Thursday, March 01, 2007

a Happy Post

;) Mazin ... Mazin - the Maze man,
one great person i swear! uve got the biggest heart.
very sweet and considerate mature and a wonderful friend.
so Mazino ... coz ur special ur birthday comes every leap year! 29th of FEB ;)
thats cool man wallah ... so today we will wish u a HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)
wishing u best of luck and the best times

click the above ;p

a very exciting thing is happenning, the 7 wonders of the world are being exchanged.
and this is for real and official. you people can vote for what can be the new 7 wonders. out of 21 new ones, you vote for 7. i still didnt vote coz theyre all great! you vote now, and they will announce the new 7 wonders: 7-7-07
good luck ;) and tell me what ur going to vote for? :p

finally i would like to say,
im happy.
for many many reasons.
ive got my family and theyre all well,
my friends and theyre all well,
ive got my love, my life, my passion
ive got my blog ... ive got my readers.
ive got many things just to make me happy.
and theyre all well :) so im happy.

thank u alll *BIG HUG*


do0da said...


Atinzad said...

I voted for the following:

Chichen Itza
Eiffel Tower
Great Wall
Hagia Sophia
Machu Picchu
Pyramids of Giza
Taj Mahal

Reem said...

biiiig hug :*
im happy that u're happy :D
yeah life has a lot of things that we should be happy for and gratful to have! like reading ur blog for example ;p hehehe
mwah ;*

BLaSha said...

happy birthday dear, unique, special mazing man

ZiZoTiMe said...

No Kuwait Tower = No voting :P

And happy birthday for Maze :)

Anonymous said... sweet of u...thks for Madonna pic...luv u!

um-miT3ib said...

ibkaifhom ighayroon il wonders??

Zalabya said...

happy birthday maze ;)
no3ik i hope it lasts forever
and i can tell that u r happy from ur eyes .. u looked nice today :*

do0da said...

why am i not on the list of wonders??? a7taj mani im9awit :r

ZHP said...

Greetings from Mexico!! :)

Yazeed said...

akheeran seeing u happy oo mistansa

inshallah doam!

min ziman 3anich ya shagool!

AmoOora said...

laa the 7 wonders should never be changed. no one will even learn what the new ones are, 5alaa9 theyr known..

anyways im soo happy ur happy again, inshalla do0m 7ab0oba ;*
we focus on the small things and be sad about them, bss whats more important are the big things that we forget and we should be grateful for them..


Marzouq said...

7amdilla inshalla kilyoum mistansa o mertaa7a chithy! Thats a great thing! Keep smiling everyday! :)

Anonymous said...

hi there, i just checked ur milan trip photo stream its just awesome, but i tried to find detailed review of the trip in ur blog.. couldnt find, could u please write one? im planning to go to italy, mostly venice, but maybe other cities as well..

why only milan?
how long did u stay?
which hotel did u like?
and was it expensive?
is milan only fashion & fashion?

jiji said...

finally ur back to ur senses :*** thats the zizi i love :**

i know ur depression kan mn el 15th b-day ;p bs u worry not dear.. someday ull laugh at us reachin that age ;p

eshda3wa said...

happy birthday mazin

and inshallah doom ur happy no3ik!
ide vote for
1- The pyramids
2- Taj mahal
3- great wall of china
4- the colossium
5- chichen itza
6- easter island statues
7- timbuktu

D. said...

Happy birthday Maze!
Voted for..
Chicen Itza
Great Wall
Machu Picchu
Pyramids of Giza
And finally, I'm glad to hear that you've overcome your depression :-D
Inshallah doom!

claud83 said...

Bonjour de France
Les vacances on the riviera
it's very ok
Provence in south french
I'm so happy as you!


HaPpy Birthday Maze, or am i too late ?! ;/

And hope ur always happy ;D

NuNu™ said...

Heeeeey!! An upbeat post =D

Amz said...

hey zuzu,

u musta ave had a hell of a time:)

you dont reply to your comments anymore?

Zalabya said...

laywaggif laywaggif laywaggif

nabi post yeded xD

Anonymous said...

glamourous thk you..never too late!

ZHP said...

Thank you my friend!! I appreciate your beautiful words. Greetings from Mexico!! :)

..G.. said...

inshala doom il far7a 7abeebty :)

**hugs n kisses**

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for responding to you so late.
Thank you for your comments on ZHP's blog. It was very kind of you.

Wishing you blessings from the USA and Mexico-

ZHP and Callie

Zalabya said...

dude.. a new post plz

No3iK said...

so so so SORRY! for being late! but i did reply each and every one of u :*

good for u :p

where have u been?
and thanks for sharing the votes ;)

ur so sweet i want hit u !!!
lol i do that, u know hit things when i think theyre adorable and cute.
anyways! heheheh thanks babes :*

yeah i know ;)

LOL malat
hehehe ro7 nam

i know ud love the mad pic ;)
happy bday sweeets

*um mit3ib:
3yal bkaif mino :p

3yoonich al nice ya nice :*
thanks i felt good to ... i dont know why it just happened .
inshalah kil ayami happy with u ya glbi :*

ent ro7 nam ,. right next to zizo

hello mexico ... i love ur blog :)

tell me about it!! ent ili yashagol
bs shasawi 6ayba o basam7ik :p

exactly! 9a7 kalamich wallah
but sometimes we need to be sad so that when were happy ,, we just clinch on every moment there is.

thanks marzouq .. i always smile happy depressed !! sad lol i just realised im almost always smiling!
anyways good advice. :) thanks

yes dear i would be more glad to help u ... email me please and ill provide you with all the information you need

u know what 3ad! it started way before and it has nothing to do with my birthday
u have no idea how happy iam i turned 25 i just love how im maturing and getting younger in soul at the same time, im healing. and im loving it.

thanks for sharing the votes .. ;)

thanks sweety, loved ur votes.

bonjour sweety!! im so happy ur happy to :*** thanks for passing by

thanks sweety ;) like maz said never late ;)

heheheh updated :*

yes yes yes i was EXTREMLY busy and when i comment back i like to give it my full attention .. so there u go :)

3ashaw 3ashaw aywa fooga
masma3 :) ayabaaaaaaaaaaaaah ...

aaawww so sweet of u .. thanks .. :)

hugs and kissed back to u all the way to bahrain :* same goes to u dear.

ur the best! thanks for ur sweet sweet words .. ur one special person from what i read about u,
thanks for passing by my blog :)

dude .. kani bl 6areee2 :*

do0da said...

what you saying i aint worthy of bein a 7th wonder :(