Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Baby Champ*

Nanooosah is back guys :)

with her semi mini pony tail.
Nanoooosah would like to introduce her elder sis .... Farfooorah ( 7our)
Farfoor is one year older than Nanoosah . so shes now two years old.

watching them play or fight together is one of the most beautiful things .
NoNa is so naughty and hyper she would scream throw stuff try and break anything her eyes would see and her tiny hands could reach, in return Farfor is the opposite, she would follow her baby sis, where ever she goes and try and repair, put back and tidy her sisters mess !!!!

it is totally heartbreaking :( cutest thing you can imagine.

7oori is in love with her baby sis she would always squeeze her, kiss her and cuddle. she calls her "baby" or "nanooshha". it is very difficult to have a baby sister when your only two years old! 7oor is dealing with it perfectly, and for that i have great respect and admiration ;) shes a champ*

i love Nanosah and everything, but 7oooori is my favourite kid on earth.
she is so cute so quiet, sweet and just charming. she has the most beautiful smile and teeth.
I also have to mention that shes in love with the camera, loves taking pictures, shed be a great baby model ;)

any ways, that's the little gang Nanoosah and Farfoorah are together :D both working their baby steps through there very interesting days ;) discovering the world together.
for now, they have both discovered they have to fight over Barny (aaaaaaw). their first crush ;p

any way hope u have a special day :)

again an introduction to a world full of sunlight and love, that i simply adore.


Anonymous said...


9ij wnasa ...

ana amoot bil yhal
ww '7a9h el'3anee6
so cute

for post

No3iK said...

ee thanks fahad :)
o 7ayak bl blog ...

hehehehehe enzain gool mashalah
lay9er ebanat e`7ty shay :p
almuhim mashkor
o inshalah 3ala yom enshof 3waylik ;)

Anonymous said...

masha2 allah tbark elr7man

ensha2 allah tshofen 3yale
3lshan a'7lehom y6l3on 3yonsh
oo eshwyat ''9ron :>

BaLqEeS said...

ya7ilo bint ikhtich

No3iK said...

mashkora 7bebty :*
3yonich al7ilwa :)