Thursday, June 19, 2008

still here

going back to work .. is harder than i thought..
al7imdellah i made it past week 36 .. about to enter 37 now ..
and im wondering!! hmmmm .. i said "reach" 36 why is the baby still in there ?? that was not the deal! :p

i wish we can choose when to deliver .. like pressing a button and all will be over :( the constant waiting and anticipating is just too much .. im getting weak and impatient.

i now feel like the baby is punishing for not letting him out when he wanted out! heheheheh yeah that would be weird if babies thought this way ;p

the irony is .. my doctor who got me on bed rest so that i wont deliver .. is now asking me to go take long long walks .. and dance! hhehehehe so that id deliver!!

its not easy to do these things when ur carrying i dont know how many kilos in ur belly ..
the thing i miss the most bout my old life is being able to sleep on my belly .. my tum tum .. -sigh-

anyways .. this is a typical vent guys nothing special .. but i must say that im glad the weather is getting better .. i kind of missed our sun.

have a nice weekend all and please keep us both in ur prayers .. Allah knows i need them.


Anonymous said...

allah e3eenich dear :)
it will all be over soon

Salah said...

بالسلامة إن شاء الله

:::ShoSho::: said...

I WAS wondering a few days back what happened to you.. if you had the baby or not lol.. how would we know? Take your laptop to the delivery room :P!

Bilsalama inshallah

No3iK said...

allah yisma3 minich .. and thanks :)

allah esalmik :)

LOL allah esalmich ..
i promise when im in labor .. ill try to post it ..
coz ill need all the do3a2 i can get ;) inshallah.

Squirreliya said...

shakilkum eb toldoon ma3a ba3ath ..entay w ekhti w my cousin :p wanasa new baby generation yseroon rabi3 ;p

what would u name him/ her??

+ Allaah yhawen w ysahil 3allaikum ;* and toldeen bel salama ..u r in my prayers ;>

Zabo0o6a said...

Awwwwww, sweet thing glad that everything is ok o allah yhawen 3alaij o ygawmej belsalamah inshallah :**
Take care babe !

ManalQ8 said...

الله يسهل عليج


Ansam said...

alla yesahil 3alaich :-) hanat

Delicately Realistic said...

7ayati intay ;*

3ad i thought u might have delivered by now, cuz my cousin ili ma3ach just delivered a few days ago.

Hanat 7bebti ;* and ur in my prayers!

No3iK said...

e mashallah .. everyone is delivering now!
inshallah ull know the name after i deliver :)

thanks wallah :)
inshallah 5ai ya rub.

agma3en .. thanks

eee i know .. i keep saying that to my self .. bs 9ig the most difficult is al tasi3 !!

waaaaaaaaaaay i know! i thought id be done by now .. bs sub7an allah .. kil ta25era feha 5era inshalah
o.. when i deliver inshalah ill make sure u know ;)

PaLoMiNo said...

allaah eysaahel 3alych ya raby :)
Plzz 7awlay e6mneeena ok :)

eshda3wa said...

allah ysahel 3alaich ya rab oo toldeen belsalama

pearls said...

I missed the sun too

remember sleep well, eat well (don't skip meals esp. breakfast and dinner) and inshallah you'll have a smooth delivery

No3iK said...

inshalah 7abebty ill do my best
and thanks :)

thanks girl .. o mabrok again 3la ur graduation :)

thanks for the advice ..
my dinner and breakfast are both musts .. but usually very light .. salad and fruits.. i normally dont eat much.
o allah yisma3 minich.

Big Pearls said...

sllsh ye3enech o yegawmech bil salama inshalla:*

Anonymous said...

Allah ye3eeenich :) It will all get better soon ...cheer up!!

NoNoWa said...

It's gets tough at the end-- its like its a never ending situation.
But it will happen when it shud my dear- just be patient. I am sure its hard to sleep now and moving can be tiring, but try to walk as much as u can so the head will engage faster...and it will all be over soon. I had a very loooong pregnancy but the delivery was quite short--it doesnt feel short though...LOOL :D habibty, you;re guna do great enshallah :)

And believe me u will lay on yur stomach as soon as u can!! I delivered Saloomy at like 7:45pm and I laid on my stomach a few hours later-I cudnt wait. It felt absolutely......divine!!!

You and the lil one r in my thoughts and prayers and enshallah it will all go smoothly :)

Gud luck!

Fastidious Babe said...

oh! trabeen blsalama inshalla!! hope ur doing well and holding in there! x