Sunday, June 17, 2007

a 100 No3iks

*i took this pic in india, so this is an indian redbull :p

1- im very social sometimes i think its a problem how social iam.
2- i have the worst memory on earth.
3- my friends keep giving me or caryying my stuff (keys-walet-glasses-shoppingbags-bag) because i always leave and forget them.
4- im not a food person i dont have a favorite dish.
5- i used to hate jap food, i still do ... maki is different ;)
6- i love eating cereal at anytime of the day.
7- my favorite color is green, and i love green olives :q.
8- i hate sneding smss .. i rather make the call instead.
9- im very honest. when i cant be honest i just shutup.
10- wiritng to me is like breathing. i write even when i know i wont publish i just need to write.

11- im 25 and so happy cant wait to be 26! ;)
12- i quit my job :) only coz i didnt quit on being ambitious
13- i love traveling.
14- i want to learn italian.
15- i want to learn the guitar.
16- i love italain guys.
17- im very slow when i type in arabic.
18- when it comes to love .. i fall and i keep on falling .. to me love shouldnt have a bottom.
19- i dont like kids.
20- i love writing but not so good with reading.

21- i love photography more than reading! i want to become a professional photographer one day.
22- i hate arab advs! theyre very racist and sexist.
23- im a feminist.
24- im petite.
25- when i travel many think im "italain" ;) always makes my day!
26- i want to go to the gym but i always find an excuse not to.
27- i used to want to gain some weight but not anymore.
28- i have a degree in english literature.
29- i want to do my masters in photography. or advs.
30- i want my future son to be just like 7ason bason, doda :)

31- i want my future daughter to be just like me :)
32- i dont know why but i feel sorry for paris hilton!
33- i love LOVE LOVE superman! "mr.roth"
34- i love wirting poetry.
35- india so far is the most alive place i have ever seen.
36- italy is the country i wish i was born in.
37- 300 was the sexiest movie ive ever seen.
38- i have lost my mother when i was 21.
39- im still not over my mom, i dont think ill ever be.
40- my favorite thing to do when travel is take long long random walks.

41- i love shoes. just like most girls do.
42- i think fat ppl should go on a diet.
43- i think smokers should quit.
44- i dont like the fact im writing "i" in each point!
45- i love giving/receving hugs!
46- i love painting too .. i have a general interest in art.
47- my favorite chickflick is "never been kissed"
48- my first chick flick was "untamed heart" cried my eyes out for a week.
49- i love "cold play" and "snow patrol"
50- i watch: sex and the city - greys anatomy - prison break - lost - heroes and jericho - scrubs

51- i cant swim, i saw jaws when i was very young! im still afraid of the water.
52- i used to be disgusted by roaches, not after i have watched "joes apartment" now i just feel sorry for them. theyre just soo ugly!
53- i started blogging out of .. not bordom .. but wanted to piss someone off :p
54- i love nail polish.
55- im 158cm 49kls.
56- i dont find facebook addictive.
57- i have a problem with our traditins, most of them dont make sense at all!! just trying to make life even more harder and miserable for everyone *specialy women.
58- i dont like using capital letters.
59- best time for making calls is when im driving.
60- going to "dans le noir?" was a life changing experiance.

61- meeting up with total strangers and making them friends is a habit of mine.
62- i tend to trust ppl quickly! bad .. very bad.
63- im an aquariuos and i love the number 6.
64- i like to keep my shoes in their boxes. oh and im a size 37 ;p
65- i dont know how to cook! im bad at cooking by nature.
66- i have friends 5 years younger than i and friends 20 years older than i. age to me is just a number. i literaly believe in that.
67- i dont like to rush things.
68- i have a very cold temper, but when im angry .. im scary! i rarely get angry.
69- i used to have a huge crush on eminem, did an entire presentation bout him :p
70- im a huge fan of vampires .. did an entire presentation bout them too! theyre so hot!

71- i dont care if its 2007 or 2700 i dont like gay ppl im not ok with them, its eew!
72- i love it when ppl smile :)
73- when i wakeup in the morning , im usually happy and in a good mood.
74- i love dancing.
75- i dont like "roasting" ppl. its a common thing in kuwait. its not for me. (roasting = `6a`3a6)
76- i dont like it when ppl call other ppl "om flan" or "obo flan"! keep ur first names!
77- i find it very very bad! that some marrried couples dont like holding hands in public! or showing emotions! when ur in love .. ur in love. no place or ppl should matter. as long as ur not taking it too far :p
78- my skin color has been called "caffeoleou" i just love how it sounds ;)
79- my favorite book is million little pieces!
80- im addicted to im in love with the writers sense of humor he CRACKS! me up!

