !

eshda3wa said...

Nothing is worth it
and i mean NOTHING!!

smile babe!

AmoOora said...

i hope this is the last depressing post cuz i dont like it when ur sad. I want nuba il.farfo0osha ;*

as i said on ur last post, inshalla things will brighten up.
no one is worth it sweetie, just smile and bright up the world ;*

eshda3wa said...

absolutely NOTHING is worth u getting depressed over !

Marzouq said...

I know what you mean to a certain degree and when I reach this point I play some tupac and get on my bike and go for a ride! I would be solitary but my mind is somewhere else! You just work through it, nothing more then that!

jiji said...

-zizo: maaaaannnnnnnnn u have no idea how hard am laughin right now ;p so hard that i dont think any LOL would be enuff to show it ;p

and no3ik babes.. ma3aleech mn zizo! u dont need any med! a3ooth billah! ;p

Amz said...

hey, i miss u zuzu

Dr.Lost said...

if you dont stop with the gay poems i wont read ur blog anymore.. ;p

Ghasheema said...

you are only depressed if u want to be depressed...if u have a problem...start thinking of how to solve it and involve ur friends and family too....but if u sit there and curse ur luck and get ur self upset....well then depression is all u get...sorry i dont wanna sound harsh and heartless....but wallah its true....ur life is in ur fix it or break it :)

and as eshda3wa said...nothin is worth u geting upset about :D

Reem said...

hi sweets :*
the most important thing, and the thing i absolutely love is "i still keep holding on to it" however lightly :) hmmm i love it..

i dont want to kill u, bl 3ax, im so in this mood ;p

i'd love to know "the truth" though..

love ya *hugz* mwah :**

Hitman1 said...

no kidding... wassup with all this depression?

Zalabya said...

i demand a new post
a real "happy thoughts" post :P