Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hellow Neighbors!

ever since we moved into our apartment complex (jan 2009) .. weve never had any neighbor visits from no one other than the crazy old lady! and that was it.
we live on the fourth floor, every now and then as abdullah is playing around the place dancing or what ever it is hes doing we get a sudden semi mini earth quake! LOL the apartment below would start banging the hell out of their ceiling! the floors would shake and poor little abdullah would get the best of it coz they usually bang the area hes standing at.. hed freeze in his place and looks at me with fear in his eyes .. i go give him a hug and tell him dont worry its ok, dont be afraid.

we got used to this routine untill one day abdullah was dancing along sesami street and all the sudden hell broke lose! the banging was VERY aggressive! and would not stop even after abdullah stopped dancing! they would not stop the banging they were pretty angry! i was upset! and told hub were going to file a complaint tomorrow @ the reception office because this is ridiculous and is against the law! hes not even 2 years old!! how can we control how he plays!? and he has every right to play and grow with out being terrorized every time he did.. we both agreed we`ll go the next day to file a complaint. minutes later.. furious strong banging was on our door! we both knew who it was .. i smiled .. and was like: they finally gave in? lol

as hub was making his way to open the door i told him "wait" .. and asked him to hold Abdullah :) LOL and open the door with him. as he opened the door the guy knocking was like: OMG! its this little kid!!! they both laughed .. and he was like u have no idea how loud it is down there .. we kept wondering what u guys were doing!!!! hub answered were so sorry but we try and keep him quite but @ his age theres nothing we can do. his girlfriend answered .. no.. its really loud down there u cannot imagine how loud it gets! hub answered .. he only weighs 20 pounds! so it must be the floors LOL. so for now no complains are being filed, but if this happens one more time, it will be it!

and that ppl was our second encounter with our lovely neighbors! how welcoming :)
as for now . Abdullah will continue his Elmo dance hopefully with no interruptions :p


Reem said...

7beeeeby walla .. a9lan fee shay bildinya ahama min Boodi's Elmo dance

... ambay .. wish i could have seen thier faces!! loooooool !

:::ShoSho::: said...

LooooooL that was a fun read :) Allah yikhaleelikom iyyah mashalla :****

No3iK said...

thanks u gys :*

swera said...

OMG!!!! this is weird!!! this is really weird, sm1 told me ur story, i've heard this story, ur story before but from who, i can't remember!dear god!!! my eyes r gonna pop out! i swear i've heard it before!!! :)

No3iK said...

lol swera .. maybe ur remembering something similar in friends :p
their neighbor did the same thing to them lol