Friday, February 16, 2007


Yes! it is my birthday and im 25 !!!
and YES im proudly an OLD blogger! lol i still click on sign me in as an OLD blogger everytime! its not like we have a choice anymore -grins- but i just like clicking it! it represent something I guess. so again back to me birthday...
wow!!! i really cant belive it .. im supposed to be grown up ..
i think so .. thats whats supposed to HAPPEN after each birthday.
im still ok, happy writing and reading...
breathing and going out meeting with ppl and doing things ..
simply living this life .. year after year

is a HUGE achievemnt! trsut me. still being sane i mean ;p

so i dedicate this day of mine to all my READERS -i love u guys- .. to all my friends .. and specialy to one special friend of mine ... DOODA ;)
he is not just just a gr8 guy, hes my assistant, my LOVELY assistant who did and organized the birthday
remember the old list .. so guess what .. were gonna continue with the list! so PLZZZZZZZZ for my birthday spread the word .. we want it to get longer and longer.
to all of u bloggers and non bloggers - readers - and all, share ur birthdays with us let this list grow :)

i wish me a happy birthday and thanks :*********** to everyone ive known so far in my life uve all made a differance some how.
finally, heres the list :* happy birthday to all of u there in it ;)
February and June are the winners of the list, well see if that will change ;)
oh and one last request.. Marzouq im hoping to see a date this time ;p
Princess: 2 Jan, 1986
Baskin: 5 January
Chikapappi: 13 Jan, 1980
Dr.lost: 26 January
Cece desouza: 29 Jan, 1987
Dandoon: 3 Feb, 1985
Digma: 4 Feb, 1980
Transparently: 7 Feb 1981
Battlefield: 8 Feb 1989
Spikey: 11 Feb, 1985
Lialy q8: 14 Feb
Kuwaiti: 14 Feb, 1979
No3ik: 16th Feb, 1982
Maze: 29 Feb, 1976
Lilacs: 3 Mar, 1986
Nunu: 4 March
Reem: 5 Mar, 1985
Snookie: 7 March, 1986
Um mit3ib: 10 March
Common sense: 17 March 1986
Atinzad: 22 March 1981
..G..: 3 Apr 1988
Aurora: 11 Apr, 1988
GQ: 24 April, 1976
Truth Seeker: 2 May, 1981
Musaed: 10 May, 1981
Fedo: 12 May 1985
Uzf: 13 May 1986
Fuchsia spunk: 14 May
Amoora: 14 May, 1989
Zizo: 27 May, 1980
7asoon: 4 June
Msb: 4 June, 1973
Carls: 4 June, 1983
Delicately Realistic: 6 June, 1982
Ex-dodo: 6 June, 198?

Dooda: 16 June, 1986
Zombie Commado: 17 JUNE,1982
Ot: 22 June, 1981
Yazeed: 29 June 1983
Fayoora: 30 June, 1987
Zalabya: 6 July, 1983
Papillona: 15 July
July 26th, 1988
Bo9ali7: 1 Aug, 1983
Fuzzy: 7 Aug, 1971
Will: 9 Aug, 1992
Swair: 12 Aug 1984
I live in q8: 13 Aug, 1977
Bella color: 25 Aug, 1983
Scarlo: 10 Sep, 1986
Hopeless poet: 13 Sep, 1978
Dawn fairy: 22 September
Samboosa: 28 September
Minir: 29 September
il soosa: 7 October
Shakshaka: 7 October
Little astronomor: 12 Oct, 1992
Mulan: 15 Oct, 1985
jiji: 19 Oct, 1983
Si7leya: 22 Oct, 1985
Soud: 27 Oct, 1982
Phoenix: 28 October
d.: 8 Nov 1988
Supernitfah: 9 Nov 1985
Day dreamer: 19 Nov, 1979
Tinkerbell: 20 Nov, 1982
Albandry: 28 November
Jacqui: 4 Dec, 1983
Beetle juice: 5 December
Mishmisha: 11 Dec, 1990
Honey: 28 Dec,1984


do0da said...


do0da said...

Happy Bday :* o yala 3uqbal another 100!

If you ask me bdays are evil =/ they exisit to steal away your youth :r

oo and Viva la resistance!! old bloggers for life :P

No3iK said...

thanks sweeety

no one stole my youth
im so youthful
im the youthfulest 25 ive ever known :p
i LOVVEE birthdays :***

thanks babes

Anonymous said...

haappeee birthdaaaay ;**

wish u all da best and all da happiness in dis woooorld !!

oo yaaaay my name is in dat list x)

Anonymous said...

