Sunday, June 01, 2008

cutest gift!

this is literally the cutest moses basket i have ever seen :)
Thanks to my lovely sister :*

its funny now .. after i got this .. the baby seems more real to me!
and im really yearning to just tuck him in!!

- sigh -

anyways .. my bed rest is still on .. turns out im a lazy lazy person (couch potato)
i bothered to write a long to do list .. when most of what i did was just watch tv and get online :(
the rest of the time ill be just trying to sleep .. on the phone or have friends come over ..
but alhimdellah i managed to do Quraan reading, which we both needed.

i also have been listening to this clip everyday:

"Asmma Allah - Sami Yusuf"
inshalah it will be like his lullaby when hes out ..

the first time i saw this .. i burst into tears .. it touched me so deeply ..
i kept thinking .. THIS IS .. the real image of Islam ..
this is how people should feel about Islam. a peaceful .. gentle .. beautiful and pure religion.

it is so sad how things are turning out for us.

anyways .. hope all is well ;)


Dana said...

Mashallah tabarak Ara7man iyanin!
China malot the country side hehe, a7la shai the tiny bear ehehe. Allah yhaneech wisahil 3alaich :) :**

No3iK said...


LOL i loved the tiny bear!

hehehe mashkora 7abebty o ameeen :*

Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything, motherhood is the greatest gift!

You should check out an online store based in kuwait for baby and maternity, they have the cutest things

Wish you all the best! :)

Big Pearls said...

very nice..allah yegawmech bil salama:)

Sara said...

I have naaaaaaaaaaaaafs el basket :> 7adhaa tshaweg awal ma shafhaa my hubby galy hathy 7agy abby anaaam feeha o tsheloony lool ;p

3aleech bl 3afyaa enshalaaaa alla ybal'3ech fe shofat ur baby feeha :>

No3iK said...


thanks .. and i loved ur site!
would be nice if u had baby books .. as gift sets :)

*big pearls:

mashkora girl :*


aaaawww how cute!
eee 9ig ana a9lan store mamas and papas .. 9ayra edmaaan 3laih!

7adhum 3ageben ;)
yallah 3laich bl 3afya
o LOL 3la ur hub ;p

Atinzad said...

Inshalla soon you will tuck in your little angel.

PaLoMiNo said...

allaaaaaaaaah very nice:)
alla eyhneech ya raby oo yetrba il baby eb 3zkom ;* alla eysahel 3alych il weladaa, enshala u feel no pain o alla eybl'3kom eb shofat ur baby.. :)

Zabo0o6a said...

allah yhawen 3alaij inshallah :)

FourMe said...

Alha yhawin 3alaich hal cham esbo3 o inshala etgomeen bil salama you and the little one..

and its adorable so cute.. nice choice.

Ansam said...

I am glad that you are handling the bed rest and things alongside fairly well... good for you

alla yesahil 3alaich

Bal8ees said...

OMG its so cute ur having a baby inshallah twldeen blsalamh :D

the song is so beautiful, i love sami yousuf :)

NoNoWa said...

Hiiii No3ik!!! Its been a while i know, but as u can imagine I have been busy!!

I am sooo happy and excited for u and I can hardly wait for u to be a mommy! Its so wonderful and soon u wil be tucking him in and singing ur own lil lullabies to him...and believ me evn though u will be tired- u will enjoy every minute of it. Its just such an amazing journey!!

Just keep being lazy- that was the best part about the end of the pregnancy..I had an exscuse all the time :P LOOL Keep ur feet up, practice ur breathing- believe me it helps...especially if ur not having an epidural.

Take it easy- u dont have much farther to go. And may I recommend Royale Hyatte Hospital- it was the best labour and delivery I have had...better than Mowasat!

Good Luck sweetie!!!!

:::ShoSho::: said...

Awww cute!

pearls said...

it's really cute. mom bought this same basket for me on my first baby, I believe from mothercare

No3iK said...

inshallah, thanks u :)

3l do3aaa2 al 7ilo :*
i really need it!

ameeen :) thanks

eee thanks babes ;*
ameeen ya rub.

ee its almost over mashallah ..
al7imdellah :) and thanks.

LONG TIME! ee shfty shlon many things are happening..
thanks dear :)
and i (heart) sami!

LOL welcome back hot mama!
wallah i missed u ..
i think u can imagine how excited/terrified im at this point .. only weeks apart from my life being changed for ever!
its really amazing .. i have no doubt in that ..
thanks for ur support love!
and being lazy is like part of being pregnant! heheheh which is fun.

hehehehee ;*

cute! omich thoqha 7ilo ..
but we got it from mamas & papas
they are in the Avenues ..
u can check their stuff online also! theyre GREAT!

Anonymous said...

goood luck...allah yegawmech bil salama:)

No3iK said...

amu thanks

allah esalmik :)

Nour AL-Baqsami said...

I love it !! it sounds really beautiful and peaceful =)))

No3iK said...

nour .. i totally agree :)