Saturday, March 13, 2010

i still come back

"bloggy lik w7sha"

its been almost 4 years now since i started these pages, each year had its own personality and events :)
i dont want to say or even think that im growing out of it "blogging" cause im a firm believer it is my home, but i must admit that growing up in general with more responsibilities cant help but take you away even from the things you care for most.

my beautiful Abdullah will be turning two soon inshallah! i still cannot wrap my head around that ive known him for two years! it feels like eternity but at the same time went by soo incredibly fast! wow 2 years!

hes in daycare now.. the only Abdullah in his class amongst three different Max`s Angelas and Evas :) all soo adorable. the thing i cherish most about L.A and will surely miss is how multiracial it is! u see people from soooo many different backgrounds, religions, ethniticies and skin tones.. with time they all blend intogether that u cant see or notice it anymore. its simply beautiful. i love the respect they have for eachother, honesty in respect and equality. its one of the things i will miss most after we move back to Kuwait inshallah.

anyways i hope everyone is well.
my old blog fellow writers and readers love u and miss u! always :)


Atinzad said...

We missed your writing.. Please dont stay away for so long :)

Her said...

aww thats so cute alla y7aftha:) i want to name my future baby boy Abdulla too:)

His said...

She names our kid before I know :D I do not mind any name you choose :)

anyway, no3ik, you know no mater how good a place is. There is nothing better than home.

Allah yewafegkom enshalla ow yerdkom belsalama :)

Marzouq said...

7amdilla you are happy there! O inshalla you cherish those memories! I remember when you first moved there, it was different. Like you got used to LA you will get used to Kuwait. Its just one of those things.

Alah ya7futh Abdullah o yitrab ib 3izkum inshalla! :D

No3iK said...

atinzad .. thank u .. thank u :)
missed u more.

her: abdullah is such a beautiful classic name! so go for it! i get complements on it everywhere i go ;)

his lOL that was almost the case for my hub too, he was like really abdullah i never knew that it was already decided lol but he also loved it or i wouldnt of went ahead with the name :)

maz u have no idea how it grew on me. its funny how u adapt to life changes .. i believe its a good thing. miss u man hope ur well

Glitter said...

Glad things working out for you :)

Don't stay away for too long ;*

:::ShoSho::: said...

Hiii Missed you! I keep remembering you sometimes..

Mashalla Mashallah it's like a few days ago when you told us you had your baby! Time does fly! kids grow too fast mashallah..