Friday, September 05, 2008



last nite, Thursday @ 3:00am
My entire left face went numb starting with my left eyelid .. i pinch my cheeks and i felt only pressure on my muscle .. not the skin!
15 mins later .. my left arm is numb .. 10 mins later .. my left leg is numb ..
it was like a ghost crawling inside my skin and numbing it .. i was not able to feel any touch but only pressure! first thought came to my head is that i maybe was getting paralyzed.
i started to freak out, as it was about 4:15am .. little abdullah is asleep and so is my husband .. i walk to the bedroom .. almost dragging my heavy weak left side with me ..
reading Quraan on my self and massaging my leg .. hoping ill be getting any sensation .. anytime soon.
instead .. the left side of my brain starts to numb as well.. and it gets heavier than the right side.
that is when i woke up my hub.. asked him to take me to the hospital .. he got ready and we left. ..on the way, we decided to go to Government hosp since this seemed to be a serious case! and little did we know!

*Gov Hosp:

we arrive at 5am and boy was Mubarak hospital crowded! we take a number thinking that these people knew what waiting for ur turn meant! they just stood there by the door pushing .. who ever gets in first .. was his turn :s we just kept waiting .. as i wait .. with a numb left side .. my right side starts little by little to numb as well .. i literally thought i was dying .. i started saying "al shahadatain" .. with content .. thoughts and memories .. rushing and flashing .. i was smiling, thinking i would miss my little one grow up .. as i waited .. the darkest and brightest of thoughts came to me .. that is one suddenly i was called in to the room..

*The Doc:

i sat there .. on a black leather chair .. doctor looked at me as i was pretending to have an urgent reason to be in the ER .. since i wasnt moaning with pain or was on a wheel chair .. i was simply sitting .. right in front of him, able to walk my self in to the room..

i : i cant feel my body .. im going numb.

he sends me immediately for tests: temp, blood sugar and blood pressure..all came back normal.
he then looks at me and

says: everything is fine, you could be having a censure ,, but ur only 26 so its very unlikely .. or you maybe have MS. i cant do anything for you now .. im not a neurologist .. so go back home sleep and have some water! this could be nothing .. but i cant tell you anything for sure.

LOL after his diagnosis i sure will be able to sleep!

with a complete shock on my face i leave .. husband trying to calm me down "everything is going to be ok!" that is when u know something is definitely wrong .. when ur loved one .. with that look on his face .. tries to tell u that everything will be fine.
i smile back: lets just go home ..


i go give 3bod a kiss and try to sleep.. imagine sleeping on ur bed .. with out being able to feel the sheets against ur body .. entire body ..
the only way to make sure i dont have MS is to make an MRI to make an MRI ill have to be on a waiting list .. that if im lucky will take 3 MONTHS!

im getting tired .. ill continue this post later .. needless to say .. i really need ur prayers .. tc all :*


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

salamat darling ;**
if you have a was6a, you can get an MRI appointment within 2 weeks. i wouldve loved to help you with that, bs im not in kuwait at the moment :S
bs if you try going to another hospital, its a much much shorter waiting list than mbarak. so if you know anyone at all there, they can let you through
oo i know the ER doctors are crap...infact ive had several experiences with them, bs for what its worth, i recommend you stick with the government hospitals till you get a diagnosis first. a7es theyre more experienced because theyre exposed to alot more cases, while private is better for followup care.

matshofeen shar 7beebty ;**

david santos said...

Have a nice weekend.

eshda3wa said...

7abebti matshofeen shar !
inshallah malich ela el3afya :**

:::ShoSho::: said...

Salamat habibti.. Look I think you should see a doctor you trust, if you know one, in private or public.. or know anyone who knows a good doctor.. Don't wait..

Inshallah mako shay.. O salamat and inshallah you will see your son graduating college.. don't get negative thoughts and please keep us updated we will be thinking of you..

Jam3iiya(L) said...

waaaaay 7abbebtiii! mat shoofen shar... try googling what your feeling maybe youll find something useful!
6amneen galbii ma3ach! oo da3awat il sawmeen mostajaba inshallla...ra7 ad3eeelich yalla wihmich! ; )

Anonymous said...

ma etshofeen sharr

Anonymous said...

Ma tshofeen shar ya el'3alya .. wallah w ana agra ur post 7sait jesmi kelah ta5adar !

alf salam 3leech :**************

Jewaira said...

Salamat. You should probably see a neurologist as soon as possible just to give yourself peace of mind.

The ER doctor obviously wasn't any help

Jacqui said...

Salamat dear inshalla mafech ila el 3afya... o you'll be in our prayers.

Hope you get well soon.

Reem said...

matshofeeen shar !!! when i got ur sms i was bust n thought its either a poem or Boodi pic's
AMBAY!! walla sorry ... just now i checked n its late.

there is one positve point here is that u eel ur mussle, im not trying to fool u, this is crucial. how r u now? akeed bad3eeelich n my hub. too. n like they said dont think stupid negatives "tafa2aloo bilkhair tajidoooh"
n please try to do 2 things

try to eat HEalthy
try to eat. PERIOD. like ruglar human being meals .n stop over-stressing ur mind n overworking ur body >> walla these things do play a key roll in such things.


Chirp said...

Inshala ma feech MS! Matshoofeen shar. Go to Hadi hospital oo do your MRI there, you don't have to wait just pay and take it oo make sure that ma feech shay!!! bas inshala ma feech ila il khair!!!

Salah said...

ما تشوفين شر

Ansam said...

salamat matshofeen shar inshalla mako ila il3afya dear!

I suggest you take more than one opinion just to have a peace of mind

You are in my thoughts and prayers... hang in there

Delicately Realistic said...

7bebti intay ;*

Selamat....!!! ive had this window open all day i dont know why i didnt read it earlier.....inzain listen i dont want to explain here...ill get ur number from Digma and call u 2mrw!!!!

Insha Alllah its nothing....

Um Mit3ib said...

smela 3laich

r u ok though ?

Sam Lawson said...

That's horrible to hear! Have you thought of a private hospital so you don't have to wait as long?

Anonymous said...

I hope it's noting serious.
Maybe a back massage could help?
Get well soon.

Big Pearls said...

oh sweety..inshalla u will be fine and well.

MiYaFuSHi said...

6amneena 3laich, how are you now??

No3iK said...

Thanks to everyone who left a comment :* (other than david)

and who ever sent me a prayer :)

Dana said...

Hey girl... I just read your last 3 posts and was kinda shocked.

Enshallah its nothing serious. It's probably stress and nerves...

Often these are psychological pressures that you keep locked in.

Matshoofin shar and take good care of yourself.

Allah ysahil 3alaich ya rab wiwafgich o ya7fi'6kom.

Anonymous said...

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