81- im "addicted" to red bull.
82- my worst habbit is biting my lips.
83- im very picky when it comes to food or drinks.
84- i love having my drinks with no ice, if not then crushed ice, and always add mint!
85- i drink a big cup of black tea everyday!
86- that is why i think im anemic.
87- every two weeks i have to catch a cold or get a soar throat. illnes is becoming a life style of mine.
88- im allergic to our weather ( dust - sun - heat - ac ) i have many allergies im familiar with most alergy pills ( fludrex - zyrtec - claritine - sinus ) non of them work by now!
89- my favotire cologne ( unforgivable ) makes my heart melt! *guys go get it! trust me ;)
90- 29th-june-05 was the happiest day of my life :)

*i cant belive i have 10 points left to write! that was fast!*

91- i hate the number (111) or anynumber with too many (1s) i hate it when the time is 11:11. gives me a very bad feeling.
92- its a dream of mine to one day publish a book :)
93- ppl tell me i look like "jennifer love hewitt - amanda peet and eva green".
94- i dont like change.
95- i like pizza.
96- best fa6ayir is fa6ayir al 3ali :p
97- im very bad at teaching! i hate teaching.
98- i like ppl who look at the eyes when u talk.
99- i would never hang up the phone on anyone no matter what!
100- im a huge fan of wa6aneya and blogger :) i hate word press and mtc ;p

*after reading do i need to mention that im also a bad speller ;p

*ps: mi7sino doda!! HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAY :) 16-6-07 maaan just wanna say .. u are really the best ;)


do0da said...


do0da said...

8) LOL sweety ur msg to call ratio is so pro msg its not funny :P

23) sexist :P

30) *hugs*

98) u fidget too much for me too do that :P

Ghasheema said...

I am so sorry about ur mom sweetie...allah yr7amha ow yaghfer laha :)

going on long random walks when traveling is the best thing ever

and girl u should gain some weight...gelna thin is in bas mo chethie 3ad :P

11- im 25 and so happy cant wait to be 26! ;)

wallah zein :D
i am turning 26 in august...END OF Auguest ba3d...and I am panicing already....thats only 4 years away from 30 :/

after 30 is when I want the time to reverse :D

and u need to work being proud of ur "arabness" :P

or 3ayamness if that applies to u lol

No3iK said...
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No3iK said...


im not sexist :p

hehehehehhee well i do fidget dont i! not always though :p

allah esalmich yir7amna agma3en mashkora 7abebty :*

gaining weight before yes .. but now trust me its not bout the "innes" os being thin, it just suites my built and bones u know. :) dont worry im not *doda:

im not sexist :p

hehehehehhee well i do fidget dont i! not always though :p

allah esalmich yir7amna agma3en mashkora 7abebty :*

gaining weight before yes .. but now trust me its not bout the "innes" os being thin, it just suites my built and bones u know. :) dont worry im not anorexic :p

o al3mr kila inshalah :* dont panic wallah each year im just more thankful 30 is graceful! growing up has little to do with agin .. some ppl are said to be ageless its all in the personality ;)

and alf wini3im bl ayaamnesss ;)
when it comes to me im very very proud of my arabness that is why i have researched it! and was SHOCKED that most of our traditions the ones that didnt make sense to me! were all taken from other parts of the world .. have nothing to do with arabness or islamness :p or our prophet (pbuh). he came and changed the minds and also traditions of ppl who lived here .. sadly it all came back!

example: not saying the name of the mother! is so stupid .. in his days .. the greatest men would come to any gathering and when introduced they would say im the son of (his mothers name and fathers name) very proudly. when they die they would write his mothers name also! thats only ONE example of so many! which irritates me alot.

hope u understand what i meant by that :)

thanks love :* :p

Missy-TheOriginal said...

Missy's Mini Version:

1. You're very social and you make people feel like you've known them for years.

2. You get this look in your eyes and a certain expression on your face when people talk about their bad experiences that is just so soothing even without necessarily telling them what to do.

