Sunday, February 11, 2007


*Update: Happy Birthday Lialyq8 :* 7bebty, and happy Valentines again to everyone :**

not only do u make me smile,
but also giggle ...
our flesh have never met,
but somehow weve touched ...
skin has grown enviuos,
of your words.

*ps: happy Valentines Day all :* love u.


do0da said...


me likey , glad u finally made the necessary corrections but time u put it up :D

7asoon said...

wow... awesome words

welcome baaaack :)

LaiaLy_q8 said...

really nice nunu


Zalabya said...

happy qoronfolat 7ayati

Delicately Realistic said...

Valentine Shmalentine :/

BLaSha said...

Very touching walla :)

Reem said...

heeey sweets!! welcome back Z..
happy V-day to u too..
skin grown envious!! absolutely beautiful :D
:*** mwah mwah!

ZiZoTiMe said...

Shal khoz3obolat!!?!?! Mako shy esma Valentine day!

Kolooo yawmen 3ashooora
o kolo arthen karbalaa :P

Marzouq said...

Welcome Back!!

Valentines Day is good for those who have something to do! Or else its a marketing gimik! hehehe!

Its funny, sometimes you dont need to be close to someone to be all over them! hehehe! Thats life!

yala 7amdilla 3ala salamah!

Dr.Lost said...

for me???????? ;p gaaaaaaaaaay ;pp lol .. oh happy valentize (3ala golat my friend ;pp )

Ghasheema said...

i love valentines day

mostly for all the specials on chocolate, white teddy bears, and ROSES

No3iK said...

eeee and what a time!
yeh i thnk it looks better like this.

thanks bro :)
good to be back.

nunu! lol thats a new name :*
thanks 7ubi.

qoronfolat 7ayatich 3ad!
laish y3ny qoronfol yinba3 b rubi3 dinar allah ehadach!! lol 3l aqal lo goriya m3anha sakka bs shway azgart :p
7ubi al abadi murtii entay.

i see some frownies here :( laish 3ad
sh.sawa maskeeen!! how can anyone not want to celebrate love .. its love ppl!!

thanks 7bebty :*

mwah mwah back to u :*
happy v day to u to 3mre
lots of love :*

shfeeek em`6ayi3 baba hehehehehe
3ad ent ma7ad e7acheek ur ANTI LOVE.

*maaaaaaaaz guy:
thanks :) im glad to be back wallah.
well its not just bout marketing.
i know we get to love those we love everyday! but if u want to give someonething importance u give it a day in the year where the entire world celebrates it. so whats better than love and family do we have ;)
allah esalmik sweety.

ent shino ili 3ndik mo gay!!
and if ur friend says it like that it should be habby not happy :p

yeeeeeeeh thats the spirit! who wouldnt like that :*


Awwww soo SweeeeT, love ur words and Happy Valantine ;**

Dr. and Found said...

that was an emotionally charged read...i can almost feel my heart melt...wait that wa just gas! but it is a nice poem thingy, id say happy v--- day and stuff but i refuse to acknowledge this hallmark fabricated holiday!

Zalabya said...

yal 7obbbb el qoronfolllie

AmoOora said...

welcome baaQ !! missed you ya 7lwah..
about time, i always drop by to see if ya posted anything 0o a5eeran fee shay.. la t'3eebeen chithy mara thanya, mokanich 5aly bil blogworld..

wow amazing words, its such a nice piece..
valentines is nice when u hav someone to celebrate it with..
im hoping to get a present from a secret someone on valentines ;p

Fedo said...

Very "touching."

phoenix said...

Deep..that's what it is..DEEP!!
Bravo 3ala your words!

Aurora said...

Happy Valentines to you too ;*

Mystique said...

Happy V-Day to you..


Anonymous said...

Wish you love sweetie....:*

No3iK said...

thanks sweety happy vday to u to

*dr.and found:
gas makes ur heart melt!!!
man ur something else lol
im glad u like my little poem thingy :p
and happy vday to u to :p

welaaach glbi ma ygdar 3la hichi kalam! bokra lazim ashofich :*

b3d 3mre entay i missed u to :*
yeh i know been away then been extremyl busy with stuff ...
so baby
happy vday im sure u have many ppl i urlife that just adore u :* so thats the most important thing.

got that ;p

glad to have u :*
thanks sweety.

thanks 7bebty :*

thanks sweets same to u :*

aawww same to u :) thnx

7asoon said...

happy b day lialy ;) you're one year older niiice

Carlsb3rg said...


Happy Birthday No3ik :)

No3iK said...

now thats just mean :p

now thats just a day early :p
and i miss u btw ..
thanks sweety :)

Carlsb3rg said...

I know its early.