Friday, June 08, 2007

im back

i know i said a week .. and its been a month!
my trip to India was a life changing experience.
but things have happened .. many things .. life is just testing me i guess.
testing how much i can take and how much i can carry.
and in return im testing it as well .. testing how much further it can go.
i have missed blogging i have missed you .. i miss writing.
i think im back .. i wish to be back. hoping everyone is well i know now is finals times.
so good luck with that .. and congrats to those who are done with exams. congrats to those who graduated ;)

love u :*


do0da said...


do0da said...

shofay if life is testing u then just be thankful u have friends to cheat off :P

Marzouq said...

7amdilla 3ala salamah! Yala inshalla you enjoy it!! It must have been one hell of trip to be gone for one month!

Ghasheema said...

welcome back :)

Reem said...

u were missed 7bebty :**

eeeh nuba.. life is an ongoing test.. little things tell us that we've passed one part and there's more n more to come...

hope u pass all parts!
love u :** (huuuuuuuuuugs!!!)

Anonymous said...

wb :)

Carlsb3rg said...

welcome back :)

No3iK said...

wouldnt be a come back if u didnt gun! :p why would i cheat off anyone!

what a surprise? how are u man?
allaaaah esalmik .. the trip was amazing .. nothing like it! nothing on earth like it.

7abeebty wallah thanks .. and thanks alot for asking :*

hehehehehehe i cant belive im back either i missed this place alot and i missed u to even more :*
thanks babes .. cant wait to check everyones blogs.

thanks man .. :)

i miss u to :)

Tito said...

Welcome back

Swair. said...

el7amdilla 3ala el salama ya 7elo :*

No3iK said...

thanks alot :)

hehehe b3d 3mre walllah
allh esalmich ya gamel ;)

Zalabya said...

Wb :*

adaydreamer said...

7emdalla 3alsalaamaaaa :)... ive been checking your webbie for a while now and was waiting for something new from you :)

(wa allah yebarik feech... i graduated hehe :)

phoenix said...

ya hala ib No3ik! Welcome back honey.. It has been a long time, so dont do it again!
I'm really glad you're back

Common_Sense said...

welcome baaack u oo 7mdela 3al slamaa

No3iK said...

u girls are the best!! :*

thanks al7ub :*

what can i say! im more than just happy ur comment put up a huge smile on my face :* alf mabrok 7bebty.

omg! its like i can feel u grew up!
im glad ur atleast still blogging.. i left for a long break and came back with many bloggers quit for good! thats sad. thanks 7abebty i missed u too :*

DiiGMaa said...

I miss you !

No3iK said...

aaawww thanks man! its been ages!

i miss u toooo :`( so not fair!

Anonymous said...

WB missss yaaaa!

No3iK said...

maze thaaaaaaaaanks :) same here.