Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Its been 2 months!

My little mouse staring at me over his dads shoulder ;p

if said my life have changed 100% .. it would be an understatement...
is it good change? .. i really dont know .. is it change that i dont like? .. of course not..'
i love spending all my time with little 3bod .. but i also miss (me)

im simply trying to get used to this .. "my new life" .. a third person in the family..
hes one tiny person .. but he sure is A LOT of work!
i sleep 4 hours in total .. and no, not 4 hours straight!! never straight ..
before i got pregnant i weighed 52kilos .. now im 49!
its just constant constant work.

im so tired .. been doing this all on my own ..
its been 5 yrs since i lost mom .. i have never missed her like i miss her right now!
she would have made things MUCH easier .. on my little new family.
My husband has been a champ .. im so proud of him .. proud of what hes trying to do .. all the books hes reading .. all the diapers he changed so far, so that ill get a 10 minute nap ..
hes my real superman :**

anyways i missed my blog and i missed u all .. i think ill be away for a while .. because i really dont have time to blog or read other blogs .. wishing everyone is well ..

RAMADAN krem to all :****


david santos said...


No3iK said...

after all this time!

i cant believe that i got my first comment from u!! LOL why do u still exist?!

Delicately Realistic said...

3alaaaaaina o 3alaich 7bebti ;*

Missed u.....glad things r going well, bs u have to take care of urself and gain weight for ur baby if ur still breastfeeding !

I know its a huge change o Allah y3enich 3ela the adaptation u have to make...3ela golat my cousin, she calls her son 'her midalya' cuz wiyaha wiyaha wain ma tro7.. mako faka hehehehe

Allah ykhalelich ur little family o im sure mother would be proud ;)

ananyah said...

3bood looks so adorable! congrats again :D

No3iK said...

girl .. mashkora wayid :***
o tra mn na7yat madalaya .. 7addda madalya! :p no privacy at all.

o btw laish enty mi5tfya ??

long long time!
hope ur well .. and thanks ..
o btw 3bod doesnt look cute :p he just looks like all newborns do! i call them aliens :p

now he looks a lot different.

Big Pearls said...

imbarak 3alech il must be great being a mother..enjoy it as much as u can:)

ManalQ8 said...

Alah e7af6'ah

sallem el na6'rah

Salah said...

Ramadan Kareem

May Allah bless you and your familey.

Best wishes

Um Mit3ib said...

49? ya bakhtech;p

w wildich shakla ESHAAAAAAAAWEG

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

he's so adorable mashallah :)
allah e5aleekom 7g ba3ath...
o i know its alot of work, but i also know that youre enjoying it more than anything else in the world :D

Anonymous said...

Mashallah, Allah ekhaleeh likom :)

Anonymous said...

You'll be fine babe :***

U r a great mum !! w enshallah by time ur little will grow w yerja3 kel shy 6be3i :*

No3iK said...

*big pearls:
i know.. mashalah they grow up so fast!

thanks dear :*
alah esalmich

thanks . best wishes to u and ur family

*um mit3ib:
eeeee 7adddda nizqa :p

true true .. ;)

eeee simiyik hatha :)

inshalah allah yism3 minich dear ..
thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL @ no3ik + david santos

Aurous said...

your son is so cute
allah y5leh lekom :)

Ra-1 said...

ya7lela netfa hehhe
الله يحفظه :)

LOL David eshyayba :p

Ansam said...

3bod is so adorable alla ya7fotha lich inshalla

Its good to hear from you after all this time and thanks for stopping by... wishing you all the best dear :-D

Zabo0o6a said...

Mubarak 3alaij elshahar , yn3ad
3alaij sweety :)
allah y5aleelej little boods :)

Ghasheema said...

mshallah..salem dalbah labi

allah ykhaleh lekom inshallah

Im really happy for you...reading your pervious post and now this one..glad its all over now. wish you all the happiness and piece of mind in the world.

the sleep part will get better after 4 months approx.
depending on the baby ;P

3alaina ow 3alaich sweety

eshda3wa said...

mbarak 3alaich elshahar babe
ooo allah ykhaleelich ur hub n son

:::ShoSho::: said...

LooooooooL at your first comment!

and congrats he's sooo adorable awww mashallah mashallah..

Yeah it's overwhelming.. a smalll baby is a BIG work and changes your life forever.. I know the feeling of missing being yourself.. YOu will get that feeling back.. not totally but when the kids goes to school, you will get some time for yourself..

Atinzad said...

Allah yakoon ib 3oonich.

the only thing I could say is sleep when he sleeps (he is the boss now lool)

Another thing is try to have your breat milk pumped from time to time, this will allow your husband to take care of him while you rest for a longer period of time (or go out to be yourself from time to time). This way you dont waste the milk.

Allah yewafegkom inshalla

Atinzad said...

i forgot to say: you are a real super hero, not many moms would sacrifice their day to day lives to ensure the optimal well-being of their child. In addition to doing this all on your own.

Dana said...

You're doing better than many others. ya36ich il3afia.

Trust me... it will all pay off. It's better than depending on someone else.