Wednesday, June 13, 2007

red sand

sprinkled golden stars
beaded on the dark velvet curtains of night.
rays of silk descends as light, of day
gives life to what is already alive.
water and soil, stone and leaf ...
more alive than some people are.
a smile and a blank face,
nothing to hide,
faces are very real,
their eyes are their souls.
you are the heart of this earth.

*to india


do0da said...

shotgun :)

do0da said...

a3eed o akarir ilfa5ar kitbay shay 7ilw chithi 7ag lq8 :P

Ghasheema said...

very thoughtful

mashallah 3alich...

but I dont know why I still sense some sadness or sorrow in ur words :)

phoenix said...

Oh my lord.. that sounds so good! I have been to INDIA and I can't describe it better than this if i try to!

Reem said...

woooow!! mashallah!
the image u r drawing is sooo vivid!!
"their eyes are their souls.
you are the heart of this earth."

u r the heart of this earth :**

Carlsb3rg said...

Darn.. now i'm craving for indian food ;p

Anonymous said...

Amazing :)

No3iK said...

when ill get inspired ill let u know :p

because there is 7bebty ... its only natural to sense many things from that country .. ppl wont understand unless they see it them selves. thanks babes :*

now i want u to try and describe it urself! i bet ull come up with something amazing!

hehhehehehe marra wa7da 3ad ME! the heart of this earth lol thanks thanks bu u made me laugh :p

aaawwww .. go to ashis. :p

thanks amu and welcome to my blog :)

Atinzad said...

yes india is beutiful.

Your poetry is superb wher do you come up with such words.

Good job we missed you.

No3iK said...

wow atinzad! thats very sweet ..
i mean ur opinion means alot to me!

so thanks alot .. and its good to have u back to :)