Saturday, May 29, 2010

Souls are Worthless to Some People!

Street Terrorism, Done by Alaa Almaktoom, outstanding work! he wrote:
"إهداءً لروح عماد ابن خالي رحمه الله وغفر له، الذي توفي بسبب حادث مروري.
"الغاية من الفيلم توعوية. وقد تم الحرص على عرض المشكلة بطرق مبتكرة تسعى للفت الانتباه والتأثير في النفوس
وكل الأمل في أن تلتقي رسالة الفيلم مع مصلحة بلدنا الذي نتمنى له الأفضل، وأن تشجعنا على إيقاف هذه المجزرة.

"علاء المكتوم

May Allah rest his cousins soul, all our loved ones souls inshallah :(
Please... post it, write about it, email it, let your family and friends watch it.
if this doesnt convince people to be more careful i dont know what will!!
its utter insanity what were going through..

please people please, drive safely, responsibly and stop being selfish.


albaqsam said...

Very well put I hope it will take affect on many people and understand that reckless driving leads to many deaths.. this should be put on TV.

Anonymous said...

Its sad...I hope this message gets out to all the people there!

No3iK said...

albaqsam.. i agree .. should be on tv.
very affective. thnx for passing by :)

thanks .. hope so too

Anonymous said...

wow , i got goosebumps , such an amazing video .

makes me sad wala , seeing all these numbers :(

Her said...

very nice video ... I hope guys would listen

No3iK said...

just noon and her

thanks for passing by :)