Monday, March 24, 2008

just another day

im at work and im so depressed,
you sometimes wakeup knowing that this is going to be a bad day.
there are no signs for bad days .. you can never see them coming.

i have lost my phones charger, my phone has been switched off for two days now. funny part is, if i want to get a charger now I will have to buy the same phone again just to get the charger from the box! since my very smart phones company decided not to sell chargers. But I have to say living with out a mobile for the past two days, have been a bliss, reminded me of how we used to live before ...the good old days. No attachments just you out there doing what ever u are doing no distraction or interruptions. it was sweet :)

so back to now, im so hungry i did not eat a thing yet I don't think I will until lunch time.

I want to see my friends .. more specifically (dalol) since she's back in Kuwait for Easter .. but i cant! and I really don't know why?? lol 7adna day5en!

last but not least i would like to thank all the ppl who smoke indoors with no respect or what so ever for the other clean lungs breathing around them! thank you for suffocating us, thank you for ruining my makeup (since im allergic and get teary eyes when exposed to smoke), oh and thank you for making me smell like a chimney.

obviously my day is still not getting any better neither is my mood.

thats why i had that (top) pic .. hoping for good luck to come and save the day :) what can i say im a hopeful person.

hope all is well :*


Big Pearls said...

I love ladybirds..min ziman mo shayfa wa7da in real..and about smokers tell them off..don't allow them to harm your health.

Zabo0o6a said...

I can imagine what you're sayin' about life without a moblie i managed to live without it for 3 dayz ..

eshda3wa said...

allah om e3laiwi!

hope the rest of ur day went better

BloBoz said...

By the time you wrote this post you could have fixed yourself some Corn flex with banana and honey!

No3iK said...

*big pearls:
eee i love them too!
i dont know when is their season here?
and the smokers .. i try my best wallah but they are so rude some times.

wow wanasa 3 days ;) its great wallah.

it went more than well i went shopping :p

hehehe so true but im at work .. these things unfortunately are not available :(

Intlxpatr said...

I had one of those depressed mornings on Sunday (maybe atmospheric pressure?) but I put on The Messiah and by the end, I felt totally different. Do you have some music you love? Try some music therapy.

Marzouq said...

If you have a smartphone you can get the USB charger from anywhere, not necessarily that company.. or just get a Sony Ericsson which is an improvement on most phones! :)

Marzouq said...

Sidenote, my company has a no smoking policy so that is a good thing..

everyone has their bad days, but you just have to move on! :) Inshalla things will get better!

Kaos said...

We get these bad days, sometimes we think the day will be bad and then it turns out its just another boring day, not necessarily bad.
So No3ik and No3ich, am sure there was a discussion on it b4, but care to enlighten me :)?

Zainoba said...

Hope your day went on well later!

No3iK said...

wow thats great! i dont have any fav music :( do u have any suggestions?

well i was planning to get me a sonyericsson phone anyways .. for now im using one of the old nokia ones i have .. thanks for the adv man ..
and also thank u for making it a no smiking policy, walllah everyone should do that, it is more professional.

i totaly agree .. and sometimes its not the day .. its ur mood and ur raging hormones that get in the way :p and make it look like something else .. but
ill survive!
and strangely enough, there was never a discussion over no3ik or no3ich! lol its either that ppl are so accepting .. or they simply dont give a ..... :p
the story behind the name was .. i wanted to tease someone i knew .. since he hated both phrases .. simple as that ;) i can imagine how dissapointing that is!

it did al7imdelah thanks :)