Happyyyyy Birthdayyyyyy.....

Wish 100 years full of love!!

Who said 25 is old?....It's the spirit sweetie....:)

Yazeed said...

happy bday zooooooobzie
oo ana agool wain me5tafya
(a7awil aragi3lich, bas mo rakba)

hope u have lots of fun
dont stay up long, dont drink (alot that is) dont smoke (unless ur choc bar buddy shows up, he knows what hes doing)
hope u have a wonderful birthday
oo inshallah il 25th will be waih khair 3alaich :P

enjooooy oo have fun

Marzouq said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Hopefully many to come! :)

Sorry I just can't! Its just that I don't really celebrate mine.. it just passes by! hehehe!

I will be riding all morning tomorrow! :) I hope you have a great time with friends and family!

AmoOora said...

HaPpY BiRthDaY !!!! 0o Kel 3am 0o enty b5aiR !!!
usually id say hahaa ur soo old bSs LOL walla i cant belive ur 25, uv got alot of energy mashalla 3laich..

i wish u the FUNNEST birthday ever 0o 3gbal il.1000 inshalla ;)

enjoy ur day sweetie ;*

im already on the list ;)

No3iK said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaay ur name is there indeed :***
thanks sweeety love u.

dont get me wrong i never said 25 is old :p
we dont get old, we just grow and get more experiance .. old and young in my opinion depends on ones personality :p
i love me i love my 25 :))))
and i love having u in it to
ooh and thanks for the lovely post dear :*

maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan kani kani
im chatting with u right now shtabi b3d :p
hehhehehehe thanks sweety means alot to me
and ill have all the fun i can get inshalah dont worry bout the bday girl :p

ur one stubborn guy arent :p
but ill get there someday ;p
anyways sweety thanks alot ..
and ill have fun with my loved ones u have fun wth ur bike! sounds exciting :)

aaawwwww 7bebty!
so u can sense the energy now can u! :p
hehehe mashalah 3laich
sweety mashkora glbi entay ur one special gaal :*
and yes ur on the gr8 list :** thnx dear.

UzF said...

Hi! Good job on that list, it will sure help some of us keep up with cyber friends' birthdays :)

Mine is in 13/5/1986.. anyway hope you have a great one and wishing you a wonderful year ahead :)

Extinct Dodo said...

happy birthday ya 7ilwa

Intlxpatr said...

Happy birthday, sweetie! May your 25th year be rich with blessings and happy surprises.

Your Battlefield said...

you truly love old blogger dont yah ;) i gave him up and switched wordpressor :)

happy belated birthday no3ik.
inshallah many more to come and trust me no matter how old the year and calculation make you be, you will always be a spirited angel at heart. btw 25 is young so girl enjoy this beautiful day :) and remember we love you no matter how old you get ;)

Zalabya said...


my birthday was mentioned fa ana astaqbel el hadaya wel tebareek starting from now ya jema3a :P

Delicately Realistic said...

Happy birthday ya galby :*
Ha nimtay yet? 3alashaaan t6li3een b3dain!!!
And thanx for putting us back in the list :D

zombie-commado said...

weeek weeek weeeeeeeeeeek 9erty 3ayooz..yallah ma3lih 5erha b`3erha

my DOB: 17 JUNE,1982

D. said...

Wow..So you're a quarter of a century old!
Happy 25th birthday :-D
Here's mine: 8 Nov. 1988

Atinzad said...

Happy birthday bashboosha girl

my birthday is on the 22nd of March

i m 1/4 century old too ;)

SuperNitfah said...

Happy Birthday 7abeeebty!! I hope you have a gr8 one ;) My birthday is on November 9th, 1985 :$ xx


HaPpPPPYyy BiiiRtHDaaYYyY SweeeTHeaRt ;** oo iL3oMiir keLa InShaLHHaa :D

Dandoon said...

happy birthday!

Dr. and Found said...

God youre old :) ive given up on birthdays, getting older just means when i do stupid stuff it ends up being less funny and just more, wel...stupid, curse the forward movement of time!

Reem said...

heeey!! oh happy happy birthday sugar :***
u r so wise like a hundred, yet so playful like 9 :D
i wish u the best, u really deserve it sweety!!
enjoy ur bday and have fun!
*hugs* :** mwah mwah!

phoenix said...

