Sunday, April 29, 2007


*Update 1-5-07*

Dear everyone :) i will be away for a week.
will miss u all so very mucuh :*
like always doda will be taking over.

i just want to kill wa6aneya for doing this to me! so get this story u will NOT believe what happened to pooor lil ol me :``(

i call 121:

me: did u disconnect my line again with out sending me any warning or msg!!
how many times do i have to tell u ppl JUST send me a msg and ill go pay! i cannot predict the future just tell me and ill pay u dont just disconnect my line like that. -i hate bad surprises!!-
him: ok ... calm down! inshalah we will do this the next time,, im putting a note for u right here.
me: -hhhhhhhhhffftttt- ok tell me how much should i pay now .?
him: 152kd
me: ok, thanks bye.

i getonline watany bank .. transfer money and pay online .. that was around 2pm thursday. same day it got disconnected.
i wait till its 6pm my line is still not active @@ so

i call 121 again

me: yes plz i paid my bill and im wondering why is my line still disconnected?!
him: u didnt pay!
me: YES! i did!! i paid like 4 hours ago ..
him: did u pay the entire amount..
me: i exactly paid 152 kd.
him: well im looking at ur charts and theres nothing here.. im sorry but u didnt pay ,.. maybe the system needs time to load check with us in an hour.

after three hours .. and still no service :@

me: HELLO!! plzzz whats going on! u said an hour and its been three hours could u plzzz reactivate my line ..
him: but u didnt pay i cannot reactivate it!
me: i PAID! its ur system that is slow!! go check some where else i dont know..
him: did u pay via internet ..
me: yes
him: which bank?
me: alwatany
him: ok ask them to send us a fax that the money did transfer to us. on this fax number ok.
me: -hhhhhhhhhffffffffftttttttttttttttt- ok!!!
him: as soon as u they send the fax, call me.

watany bank - tirrin tirrin -

him: hello how may i help u
me: yes plz . i paid today around 2pm transfered money to a phone line and they need u to send them a fax .. to prove that i paid! :s
him: ok ,, look .. stay with me online .. i will use the machine and i will be pressing numbers .. but u stay online dont hang up. when the machine ask for ur number enter it, the pin enter it, the fax number enter it ...
me: comprende.
him: -machine starts .. for arabic press one , for customers press 1, for account services press one, for madre shino press 1 for madre shino press 2 or 3 !!! it took us maybe 5 mins just to reach the number he wanted :S so then he ask me quickly enter the account number!
me: - omg shino hatha - ok i did ...
him: now enter the pin ... now enter the fax number ...
me: - are we gonna finish in this life time!!!-
him: -oooowwwwww- @@
me: what???
him: im sorry i pressed the wrong number .. we will have to repeat all of that .. plz wait again
me: @@ NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! mn 9igga!!!! :s :s :S shino hl system al mota5alif al `3abi .... !!!!!!
- so i wait another 15 mins!!! pressing stupid numbers on a very long long stupid list!!!! and the fax is finally sent

NOW .. i contact the frickin 121 to tell them the fax is sent!! so i call them I SENT THE FAX!! but there is no fax!!! BUT I SENT IT!!
yes but we didnt get it :@ :@ :@
him: call us with in an hour it will maybe arrive by then.

i call after an hour and ahalf
me: did u get the fax ..?
him: no sorry nothing yet!! u may call us in an hour it will maybe arrive!!
me: why do i have to call .. u just check with in an hour !!
him: no its better if u call to remind us .. i may forget to check .. u just call.
me: -- u lazy &$^&$%&- so i have to call or u wont check!
him: yes.

i call after an hour:

him: im sorry no, are u sure u paid .. i dont think u paid .. coz in our system its not showing that u paid.
me: are u saying u want me to pay TWICE!
him: well maybe u think the money got trasfered and it didnt..
me: no it did .. i checked the account the money was trasfered immediately.
him: i cant do anything unless i get the fax.
me: what am i supposed to do now!
him: call from time to time check if we get the fax or not .. or u can call al watany bank ask them to send another fax .. maybe they didnt send it!
me: @@ im not gonna call them again!! and the fax got sent i heard it get sent with my own ears!


