Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The "It" Thing in Beverly Hills/Kuwait!

usually we hear that theres an "It" bag, shoe, designer or dress .. a must have of the season! all the A-listers have it for a reason!! and it sells out almost immediately! in most cases if the designer wasnt simply a friend they were trying to help promote, that "It" would be the best thing out there.

I have noticed that "it" also apply to causes/ways of living, "living green" is the "it" thing right now.. that includes green products, hybrid cars, organic food, recycling, animal friendly farms and products.. trying to help build a safer healthier planet. which is really just perfect! exactly what we need. i also couldnt help but notice another trend that is catching on pretty fast and well!! there couldnt be anything better, it is more important than the green movement it self


the growing number of amazing, powerful, successful beautiful hot breastfeeding mamas! the biggest celebrity names we know: Angelina jolie, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Salma hayek, Catherine Zeta jones to Gwen Stefani.. and the list goes on and on! they all proudly breastfeed their kids! and say its the best thing you could do to your child and your self :) in my opinion, when your breastfeeding your choosing to commit to your child, a commitment to deliver what is being gifted to your child from God.. your the messenger of that amazing nutritious custom made pure milk to your precious bundle of joy! you deliver it while holding him with both arms, skin to skin contact, love and bond :) they say nothing is perfect.. but breastfeeding is simply is.

"WHO and UNICEF recommends you exclusively breastfeed at least up to 6 months, and continue for 1 year or 2 years."

its been proven to prevent heart disease/attacks, also been proven to help prevent breast cancer, prevents post partum depression and helps shed the extra weight! now thats just the cherry on the top for u ;) as in for your little angel, its proven that breastfed babys have stronger immune system and better health in general. it helps create a greater bond between you two, the baby never feels as safe and content as when hes being breastfed. the milk comes out to him in the perfect temperature, easy to digest which minimizes gas pains, no heating or sanitizing required! no artificial additives/cows milk powder being mixed into boiling water, the milk is just his! been created just for him, and who better to create that milk than the same body that created him! your body knows exactly what your baby needs, which is just a miracle! the bond between your body and the baby does not end just because he left it. there is still a connection and need :) definitely beats picking up a generic can off super markets shelftops!

im so thankful for the new trend! and im full of hope that it will catch on in Kuwait, which is already happening!! thanks to our lovely and amazing Noura and Jumana! if your interested in a healthier living and breastfeeding that is where you want to start. were soo lucky for having them in our society.. they are inspiring and im very proud that we can be part of their movement, a dream for this country and its future with inshallah healthier generations to come :) we have just as beautiful, amazing smart mommies.. and precious kids that in no doubt deserve nothing less than the best!

i couldnt find a better way to close this post than with:


Atinzad said...

Excellent post. Very useful info i never knew of.

Keep up the good work and hopefully that will be the new "it" thing in kuwait (rather than the shallow stuff)

a mommy said...

I've been a silent reader of your blog for awhile...i just had to add to this ... dont make moms who couldn't produce enough milk feel so bad that they couldn't breastfeed their children for the 'recommended' time period. Some mothers regardless of healthy diet, weight and so on just can't produce enough milk to sustain a child for that long.

No3iK said...

* atinzad: thank u! im glad u found it useful ;)

a mommy: let me start with apologizing,i did not mean to make anyone feel bad, and im sorry if this post made u or anyone else feel this way.
this post was supposed to be both informative and encouraging to those who do not "wish" to breastfeed and unfortunately they are a lot. someone i know did not want to breastfeed simply because it was "sha5bare!" im sure she wouldnt feel that way if she knew how important it was. as mothers, i know our instinct drive us to do what best for our kids, and im sure if young mothers knew how important this is they will not dismiss it that easily. that was the goal of this post. as in the unfortunate cases of mothers who cannot produce enough milk, i have all the love and respect for them, i would highly encourage again if theyre interested in breastfeeding that they approach Noura (Nutritionist) or Jumana (lactation consultant) for advice. best wishes to u and everyone reading this :)

:::ShoSho::: said...

Lovely post :* It's really refreshing when i see mommies breastfeeding everywhere, in the open.. I got the courage to do that this time in public o no one looks,, and those who look, they smile at you, which makes you feel proud..

I am in Kuwait for a 2 weeks holiday now and several people have told me to stop it (My ali is 1 year 4 months) but I don't want to.. shakooo!?!! lol

No3iK said...

shosho : lol 7bebty garrat 3ainich! ;)
o i breastfed @ the avenues several times twice in a restaurant :p allah e3afee
theyre just comfortable and soo beautiful u shud get1 ;)

o some kuwaitis 3ndhm moshkila weya breastfeeding! i just dont get it! just like u said ppl here, when they know i bf they cheer! and glow with happiness o always always encourage it :) so im cheering for u and angel Ali :*** love u both.

No3iK said...
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No3iK said...

a mommy:
hope this helps:

Noura said...

No3ik amazing article, i'm so proud of you :** and proud to be a friend of such an amazing mother :*

eshda3wa said...

i never knew it was out of style 3ashan yred y9eer in

isnt it a natural thing to occur?

No3iK said...

nourA: 7bebty enty ili thanks for everything :*** love u

eshda3wa: missed u! hope ur back..
o and if only u knew!!
i wish all ppl think like u. its really sad. many mo shwaya refuse to breastfeed and keep asking for ways on how to dry up their milk!
inshallah with awareness it will be back.

iliveinq8 said...

Time goes by... very fast

Marzouq said...

I honestly think that its the natural thing to do and very healthy! They should seriously promote it more with women!

No3iK said...

3abdallah .. sure does! mashallah glad were all still blogging! ;)

marzouq: like i said to eshda3wa.. its not the case lil asaf. bs inshallah things will return to their natural course :)