3. You have this 'carefree' aura surrounding you that makes people feel warm.

4. It is always fun to sit in the car with you, drive to no where and go crazy with loud music even when we're in the WORK PLACE PARKING LOT hehe :pPPp

5. You have a passion for life that is beautiful.

6. You are very close to your family and it is touching to see how much you care about them and think & worry for them (Allah i5alilich iyahom ya rab).

7. You are friendly & diplomatic even to those that you dont necessarily like.

8. You can get superficial at time with celebrities & fashion outbursts but your desire to appreciate the finer things in life make it far from being mere superficiality because I know you're not a superficial person.

9. You get so affected by speaking the truth and fixing the world and sometimes you get carried away but it's cute.

10. Sometimes your so down-to-earth attitude is unconvetional but that is just you no3ik an unconventional unique person =)

Anonymous said...

lol thats was a short story about you :)

Missy said...

i cant believe i read all of that haha .. quite interesting! a lil bit freaky we have so much in common! :\ haha

Common_Sense said...

"68- i have a very cold temper, but when im angry .. im scary! i rarely get angry"... nooooooooot

sorry bs soo not true :P~~ everybody. don't believe here!

29th-june-05 was the happiest day of my life.

whyyy?? *legafaa*

93- ppl tell me i look like "jennifer love hewitt

sooo hoooot. way to go girl ;)

Marzouq said...

awalan salamaaaat from this weather that affects you and anything that does make you sick!

alah yer7am walditich

Secondly you forgot to mention that you are genuinly a very nice person! You do bounce all over the place though! hehehe!

Another thing WORDPRESS ROCKS!!!!

U need to gain some weight for the sake of not flying off when the wind blows in Kuwait!!

I'm getting older soon and I don't care!!

U have a lot to cover, walah a lot of cool stuff!

I do look into people's eyes when I talk, I sort of stare them down without knowing!!! hehehe!!

You are to the point when you talk, straight there which is great!

lots of funny great points, and your honesty was fantastic! I can't come up with 100 points, I would come up with 10 and no more!!

Atinzad said...

No3ik your list is amazing.

to be honest i couldnt be able to come up with a list of 100, and if i did i would keep it to myself :S

You have guts for putting the list, but then again there is nothing bad i see in the list ;)

Atinzad said...

One more thing. i luv your way of writting :)

it is very interesting in its simplicity yet depth. The way you write is not for a certain group or type of ppl, but for everyone.

and by the way, your spelling mistakes are adorable ;)

keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

fantastic!! now i know more bout u since we havent talked for a while...:) miss u!

No3iK said...

first of all thanks! im so so soooooooo flattered :* its always great reading and u and talking to u. thats why i miss both u and ur blog :(
i loved the go crazy in the car hehehehe i remember we did it once after work hehehe i miss that!

allah e5aleech for ur family to thanks 7bebty :*

well sometimes im superifcial .. i take a break from being who iam. its like being on a diet but then u decide to have a mac chicken and fries from time to time :p

and me tryingto fix the world and get carried away, its an aquariuis thing i have no control over :D

aaaaaaaaawww 7bebty wallah thanks :*

well it is about me , but im not sure it was short ;p

i cant believe i was able to write it! hehehe see i told u freaky ha!

hehehehhe ur a special case ! u know how to get on my nerves! but trust me in real life, i dont get angry wallah.
the happiest day of my life .. ill tell u when i see u online inshalah :)

allah esalmik man thanks, o yir7amna bra7meta agma3en inshalah.

did i bounce! i was trying to stay put ! im usualy hyper in the mornings hehehehe. ok now im embaressed!

yeah ur a wordpresser, . but ur also my friedn so what to do? .. then again wordpress suites u very well! ;)

dont worry, my shoes wont let me fly no where ;p u reminded me of my uncle he said the exact same thing to me once!

and u getting older! im still not over the fact u didnt tell me whens ur birthhday. so now knowing its soon ive got some hints atleast :p

i tried to be as honest as possible.i decided to write this long long time ago,and i thought the same, that i could only reach to 10 .. i was sure i wouldnt be able to write anything more than 10 points .. DAVE
my fav guy,inspired me. and u should try it, its like looking in the mirror but in text. just give it a try and see what u get .. u will be amazed how u wont be able to stop typing.

