Sunday, June 08, 2008

back to work!

so im at work right now ..
many things happened that i didnt see coming .
im not so thrilled or happy about them ..
i still need to make alot of important decissions ..
but i wont rush into things.

anyways, after bed rest .. i really just miss the sigh of the sky, fresh air and people! lol but what i keep forgetting is that im in kuwait .. so i shouldnt miss these things, when all you get is dust in the air, gloomy sad pale skys, and frowny angry faces in the morning! .. not a good sight at all. i was thinking i might need to get away have some quality time with hub, weekend+resort .. do some pampering before the baby arrives ..

but with this weather! where would u go? it would be meaningless if not stupid. the only destination people should be taking right now is the airports .. and unfortunately that is not an option anymore ..

anyways .. i better get back to work!
hope all is well :)


Atinzad said...

You have so eloquently put the feeling of every person living in Kuwait. Of course everyone can someway or another escape except you :( and from the way you expressed it I can almost feel the prison that you are in.

Allah yefarjha 3alaach inshalla and all will be well. I suggest you go out to a restaurant or maybe (somehow) find a park and take a walk (some "yellow" greenery is better than no greenery), make sure to take the walk at night when the weather is better (hoping):( .

Thanks for the post, and as always, your writings are on the spot.

Take care dear.

No3iK said...

well starting from month 9
they say its good to walk barefoot on beach..
so iguess thats where ill be heading ..
maybe at around 8-ish
i think the weather will be better by then.

thanks man :)

:::ShoSho::: said...

Do whatever you want to do quickly before the baby comes because they always arrive when you least expect it lol.. I went to check and told I was in labour looool Man I didn't even have a BAG ready!

Anonymous said...

the pic is hillareous :D and the weather is the worse in 18 years...i read in the newspapers today that back in 90's the beather used to be like this!!

Anonymous said...

Ya nas, 7imdo rabkum 3al si7a wel 3afia..w allah ikhaleelna deratna ib 7arha weghbarha! Walla 7aram inta7al6am, fe nas tyeehum a3a9eer w balawi..we7na 3ala ay shay inta7al6am..allah ma yir'6a chethe. Ma agool ini ma ati2afaf, bas lama athker a7mid rabi..

NoNoWa said...

I know some spas here have prenatal massages and stuff and that might be nice for u.

And yes walk, walk, walk! But dont tire yourself dear :)

No3iK said...

LOL u didnt know uw ere in labor!
mashallah .. thats what every mom to be wishes for :p

hehehehe inshallah a9er mithlich ;)

lol when u say the 90s u made it sound like a 100 years a go!!
and man did i feel old ;p
well i do remmeber the 90s and i dont recall having sand storms .. almost all the time.

i totally agree .. and thanks for the rmeinder .. not that i needed to be reminded to thank Allah .. al7imdellah wl shikir 3la kil 7aal o e7na bni3ma .. al7imdellah ..
but u have no idea what i (personally) have been through .. i just need a break .. and the weather is not gving me it! at all .. i just needed to vent :) it happens.

omg! i did that i was walking yesterday .. like almost 10-15 mins after that my stomach turned into STEEL!! i couldnt walk any more it hurt so much! i dont know why did it get so hard .. :S

Bebe & Noonie said...

wanaasa ! ur gna have a baby that is soo exciting i bet !!!! bilsalama inshaala ;)

Zabo0o6a said...

shino hatha back to work already ! :/
One day you were preparing ur bag the next day back to work ! Omg
take it easy Hun. :**

Ansam said...

at work? not on bed rest anymore? WOOHOOO! hehehehe I am glad you are out of bed now and going back to normal! The weather SUCKS BIG TIME! I read in alwatan herald tribune that the dust will last for good ten days LOL (since June 8th, so we have 8 more days to go now :-P)

~ Dreamzy ~ said...

:) I LOVE the picture u posted might save it for later use heheh!! :)

Take good care of yourself :)

Balqees said...

oh god u think the wether there sucks, t3ali hena alriydah believe me btmooten mn al7ar, btnshwen mnh , momkin ttsalgeen mnh kman (tell my u got my point)
anyhoo u should totally pamper urself now b4 the baby comes
have fun and t.c =)

NoNoWa said...

It got hard cuz ur having Braxton-Hicks contractions my dear!! OOOHHH...he will be here soon!! YAY!!! Actually your body is preparing for labor right now and u will constantly feel ur stomach contract (harden) and it can be affected by movement or the position of the baby..and lots of other stuff- read about it on babycenter if u want. But it for sure means that soon my dear...very soon u will be holding ur lil one in your arms!! Enshallah!


~ Dreamzy ~ said...

How have you beeeeen ?! :)

went to mama's and papa's and remembered ur previouss post !

How are you feeling now?

LiLaCs said... have been up too lots of stuff..I need to catch up on the reading and I will comment more in a bit.

Ms. D said...

akheeh 3lech! shem6al3ich ib hal jaw!!

redy betkom yumma!!

Dr.paula said...

i hate this weather:(

Anonymous said...

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