Friday, June 04, 2010

Insane Day!

i wake up @ 7 am, for abdullah to eat his raisins oatmeal while he watch his daily Sesame Street as i prepare his lunch box for daycare. around 8 everything is ready, out fit for daycare another out fit for his photoshoot we had scheduled @ 3:15 thats the latest appointment we could get .. we only had 15 minutes to be there because we pick him up from daycare @ 3 !! so talk about "7adda 7adda"

*Note: driving in LA is scary!! i did it 3 times and then swore not to try again :/

we drop off the little one, hub drops me back home, before he goes to college i remind him "please be back by 2:30 we need to pickup abdullah earlier today so we can make it on time for the photoshoot."

2:30 i txt him "babes please try to leave now" .. with no reply .. i call .. no reply :/ i start to immediately worry like i always do. 2:45 he calls "im still in college will be leaving now" !!!
me "no comment" !

3:00 he calls "im stuck on the high way traffic is insane and my car is almost out of Gas i need to make a quick stop @ the Gas station.. call daycare tell them were gonna be bit late" !!!
me "no comment!!"

i call GAP coz thats where were having the photo shoot.. "please is there any chance we can reschedule? maybe 3:50" they agreed they could squeeze me in as long as i come before 4pm :D yay for us!

3:10 i call day care .. they have a pickup policy we can only be 10 minutes late.. any minute after that they charge 10$ per minute and if that happens three times, they notify social services! so not soo good!!! good thing i called .. they said theyll give us another 10 minutes with no extra charge! because its our first time to be late .. again .. yay for us!

3:20 Hub calls "go to my office check if the car insurance is in the black file?!!
im like why?!!!
" im with a police officer they stopped me for speeding" !!!! OMG!!!!! i cant believe this :s
police officer: "where is your Cali drivers license??"
Hub "only got international one"
"Where is your countries drivers license"
"Back home!!!"
ok so this means towing the car away!! plus giving u a something million dollar ticket!!!!

they stopped him a block away from daycare .. hub got soooo frustrated he asked
"ok tow the car .. i just want to walk and get my son from daycare plzzzz!!! i dont want him there all alone" the cop obviously was a father or this would have never worked, specially in the US! theyre very very strict when it comes to traffic laws..
"im only going to give you a ticket and will not tow your car so you can pick up your son"
YAAAY for us again!!!

3:45 Abdullah is successfully and finally picked up!!
hub calls "walk to IHOP and wait there ill pick u up, closer to the Grove .. (where GAP is)
i wait there for 10 more minutes and it was 3:55 by then!!!! i get in to the car and i dont say a word.. im sooooo stressed, upset and simply tired, i can only imagine how stressed poor hub is !! drops me off and goes to find a parking space while i literally carried Abdullah like he was a purse and ran up to the second floor. it was 4:10 !! @@
the photographer was still there shooting her last appointment, the cutest Japanese baby!!! i speak with her assistant she looks at me and smiles .. "dont worry we can still fit you in, 15 mins should be fine"

SUPER YAY!!!!! we did it !!!! XD

had the best time .. the shoot was super successful most adorable all black and white classic cute head shots!
i had a final request .. i was in desperate need of Pink berry .. man! i never enjoyed it like i did that day.. it cooled off all the stress .. managed to put a huge smile on my face .. was a great way to end it all :)

now i just have to wait for 2 weeks! when inshallah pictures will be out :D


:::ShoSho::: said...

Waw that was crazy and looooool at carrying Abdullah like a purse looool maskeen .. that was a funny was of putting it but I can imagine.. and LoooL are they SERIOUS?!! They call social services? and charge 10$ lol that's quite funny and weird!

Yallah el hamdilla 3ala el salama :D

No3iK said...

lol shyom .. when i carried him like that he was laughing :p kilshay 3nda li3ba!!

yeeeh theyre very strict here specially when it comes to preschools and day cares!! but from what i see on the news sometimes i cant blame them some parents are just unfit to be parents!

allah esalmich babes thanks :*

Zabo0o6a said...

I almost got a heart attack while reading your post !
El7mdella it went well :D

No3iK said...

lol zabooo6a esmila 3la glbich
ee alf al7mdellah ..
i wudve really lost it at the end if the photographer wasnt there!!! lol

swera said...

OMG!!! if that was me i'd hv a severe nerv breakdown lol!!! i know how this kind of days just stress u out and nothing seems to be ok until the end of the day :)

cant wait for the pics ;)

Yazeed said...

This sounds very familiar, cant put my finger on it though :)

Delicately Realistic said...

I wish things were like that here


enjoy it while u can 7abebti ;*

No3iK said...

swera .. lol reading it still gets me stressed .. inshallah seeing the pics will make it all worth it :p

zooz.. lol ma7ad galik ts,har

dr.. ee after ur 3 (7)s
im trying to wallah :)

Anonymous said...

Thats one crazy day...I like such days at times! :) Allah ye3a6ech el3afiya caring mother ... Hope all ur days are cool and nice..

No3iK said...

aaww amu .. that was sweet calling me "caring mother" lol
thnx man yeh we all need some action from time to time ;)

Manal said...

wow what a stressful day dear
thank God u all managed


wishing u all the best in ur life


No3iK said...

manal welcome to my blog
o thanks
same to u ! ;)