thanks .. im flattered and ur opinion matters .. so thanks :)

u always have something different than everyone else to say. .. i have to admit being that honest then puting it out there like this wasnt easy .. when i clicked the publish button, i was bit afraid of be judged or .. u know simply to dissapoint someone. but thats who iam. i also advise u to do it. even if u were gona keep it to ur self.. i think its healthy to see who u are in ur eyes .. on text. check out the link i gave marzouq the dave guy .. i was amazed how honest he was .. and how he simply went into details bout his life.

and bout my spelling being adorable i dont know bout that! but thanks, for making me smile :)

i know!! im so sorry maazooo wallah ive been away and very very very busy with family things .. i hope ur well .. and i would ask u to write alist bout ur self too :)

um-miT3ib said...

speak italian.. be with an italian :P

aaaaaaaakhaiih ;p !

Ni3Na3aH said...

i think vampires are sexy and elegant;P nice to know someone else thinks so too.
and oooh yeah..300 was something! all of the 300.. they were hot!
six pack heaven for sure!!!
+ i totally agree.. some of our traditions are just stupid and dont make any sense!!! restrictions 3al fathy!!! nafs salfat mamsek eed morty we7na ntemasha 3alabona 3aib.. 7achy fathy!
nice post;)

phoenix said...

Phoenix's 1
1) I love visiting ur blog ;)

eshda3wa said...

im obbsessd with italy and italian and anything to do with them

learning italian is number1 on my list :)

Anonymous said...

is tooooooo much

lazim agrahom 3alla duf3aat :p

Fhaid said...

you and i are creepily alike.
love the blog, and the no3iks!

lol i was thinking about copying then pasting the no3iks that reminds me of me... but i'm not gonna cause i'm a bit tired, but someehow managed to read all of the bits!! love it!

Zombie-Commando said...

11- im 25 and so happy cant wait to be 26! ;)
ageeee9 eeeedi!!

21- i love photography more than reading! i want to become a professional photographer one day.

yeah yeah here we go again! what's wrong with you people?

32- i dont know why but i feel sorry for paris hilton!
same here :(

57- i have a problem with our traditins, most of them dont make sense at all!! just trying to make life even more harder and miserable for everyone *specialy women.

traditions suck

70- im a huge fan of vampires .. did an entire presentation bout them too! theyre so hot

zombies are cooler than vampires

79- my favorite book is million little pieces!

james frey is a FRAUD!

90- 29th-june-05 was the happiest day of my life :)
shloon? :p

93- ppl tell me i look like "jennifer love hewitt - amanda peet and eva green".


i'm 25 :( 5la9 aroo7 amot a7san

ScarlO said...

im horrible with eye contact and i hate everything over-baked, over-cooked, over-used, over-loved, over-spat-on and over-hot-like-a-fricking-oven

Reem said...

heeeeeey :** boosa awl shay!

4- la la lesh? ;p ana i pig out wayd!
5- ee 3bali ;p
16- me too!
19- e7m e7m same here ;p
28- AYWAAA!!! :D
38- hug! 7bebty :**
39- 7yati :( i know..
57- i kick tradition's ass all the time! :D
87- me too!
93- jennifer love hewitt!! 9a7!! bs u a7la ;)
97- I LOVVVVE teaching!!
100- now i'm very pissed at wataniya!!! waaaa!!

loved it loved it loved it!!
mwaaaaaaah :**

No3iK said...

*um mit3ib:
7adich weyay 3l 5aaa6 :*

ya 7ilwech tbardeeen al chabd!
agree with all what u said specialy the six pack heaven ;)

visiting .. so u didnt really read this time did u :p hehehehe

hehehehe u i and umit3ib .. we should start a group!

LOL enty om al super short posts 3ad malomich ;p

wow really! thats nice isnt it .. to know ppl out there are just as weird as u are :p 7ayak to the blag glad u liked it.

well then gi9 eedik :p coz its so true!

and zombies smell ;p vampires are hot

and whats with u a photography!! u hate it?

million little pieces .. added afew extra spices to the story! either ways its an amazing book ..

29th is just happy :) lets keep it to that ;p

u shouldve commented as anonymous.

7abeeeeeeeeeeeebty wallah
hehehehe tshawgeeen wallah
u comment is soo hyper and boosting with energy like ur on redbull! arent u hehehehe
LOVE u more :****

Anonymous said...

Reading this.. 5 years Later.. It just shows me you were always an amazig person.. And you only changed where you needed to.. Mostly anyway