How can i forget??
Happpyyyy BIRTHDAY sweety!!!
Inshallah a million years more happiness and joy.. Mwa;*

No3iK said...

welcome to my blog dear
im so happy u like the list ..
welcome to the list ;)
and thank u .

*ex dodo:
happy wth u yl a7la! long time :*

now thats such a nice prayer :*
thank u .

hehehehe gilelat al 7aya ana 3almich bachir :p

*delicately realistic:
la ma nmt ela chm sa3a :p but im on RED BULL so im ok ;p
and forgive me for not being there u and other 4 bloggers were missing but now all is repaired :*

LOL meta `3erha bullah the number keeps growing man and we only get to live once ;p
hehehe weeeek weeeek weeeek
na7no al sabiqon w antom al la7iqoon very soon i see ;p

thanks sweeety :***
welcome to zz list n blog deary.

aaaawwww thaNKS sweeeety, long time no see ...
and i see u know exactly how i feel ..
SEXY! hehehehehe

ur the best girl :*
miss u love u and thank u :*

thanks babes :****
same to u .. but wheres ur bday?

yislamoooooooooooooooo ya albi :*

*dr.and found:
cut the crap .. n spair me ur lectures .. wheres ur bday????

how sweeeet of u 3mre :*
thanks ... means alot to me wallah
and trust me .. ur gona know what i mean in ur next bday since ur life is changing the way it is .. ull find out and figure things out .. every year .. things will get clearer. :* love u

my sweetest baby girl :*
love u and thanks babes :*

BLaSha said...

happy birthday :*

Your Battlefield said...

once again, happy birthday bas eshda3wah theres no reply to me commment...;(

SpiKeY said...

haaapppy birthday gurl :)...

we aint far from each other :)..

hope u enjoyed it :)

LaiaLy_q8 said...

"is a HUGE achievemnt! trsut me. still being sane i mean ;p"


that was funny

happy belated birthday ;)

Missy said...

Happy birthday gurlie..may all ur dreams come true! ;**

My birthday is on July 26th, 1988 :P

Anonymous said...

I'm celebrating on Mar1 this year coz there's no feb29...:)

ZiZoTiMe said...

3u2bal ma etkamleen el Century eb kobra o tmshen 3ala 3a9ayea mun7adebat el '6ahar o etkonen mertadya el e7jab el fa6emy o labsa wezar akhthar 3ala loon bashretech thech el 7aza :P

jiji said...

haaaabby pirrrsdaaay zanoooo!!!! omg im reallllly reallllly missing out on alot of ur new guys.. i dunno why i cant seem to get bacvk to bloggin :p

love ye sweeeetiee.. oww i hopeee u more and moreeeee kher bhalsena elyayaa ya rab ;**

..G.. said...



wish you all the best my dear, and 3qbal il 6453832020292 :P

Youre still young, and making it happen, living real!

Enjoy your day birthday girl, and be the princess that you are.. dal3ay roo7ich 3al 2a5irrrrrrrrrr

hahah wala wanasa i'm on the list!!!


P.s. Love ya wayed ;)

eng.fahad said...

Happy birthday

SpiKeY said...

Hey you are invited to my new BLOGGER PROJECT.. Please visit my blog and check it out...

No3iK said...

thanks dear :*

im so so soooo sorry!
i read ur comment, then i repllied to it on ur blog and i totaly forgot!!
ololol blame the age 7bebty.
im getting old :p
love u and thanks sweety.

no were not;)
and i sure did , thanks .

7beebty thanks :*
3sa dom laughing

thanks 7bebty
same goes to u :*

now how cool is that! ;)

haa haaa very funny :p
specialy coming from the blogs shayib dude ;p

thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks dear
mn zuman 3anich!!
did u like dissapear!
shfeeech mama??
anyways thanks ...
same to u :p

olah olah !!
thats one long number
thanks 7bebty :*
love uuuuu

thanks dear :)

will sure do ..

Dr. and Found said...

if i told you when my birthday was id have to kill you...wait a sec...wrong completion of the sentence, i'll try again, if i told you when my birthday was id have to kill you...there i go more time...if i told you when my brthday was then youd have to buy me the world, im doing you a favor by keeping it secret!

No3iK said...

honestly what r u on right now?

Swair. said...

ADD ME! ADD ME!! ana i was born on the 12th of August 1984!! :p

No3iK said...

its up there :*