Sunday, September 07, 2008

Numb - 2

Delicately realistic asked how i was doing through a message on facebook, this was my reply to her:

"i went to dar alshifa to see dr.hisham al5aya6 i dont know if u know him, he used to work in ebin seena .. hes a great doctor .. wayid he was nice o raya7ny
he did a physical test and asked me a lot of detailed questions .. family history and wanted to know exactly what happened.
he then told me i dont need an MRI or MRV .. he thinks is psychological.
postpartum depression. plus an anxiety attack. i never heard of this..
i mean anyone giving birth then numbing up .. but he thinks its the reason.
he thinks it will fade away in a week .. if it didnt he said he might refer me to a therapist .. since he also learned bout my mothers passing away.. he thinks i maybe still have bottled up feelings.

bs other than that .. al7imdellah im feeling better .. numbness comes and goes.. yesterday it came back to my entire left side again .. so im still giving it time hoping it will leave me alone soon :) coz it is a very bad feeling u know .. i feel like i dont exist .. when u cant feel the sensation of touch .. sub7an allah."

i should also add that this isnt a common thing after birth, i dont want to scare you :p it happened for so many reasons; in my case .. im not eating well, im breastfeeding, im sleep deprived, and im losing weight add to that im constantly worried .. and miss my mom all the time. Im physically and emotionally over working my self, the doctor explained it: as my brain shutting off my body so it would force me to have some time off.

After knowing all of this inshallah ill be better in no time.

ill be leaving you the info i worked hard to get, i made so many phone calls just to find the best of the best .. inshalah no one will have to see someone like the ER doctor ! who threw diagnosis so easily in my face like i was a case not a person.

-Dr. Asmahan - Neurologist
works at Ebinseena, and has her private Clinic. #

-Dr. Hisham Alkhayat - Neurologist
Works at Ebinseena and Dar Alshifa Hospital #2626601

-To have an MRI in private hospitals, you can do it on the same day, or the next.
it cost around 140kd per part.

*Wishing no one will ever need the above numbers.
all the best for everyone :*


Salah said...

This is good news

الحمد لله على السلامة

سبحان الله هذا الدكتور عالج الحالة من غير دواء

وأغلب الأحيان هذا اللي يحتاجه المريض

ManalQ8 said...

الحمد لله على السلامة


ان شاء الله الناس يستفيدون من التجربة

Big Pearls said...

salamat o ma feech illa il 3afya inshalla...take care of yourself:*

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

7amdella 3asalama :)
thats great to hear :)

Sh7afana said...

ba3ad 3umre...
salamat matshoofeeen shay allah egaweeeech yarab o etgoomeeeeen stronger than a bull!

Sh7afana said...

oo allah yer7am ur mom.

Yin said...

السلام \
dear no3ik
first of all my sincere condolence
الله يرحمها ويتقبلها برحمته
ما تشوفين شر
umm the postpartum deppression is real and they have found that MethylB12 deficiency can cause post partum depression
another thing is look into your hormons any imbalance could cause you symptoms \
there is no harm in doing hormon tests
I have found that emotional stress can create so much chaos in the body

salamat again and cheer up, relax, and thins will be better Inshallah :)

Anonymous said...

alf salamh 3leech ya '3alya :***

Um Mit3ib said...

zaiin ashwaaa
sarga3na lawely!

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing you so sad in class and one of the girls told me you're mum had died i always wanted to say something but i never did i know we weren't close at that time but still .. I'm sorry about that . You were very brave that's why i think - no I'm sure - that you will get over this difficult period of your life .

maha als.

Delicately Realistic said...

Il7amdillah ;*

Anonymous said...

Did your doctor ask you about whether you have headaches (e.g. migraine) or not?

If not, do you have any la sama7 allah?

:::ShoSho::: said...

Salamtich ma tishofeen shar.. thanks for the update..

I think el nafsiya do a lot to the body.. Inshallah mako shay and it leaves you soon.. just try to eat and sleep better..

Ansam said...

Alla yer7am your mom inshalla wesahil 3alaich omoorich

ajer o 3afya :-)

you are in my thoughts and prayers

eshda3wa said...

inshallah malich ela el3afya :**

Cooookies said...

7emdellah 3alla ilsalama ..ajir oo 3afya =)
just wondering,
is it always ur left side thats numb ? how long does it usuallt take to get back to normal ? do u have any type of headaches ?

Btw u do seem like u need some time off ! i say khal9ay ur tests te6amenay ur ok n 7awlay to get sum peace.. qayray jaw !=)

pearls said...

I had CTS (stands for carpal tunnel syndrome) while I was in my last months, doctors told me it was from gaining so much weight during my pregnancy. it all went away when I gave birth. I remember it hurts so much to move both arms

I had the baby blues so bad as well. I won't call it depression because it didn't last more than 40 days. I remember crying without no reason like 5 times a day or more, it's silly thinking about it right now

Salamat, inshallah it will all go away and continue to breastfeed

Jewaira said...

Hope you continue to feel better