me: 121 u mother ^$$^$%&&** DID U GET THE FAX!
him: no ,, we did not .. im sorry ... when did u send it
me: last night!
him: ooh last night doesnt count. u have to send another fax for today!!! :s :S

SCREW IT! hell with u, hell with the number, hell with the fax, hell with the company,
and hell with all these premitive systems weve got! the SLOWEST u could ever imagine!! and very annoying..
i was like making phone calls AS IF i work for them !! :S

i was late for over an hour to meet up with my friends, i couldnt get directions to where we were meeting!! i was totally lost and couldnt call them! :( -sorry girls :**-
NARFIZOOOOOOOOOONI !! if i was in the US i woulda sued them fo wrecking my nerves!! u know being nervous causes women to get wrinkles!!! now whos gonna pay for that! :p
ppl sooorry 3l hathraa .. adre thba7tkum i needed it OFFFF my chest :p
oh in case ur wondering i paid .. and the line stayed not working for three days!!
thats .. 72 hours! makes me wonder .. what kind of network theyre working on!

ive always been an advocate for them! and i still think they rule! totally better than MTC but they really need to work on their SUPER slow system.. we pay money we expect a good service. amazing how it doesnt take them a minute late to disconnect ur services but 72 hours to activate them after theyve been paid for!! .. its like they dont care.
bottom line:



do0da said...


do0da said...

HA! serves u right for dissing MTC :p sh7alata i cant even remember the last time my fone line was d/c'd

ZiZoTiMe said...

Y did u need the line so bad again? ;)

Nice commercials for other companies :)

And hey... Watch the language :P

Anonymous said...


so sorry to hear about that dear

i can imagine all the old systems they might be using

also i don't think it was smart of u to be entering your pin while someone id on the line

Marzouq said...

Wow! Chaan yanaaait! The one time MTC disconnected my line I was pissed! But it took them 24 hours to get it back up and I didn't have any features such as caller ID switched on or caller waiting! Yanait minhum!

Bes that is just rediculous! Why didn't you just go to an NBK branch taken a slip of the transfer and then went to a wataniya store and ask them to life it!

For me I make sure to go to the MTC store to have the damn thing cleared! Ba3dain when its paid and not on after an hour, abda'a azif!!! hehehe.. bes some people on the other line misaakeen, moo uhma ely yaboon eyaninoonich! Bes they should learn about customer service!

Yazeed said...

pay at the mall
i dont trust anything online back home, other than kncc or cinescape or whatever its called these days.
plus u should know better, always have an express line as backup, always!

SpiKeY said...

at last something against wataniya

well lets need to relaaaaax....cooool doownnn....hear the air breeze....get out the tension....u have no problems anymore....and change to MTC....

3ady i had this problem with united networrks..i sowre soo much last week..i think they will stop recording any more complaints..

Amer said...

I have been through similar thing 2 years back, my line didnt start for 2 days n i wanted to kick their ass off, the best thing to do is, which i have started doing is that call 121 and pay with your credit card,they will activate the line in 5 mins and then you can payback in your credit card laters :) good luck

NiQa said...

wow! someone if pissed. u typed an entire novel.jeez i dont do long posts.. but just wanted to tell u WATANIAA SUCKS! :) ciao

enigma said...

That's why u shoud have a backup eezee/express line.

Ra-1 said...

آنا بطت جبدي السالفة شلون انتي :p

I wrote about wataniya once

Anonymous said...

mtc rocks :P hehehe..

Financy said...


i know how that feels .. bad customer service ..

ana agool switch to MTC and wordpress :p

good luck

Carlsb3rg said...

I <3 Wataniya

Never EVER had a problem with them. And i always receive messages about my bill. Maybe cuz I always pay on time so they treat me well 0:)

Do you have friends like in Congo or Greenland? cuz if I had friends there i would understand why my bill says 150KD :P

Ghasheema said... cant live a few days without ur cell phone????

u should do better than that...

