Wednesday, May 17, 2006

HELLo, who is this?

Ring Ring ... (my new sex and the city ring tone).....
i check the caller ID
its blank, long distance call ..... ( hmmmmmmm ) who could it be?
just as I'm answering the phone, it hangs up!

Ring Ring ....
again, same caller !
i answer the phone quickly :

N: Hello, who is this ?
?: ( guy answers me with the weirdest Arabic accent i have ever heard in my life!) yes this is Nokia company calling you from Turkey.
N: (?!!! what the hell!!) OK? what do you want?
?: Miss we had a draw on phone lines, and you won 75000$ dollars :) congratulations.
N: !! What are u talking about??
?: Mam you won 75 thousand dollars.

++++ now let me pause for a minute here, i know your all thinking its a prank why am i still on the phone, believe me I'm not stupid, but you might need to know that Ive been to Turkey not long ago, and i have a close family member who works at Nokia! so there u go, i had to be just a little suspicious!+++++

N: Well i don't know what your talking about i didn't participate in any kind of draw or what ever?
?: No its a Nokia draw we have on phone lines, all i need from you is your age, your full name and your bank account number.

(raqm 7sabi o esmi o 3mri!! ya 7alaw law!)
N: ( hehehehehe) your not serious are you? you think I'm stupid or something?
so i hang up on him.

he calls again .. i press silent, keeps calling !! so irritating >:[ calling and calling silent after silent !! and I'm like who the hell he think he is to harass me ? so i answer the freakin phone

N: what is wrong with you, i don't want your what ever stop calling me.
?: you won money this is a blessing from God you shouldn't throw it away its 7aram !!! :(
N: (laughing) OK then donate it give it to the poor and needy, i told u i don't want it. just stop calling me, you freak!! >:[
?: (silent) ..... are u sure u don't want it, i swear to God i swear with the Quraan I'm telling you the truth if you give me your name and account number, i swear i will transfer 75000$ .
N: ( got chills! he really started to freak me out!) Sir i thank you very much for your offer but I'm not interested, please don't call, and if you do I'm gonna have to contact the police, you understand what I'm saying....

just as i was about to finish, the guy hung up!

i kept thinking .... i had a lot of calls, but never never had a call like this one!

few hours later, went to a friend of a friends house, sitting chatting, then she starts to talk about a husbands friend of a friend, who's in jail for a money laundry case ! in Kuwait.

here's what she said about the guy:

" he says he got a call from Turkey telling him he won 1000$ dollars, first he thought it was a prank, but some how they convinced him that he really won, he gave them his account number, the next day a 10000$ dollars was in his account!! then he couldn't believe himself and he really thought it was his luck! not until the police came and told him that hes involved in a money laundry case!!!!! he told them he didn't have anything to do with this?? but the fact that he used (SPENT) some of this money, with out asking from where it really came from was his mistake. Now hes serving time in jail."

of course you can imagine the look on my face when she was telling her story!!
i could not believe the coincidence !!! i could not believe that Conn's really do exist ! i could not believe that this had actually just happened to me !!!!!!! it was like " the horror"

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..... moral of the story:


PS. I'm still just shocked!


ZiZoTiMe said...

I'm shocked too sis!!!!

Shino hatha?! n9b o e7teyal 3alamy hatha !! Law kent mokanech I would give him my information... Thanx god U're smart enough to deal with this situation :)

Hehe what a situation LooooooL

Dr.Lost said...

First of all: THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY, the SAME EXACT incident happened to my friend's dad, also nokia, also turkey !! LOOOL yeah he knew its a scam, they can either put money in ur account or take ur own money !! dont ask me how !
SEcond of all: i already like u just for bein an aquarious :)

No3iK said...

Zizo :

hehehehehe e wallah ent shaklik 7as feni ... thanks bro :)
hope no one go through it.


First of all, im shocked that this thing is happenning to many people recently! talk about " six degrees of separation"

second of all : i already like the fact u like LOST totally awesome ;)
Aquarians RULE !! :D

NuNu™ said...

WOW!! Scary story!! But I gotta say, "Khayron ma fa3alti" ;)

"ya 7alaw law"
Hey!! That word is mine! I use it a lot ;P

Anonymous said...


loool film indya made :P
lo ana minsh
mo bs rqme ela 7ta 3nwan betna ymken y'7lehom 1 to power infinit


u'r so smart wallah lo ana shan ma fkart nfsesh
funny object

have a nice day 3odh

No3iK said...

lol nu nu : shokran ya sweetiya :p

sorry i didnt know 7alaw law was ur thing ;)


lol odah !! wayhik
o ent yahil bsir3a yinga9 3alaik `7ooo lol lo adre chan 3a6ait alrayal emailik :p ( ha ha ha ha ) evil laugh :]

NuNu™ said...

No 3ad not a "thing"! Bes at7arrash ;P
I do use it most of the time!

No3iK said...

ok 7bebty, take ur time, makeur self at home :) t7arishay 3la kaifich :)

sorry forgot to welcome u to my blog :)

75 thousand welcomes :* and kisses sis ;)

Tinkerbell said...

hehehe ok not to laugh at ur misery but u r cousin had that happen to her when she was studying abroad..but it was a bank in spain and she actually sent them a photocopy of her passport her social security number and her account number!! needless to say she learnt not to trust ppl the hard way..way to dodge a bullet :)

No3iK said...

looooooooool tinkerbella :

no to laugh at ur cousins misery, but !! these Cons are not ordinary people they are pros!! they know how to make people trust them.

i feel sorry for her really i do.

thanks sweety for visiting my blog and it only got brighter because of you :)

Tinkerbell said...

oh my god ur so sweeet! wala my blog ely nawar when u visited :)

7tenths said...

It beats getting weird Indian dudes shouting profanities in your ear when they realize you're not their best friend :P But thanks for the heads up!

DiiGMaa said...

heheheh so creapy..
I'm totally the type that believes all this stuff :P allah yaster ;P

a7la shay bilmowthoo3 "ya 7alaw law"... lol cracked me up !!

BitterSweet said...

ooooohhhhhh! I'm shocked that this could happen. It seems too easy to involve someone in a crime he or she has nothing to do with........Freaky

No3iK said...

7tenths :
totally :) welcome dude.

lol becareful out there, were sheeps amongst wolves dressed in sheep clothes :p welcome sis.

i know i never thought it was possible, thanks for pasisng :)

*~MiSs-Un¡Quέ~* said...

Wo0W Freaky!!

No3iK said...

Yeah, tell me about it!