Saturday, May 22, 2010

Finales Crazy Week!

-safe to read, no spoilers-

why all in one week!!
this is too much .. not just finales .. two of the shows i watch got canceled!! i think finales week is simply depressing .. they always try to depress/shock us with cliffhangers, its just too stressful!

Gossip Girls finale.. i have to admit that the show got really bad, sometimes i feel guilty for still watching it! the only reason for that is i think most ppl would agree on this is the chuck/blair story .. and blairs wardrobe!! ;p the finale was heart breaking :( but Serena is getting on my nerves with her skanky too tight outfits! and wish she could wear a bra for a change lol! and jenny always always irritated the hell out of me! everything about her is simply revolting!! her skinny legs! the way she walks and talks ... and whats with her hair and makeup!!! :/ "etsaba7aaaay!!!"

Greys anatomys finale.... i still get jitters by just remembering it .. was one of the most intense finales i have ever watched .. i literally wasnt able to move, or breathe!! they killed me.. i couldnt even cry i just wanted it over. it was waaay OVER the top! but hands down the acting was sublime! they all did an amazing job! i see Emmys!! ;)
and like the writer said after what happened to them next season is going to be a blank slate to all of them! so we can expect anything now!

LOST! the master of all tv shows .. the show ive been watching since 2004! is coming to a real end, many complained that this season wasnt as strong and dramatic as the rest, what they seem to forget is this is a wrap up season where questions get answered, and where plots come to an end.. thats why it seems more calm and less insane! i love how all the seasons are connecting in this one, theyre answering to things, small things, that happened in season one! and making sense out of it in this one, which only proves the genius of the writers!!! out standing imagination
i have noticed that the actors in general seemed worn off , they look older and simply tired in this season and i dont blame them its really difficult keeping up with everything theyve been doing. they all stated theyre soo happy its coming to and end and they can move on now. i just cant imagine no more jack on tv lol ill sure miss this show. cant wait for the finale but at the same time i dont it to end :(

the show tha got canceled "Mercy" its about nurses and their lives in hospital. a nurse once said "doctors diagnose patients and we treat them" which is true .. and they dont get enough credit for it. the show was really really good .. but didnt get enough ratings, the killed it from season one! they didnt even bother air the finale! how rude is that. im still upset :/ they really didnt give the show a chance to create a base of fans .. atleast two seasons wouldve been fair. anyways id still recommend watching it, it was a really good show!

let me end with the most adorable video ever! where u combine total hotness/hunkness with cuteness!! ;)

enough tv .. just felt like venting and sharing my opinions :p
so what are u watching?

ps. i finally got rid off the GREEN! template it took me 4 years but i did it ;)


:::ShoSho::: said...

I am WAAAAAY behind in tv shows.. I am currently watching desperate housewives on dvd, 5th season.. Mardi leesh ma a7eb ashoof on tv i cant wait every week for an episode lool fa i wait for the dvd :/

Marzouq said...

I'm seriously behind on Gossip Girl! Need to catch up on it!

There are some other cool shows out there too!

Atinzad said...

Yeah I know the season finale for Grey's was crazy like nothing i have seen before!!

I love your new template.. where did u get it from? I feel it is very sophisticated

No3iK said...

lol shoosh wallah arya7lich
o i still watch desperate lol eshawgon theyre soo funny never get bored of that show
i never wait for episodes.. dvr records it for me and i watch it when ever i have time.

eee u need to . o let me know what u think of jenny o serena lol
o ako many new ones like V o flash forward.. nurse jackie, US of tara.. bs al main shows would be these :)

atinzad..greys was simply insane
they just wanted to shock the viewers in away no one could have been prepared for.

aawww thanks for ur comment about the template .. its a weibsite where u get to create ur own template .. it took me two days to finalize .. i still keep retouching it lol but im very satisfied with the final look, i think u can find the website @ te bottom of the page! ;)

swera said...

Man O Man finally LOST is coming to an end but seriously everything is trying to connect but not answer questions! I mean it has eneded and i hvnt seen the finake yet but i hv lots of questions that i doubt they hv been answered!!!! et's wair and see!

Grey's Anatomy lost its essence after actors went out of that show! it was really upsetting!

P.S. Jack Sheppard aka Mathew Fox gets on my nerves :P

mia said...

wayyy the new look is so gorgesss, i love this pic i have it on my mobile ,, so pure & lovly with love,, i loved that you love it to,,,,,,sweety...miss you tarablyy your sis :) elly eb asya :)

love your articalls.. JAiMY YUmmYYY

No3iK said...

swera! 7raam 3laich jack 3ad!! hes such a hot sweet heart :p

aawww im glad u like my blog new look
im loving it too!! ;*