I understand ur pissed cuz of their system...but come on...checking every hour?!?!

and if you were in here...u can make them give u credit of half ur bill =D

just be firm and nice at teh same time :)

and OMG 152 for a damn cell phone bill....wallah u guys in kuwait r soooooooo maskeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen :P

come to the world of unlimited evenings and weekends for only 50 dollars =D

allah y3nich sweetie :)

Reem said...

**** Wataniya!!! wallah ana mthawsha m3ahoom!!
ana mtc bs my internet connection wataniya... so madri shfeeh thak el yoom.. i call, they know ****... so i go there (ana ma 3ndi '3shmra!! aroo7 kick ass) o at7al6am o a6l3 7rti feehom o y36ooni new one ;p ehehehehe wallah mleeqeen!! lo ana mnch wallah aroo7.. etha btroo7een tell me ayee m3ach (ready for hoshat) heheheh ;p
aham shay a39abch nuba.. malat 3leehom!
love ya ;**

~ Sweeety ~ said...

72 hours and still disconnected !
thats a SUPER SLOW services !

um-MiD3aaB said...

waii waii wa3alaia ma suwat 3laich
ana nafs 7altech m3a
isabebooon 7AREJ

Dandoon said...

omg!!! waaaay i would've gotten SO pissed law imsaween feeny chithee!!

ana mtc mara sent me a text saying if i (by i i mean obooy:p) don't pay within 2 days ra7 yaf9iloona..chan yinfi9il an hour after I got that text!!!!!

AmoOora said...

3ad i love wataniya madrii laish..
if that happened to me i would go crazy !!! ill probably kill someone bSs il.7mdlah you got it baq..

one time i called 121 to get mms settings, i call and they send me a msg to activate it and its supposed to work, guess what !? i called about 8 times and they sent me around 12 msgs and it still didnt work ! at the end i started shouting at them !

"shit happens" ;p calm down sweetie ;*


OMG 9ij kesartay 5a6rii, ana tinarfazt just reading wat happened lol, hatheLi sheno !! laa o 72 hours to get it bak, i say 7awLay MTC wayed a7ssan madry sheno lagiya in wataniya ;p

eshda3wa said...

oh my god!!

malat 3alaihum 9ij ynarfizoooooooon!!

bs wala you handled it well
law ana chan r7t elsharika and screamed my head off at them!!

True Faith said...

I had an awful experience with a bank that has two of my accounts and I just couldn't stand it so I said


You cancel you're phone number and get one from MTC if you don't get the service you want you just throw their trash into their faces and get a better service from another place.

ma yaswa

Common_Sense said...

aaaw u poor little thing 7araam. u deserve better .. loool shakly '3ala6, I can't do that. ya3y matshoofeen websithoom, it needs an hour to load before u can even pay. I gave up on online paying for kuwaiti stuff long time a go. :** u need relax girl ;)

Common_Sense said...

heeehee still comment moderation, way to go zozo's stoker ;p

Sene said...

Better to have a backup line for emergency purposes...

Wataniya really sucks sometimes.. And MTC will love your post!!

eshda3wa said...

u shall be missed

Missy said...

waaaay yrf3ooon el '9aaaa'36!! :S

..G.. said...

aaaaaargh alla 3eenich!!!

ugh its the same with batelco here in bahrain :P

btw me misssssss youuu

Anonymous said...

weee willl miss u tooo :**

PePsi said...

enjoy ur time there :)

check out my new blog tawni emsaweeh ;)

Ghasheema said...

its been awaaaaaaay over a week now!!

G.Q.™ said...

Awal shay welcome back wel7emdellah 3al salamah.

O thani shay ..I hate wa6aniya.

O thalith shay ..if you wire the money from your Bank website to your phone company.. it should take 2 days to receive it. But from your story you called them directly! maybe thalamteeehom :P

O ba3dain ma7ad gallich soolfay wayed ... 152 KD!!! lo ma36eetniyahom shari feehom 2 tires 7ag sayarti a7sanli :P

Anonymous said...

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Very.Q8ya said...

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Anonymous said...

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